Mountain living experience petit in village forest

 DSC00626-2  [promoter] Hamaguchi
It is makeover for man of mountain from man of the sea.
In instructor of diving, we do activity to protect forest at part of activity to protect coral.
We continue activity to protect forest now while working as the chief priest of temple.
When we make Souda Bushi, firewood is necessary and protects forest where the firewood grows.

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 In out-of-the-way mountain, do you not experience petit village forest?
Experience charges Adult 2,800 yen Junior high school students and over
Child 1,800 yen primary schoolchild
Experience-based summary [flow of experience]
We gather in "road station mejikano village"

By the guidance of promoter, we go to mountain.

We receive lecture if we arrive.

At first, in village forest where hand of person does not enter, please enjoy forest bathing!

Using ax, we divide firewood ode by traditional manual labor.

Taking pure water of swamp into account, we boil hot water with firewood which we broke.

With hot water which you boiled by oneself, please enjoy coffee and tea!

Mountain path walk of village forest is possible, too!

It is dissolution if finished.
Conduct (starting time) ①10:00 ② 13:00
The meeting time Until ten minutes before starting time
Meeting place Road station "mejikano village" ※We lead by car to experience-based place. Map
The time required Approximately 120 minutes
Minimum passenger count Two people
Capacity 30 people
Regular holiday No fixed holiday
Business period Whole year
Cancellation fee In the case of cancellation on the day or disconnection, we charge cancellation charges of 100% of experience charges.
Object More than infant
It is included in rate Experience charges, premium
Instructions Tool (work gloves) prepares for complete set.
Please participate in mobile clothes.
Having reservation or not The pivot (until 17:00 three days ago)
Office name Sound Hirayama association
Contact information   0880-82-3155 FAX: 0880-82-3156