Chairperson of welcome John-Mung: Does thyme not skid to the times of hiromisanto John Mung?

IMG_5174 [guide] It is chairperson loving John Mung and Tosashimizu in Tanaka "meeting of welcome John-Mung" representatives deeply. We convey nature and people of hometown that brought up John-Mung spirit and it.

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 We try on clothes of working woman at the time and OK. It is Times lip to the live times of Manjiro! ♫ (belonging to popular ranch that used Tosashimizu City sabao) where the making of memory is perfect by taking a ceremonial photograph
Experience charges Adult 2,500 yen (we include admission charges) child 2,000 yen (we include admission charges) ※Under primary school children
Experience-based summary From 11:00, we observe the museum with meeting's chairperson Tanaka of welcome John-Mung. We enjoy lunch and are the end after visit is over. ※Applicant can do try-on of clothes of working woman of the times of Manjiro at museum, too. Thyme seemed to totally skid if we became completely at the time of at bottom of stairs and recommended place! (taking a ceremonial photograph is OK) ※Clothes four adult women, child woman four, man only as for none of the hats
Conduct (starting time) ①From 11:00 to 13:00
The meeting time Until ten minutes before starting time
Meeting place Captain Whitfield tea room (port of Ashizuri, the Sea Station) [map]
The time required Approximately 120 minutes (we do not include at lunch time)
Minimum passenger count Two people
Capacity 15 people
Regular holiday No fixed holiday
Business period ※We are not accepting now.
Cancellation fee In the case of cancellation on the day or disconnection, we charge cancellation charges of 100% of experience charges
Object More than primary schoolchild
It is included in rate Experience charges, lunch
Having reservation or not The pivot (until 17:00 three days ago)
Office name Meeting person in charge of welcome John-Mung: Tanaka
Contact information   0880-82-3155 FAX: 0880-32-3156