We save Ashizuri flying fish and experience

 IMG_5214-3  [captain] Captain Okano, Captain Kitashiro
Captains who knew everything about the sea of Cape Ashizuri guide everybody.

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 Catch super in the ocean of the Cape Ashizuri offing in flying fish!
●Produced flying fish performs offer (the night or next morning) with sashimi at the accommodations.
※When flying fish is not produced, we present dried fish of fish
Experience charges Adult 4,000 yen child (4 years old - primary schoolchild) 2,500 yen
Experience-based summary ・At the accommodations, please pay experience charges respectively.

・By each person, we gather in Isa fishing port or Matsuo area fishing port within ten minutes before starting time

・We leave port on fishing boat

・"Flying fish save experience" (include moving time approximately 90 minutes)

・By return to port, each person to each hotel ※The accommodations are 11 facilities of "Ashizuri International Hotel" "Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki" "Ashizuri Thermae" "Hotel Ashizuri-en" "Hotel Kaijokan" "Misaki Hotel" "Ashizuri Sunnyside Hotel" "Tourist home Ashizuri Hatto" "Touris home Hukuda-ya" "Tourist home Ao-misaki" "Minshuku Kotobuki".
(some accommodations are available for the guidance to port. Please confirm at the time of reservation at the accommodations.)
Conduct (starting time) It is 18:00 19 20 19 in November in 00/10 month in 00/9 month in 00/7, August in June
 Conduct day We cancel reputation now.
The meeting time Until ten minutes before starting time
Meeting place Isa fishing port [Isa fishing port map]
The time required Approximately 90 minutes (we include at moving time)
Minimum passenger count More than 12 June adults or 48,000 yen
Five from July to November adults or 20,000 yen
Capacity The June 30 name (one)
30 a month 7.8 (one) +17 (total two)
17 from September to November (total two)
Regular holiday No fixed holiday
Business period From June to November
Cancellation fee In the case of cancellation until ... day or disconnection, we charge cancellation charges of 100% of experience charges two days ago.
Object 4 years old or older ※As for the under primary school children, companion of protector is required
It is included in rate Experience charges, premium
Instructions ※Please pay experience charges before experience-based conduct at the accommodations.
※When cancellation occurs in one riding together with other customers on (two days ago, one day ago, the day) after three days ago after running decision and cannot meet minimum passenger count, please note that it may be cancelled.
※In offing, ship shakes. Please participate in motion sickness drug measures and mobile shoes and clothes.
※In the field, it is rental of life jacket existence.
※By weather (as for rain or the thunder), the situation of the sea, we may be canceled. (even if it is fine, seeing from the land, it may be called off by the situation of wave)
※We become guide who is simultaneous with one applied for each.
※As the ship top is slippery, please give up having expensive footwear of heel such as high-heeled shoes.
Having reservation or not The pivot (until 17:00 three days ago)
※After having you propose to "flying fish scoop experience" of the accommodations plan, or having had you do reservation earlier to 11 accommodations mentioned above, please propose to this experience.
Office name Play fishing boat of Isa
Contact information   0880-82-3155 FAX: 0880-82-3156