We camp empty-handed and experience (camping set rental made by Snow Peak)

2018-01-11 17. 29.06

Please sense nature of Tosashimizu bodily through camping


Rental  One set (2 days and 1 night) of 12,000 yen ※It costs use of campground charges 300 yen/ separately
Experience-based summary ・Please make a reservation to Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association

・Meet in Tsumajiro Campsite on the experience-based day

・We rent camping set made by Snow Peak
※We rent complete sets such as cooking food for oneself tool, sleeping bag.
※When we do not understand how to build, we help

・We enjoy camping freely


・The end
Rental return time  9:00 - 16 on the experience-based day: 00
Meeting place Tsumajiro Campsite map
Capacity Three sets of camping sets for family (for five) ※Please refer for more than following.
Rental period Whole year
Cancellation fee It is reserved and on the day, in the case of disconnection, charges cancellation charges of 100% of rentals.
It is targeted for rental 20 years old or older
It is included in rate Camping equipment rental ※It costs use of campground charges 300 yen/ separately
Instructions ※Except designated campground (Tsumajiro Campsite) cannot use.
※You follow rule to establish of campground, and please use with good sense.
※Trouble and loss of machine parts which we occurred by fault of customer demand expense to affect restitutio in integrum.
※They have you handle in responsibility of customer, and, about all accidents that occurred for (during rental period), our association and affiliate do not participate at all Occupied. In addition, it is not this limit when it is clear to be caused by our association and affiliate.
※I decline sublet of rental machine parts without permission firmly.
※I decline use in commercial purpose firmly.
※Prevent you from bringing person accompanying pet in tent.
※In addition, you have you confirm terms in rental, and please sign written oath.
※We have you show identification card and copy.
Having reservation or not Reservation required (by day before 16:00) ※On the day if there is space, application is possible
Office name (no company) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association
Application    0880-82-3155 FAX: 0880-82-3156