Crowd of hotel owner and going mountaineering ascetics (hakukosan) walk

 -3  [guide] Tamura
By folktale or anecdote concerning Cape Ashizuri, told tourists while being born and raised, and doing hotel management in Cape Ashizuri for many years, is right Chairperson Tamura of knowledgeable person.
It is reputation while throwing in the history about hakukosan if story not to let person to ask humorously get tired is interesting.

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 Is it not healed in power spot "hakukosan" of Cape Ashizuri?
Experience charges Adult 2,300 yen Junior high school students and over
Child 2,300 yen primary schoolchild
Experience-based summary At first let's enjoy mini-mountain climbing in hakukosan while taking a walk through the woods!
There is explanation with each point from Chairperson Tamura in journey to white Imperial ancestor company shrine office trace.
We hear stories such as the history, culture concerning hakukosan if we arrive in white Imperial ancestor company shrine office trace.
We descend a mountain after the taking a ceremonial photograph in Ide of Kamiyamada or shrine office well water in teatime and in front of God rock. [flow of experience]
We gather in hakukosanchushajo

Chairperson hotel owner Tamura and mountain climbing start

yakkoso (own dough), charcoal kiln, brook, Shishikakoi, daimyo bamboo

We illustrate the history, culture by white Imperial ancestor company, shrine office trace

In Ide or hakukosanikosui of Kamiyamada, it is tea or coffee time

We take a ceremonial photograph in in front of God rock

Descent from a mountain start

We are dissolved in hakukosanchushajo
Starting time 10:00
The meeting time Until ten minutes before starting time
Meeting place hakukosanchushajo (old Ashizuri Sky Line) [map]
The time required Approximately 120 minutes
Minimum passenger count Three people
Capacity Ten people
Regular holiday None
Business period From October to March
Cancellation fee In the case of cancellation on the day or disconnection, we charge cancellation charges of 100% of experience charges
Object More than primary schoolchild
It is included in rate Experience charges, premium
Instructions ※For additional charge ..., 700 yen with lunch, tea (make proposal at the time of reservation required)
※As it is mountain path, come in shoes, clothes comfortable to walk in.
※It is called off in case of rain. (as for the decision of cancellation 17:00 on the day before)
Having reservation or not The pivot (until 17:00 three days ago)
Office name Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association
Contact information   0880-82-3155 FAX: 0880-82-3155