[5/13] About inquiry over telephone

Thursday, May 13, 2021

It was the following trouble, but repair was completed.

Inquiry over telephone is possible as usual now

Last update/14:30

・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・. ・.

It is in a situation that inquiry over telephone is not possible by trouble of optical line.

We will tell again if we restore.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.


Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association

[announcement of GW Cape Ashizuri traffic regulation]

Because Cape Ashizuri leader has few parking lots, and some width is in small place again, congestion is expected. We would appreciate your using on foot or paid shuttle bus after the parking to Cape Ashizuri municipal management parking lot.

 ※Shuttle buses from the east side parking lot to leader do not run.

 ※Paid shuttle bus runs until 17:30.


●Period ●   From Sunday, May 2, 2021 to May 4, 2021 Tuesday (holiday)

●Time ●   8:00-17:30

●Regulation section ●   ... Cape Ashizuri tip parking lot (in front of Kongofukuji Temple) in front of the Cape Ashizuri police box

●Extra bus fare ● Junior high school students and over 100 yen, primary schoolchild 50 yen

●Motor carrier ●   Kochi Seinan Traffic (going to travel by two buses every five minutes)

●Reference ● Nakamura police station Tosashimizu City police government building

         3-5, Saiwaicho, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 0880-82-0110

[Monday, May 3, 5/4 Tuesday holding! "Cheerful festival of the GW John-Mung sea"]

We have you look forward to toward the lot every year (we think!)

"Cheerful festival of the GW John-Mung sea"

It was called off, but holds this year last year⁜

The date and time: Monday, May 3, 2021, Tuesday, May 4 10:00-15:00

Location: Quay (port of Ashizuri) out of the John-mung Museum


  "Thailand fishing experience" (can catch by all means! Road sale ¥200 according to one 1,000 yen Styrofoam)

  "quay sabiki fishing experience" (hit 1,000 yen, pole, bait, Styrofoam for take-out once!)

  "Chotaro shellfish fishing experience" (roast three ¥300, Chotaro shellfish which caught for + ¥100 on the spot, and can eat!)

  stand camp ground (we reduce scale, and there are fewer branches this year than usual.)


Fishing experience in Thailand


Quay sabiki fishing experience


Stand camp ground (image is thing at the time of H30 age holding.)

All of you, please come to play! (*^^*)

About new coronavirus infectious disease measures

We carry out mask wearing, hand-washing of the staff thoroughly and try for the infection prevention.
On the day, about with fever and person who is poor in physical condition, we would appreciate your having visit.
Please cooperate with securing of interpersonal distance between customers, wearing of mask, infection measures including finger alcohol disinfection.
Depending on expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease, please note that you may cancel holding in a hurry.

[⁜ which held "Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference ceremony" in 2021]

Saturday, March 20 Vernal Equinox Day 

It was unfortunate rain,

2021 "Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference ceremony,"

We held in Tatsukushi visitor center.

We had you give glory to opening with powerful performance of everybody of "Ashizuri drum"⁜


It is said hello to all of you by Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association Chairperson Nishinomiya.

We fix our eyes on corona in after and will enliven sightseeing of Tosashimizu City⁜


The last is the cutting of the New Year's rice cake grandly⁜

⁜(*^^*) where thank you, all of you who attended

[we participated in "SDGs route 321 monitor tour"!]

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) "sustainable development target."

 In Shimanto-Ashizuri area, Hata Wide Area Sightseeing Conference plays a key role, from big aim of 17 of SDGs,

We start sightseeing product creation for which "let's follow the richness of 14 seas" to contribute to the achievement of "let's follow the richness of 15 land".


 On Monday, March 8, the monitor tour first was carried out in Ashizuri Aquarium SATOUMI of Shimanto River Gakuyukan and Tosashimizu City of Shimanto City and participated with members of Kochi sightseeing community improvement cram school.

From 9:00 a.m. is lecture in Shimanto River Gakuyukan.

Than Sugimura of representative story about activity of "meeting thinking about dragonfly and nature."

We learned that thing, nature and people whom people must add hand to must coexist some other time that it was important how that ecosystem of village forest was followed so that people lived or protected the again ecosystem from story of Sugimura.

Help of activity of "fair to think about dragonfly and nature" that came out in story of Sugimura from around 10:00 a.m.

We change into work clothes with boots and move to dragonfly park.

We helped work to enter pond, and to remove root of lotus while being taught by the staff.

Hard labor that is quite good in water of pond being cold, and removing root of lotus with hoe. <(_ _)> which felt where head falls down to when we think this activity whether you are always considered to be as the staff whom he/she told was woman


Afterwards, in the dragonfly park "search for creature game."

Game that captures if we find looking for creature which is divided into team, and was written to card to level 1 - level 5.

Creature that there are really many these things that we play a game and were reminded of by again in nature living.

Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association team shined in the wonderful second place us⁜

In Shimanto River Gakuyukan, we began with lecture of Sugimura and we learned, and there was and we enjoyed and were able to spend time significant at all when there was with help of work of the staff and game.

Afterwards, it is lunch in the hall. Lunch of this day was thing of Shimanto City "sakoya".

Like Shimanto Area, candied sweetfish or kakiage of green string lettuce were contained and were very delicious!

※Lunch is program of this tour, and lunch is not served in Shimanto River Gakuyukan.





From the afternoon, we are moved by Tosashimizu City. To Ashizuri Aquarium SATOUMI reopened in last July.


At first, in the training room, we heard story about ecosystem of natural environments and Tatsukushi Coast of Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park than Director Niino.

Afterwards, while having member of breeding guide, visit (about 40 minutes) in hall.

We could feel ecosystemic connection just that new Ashizuri Aquarium SATOUMI became display that reproduced neighboring mountains, rivers, seas and saw sequentially, but we listened to inside stories when it turned around while having member of breeding guide and were able to be further satisfied.


Afterwards, Tatsukushi Coast of about ten minutes is taken a walk through on foot by Ashizuri Aquarium.

Guide passes the baton to geo-guide. About creature which inhabited history and tide pool of stratum of Tatsukushi Coast, we had you explain clearly using handmade small tools.


Afterwards, return to Ashizuri Aquarium again, and is lecture of summary from Director Niino.

As Director Niino was member of expert breeding that it had been played an active part in aquariums which were all over Japan color color, the ocean garbage which story and people in progressing global warming threw away had what kind of talk with actual feeling for ecosystem whether it adversely affected and gathered up.




Though students study program of Ashizuri Aquarium SATOUMI under SDGs, and it thinks about program of Shimanto River Gakuyukan, it is to be right good program we participate in this monitor tour this time, and to have thought.

And the Sugimura beginning, Director Niino of Ashizuri Aquarium of Shimanto River Gakuyukan, guide whom he/she guided knew how various places engaged in activity worked on each activity with passion well. It sounds through mind simply because it is story to hear from person worked on with heat in this way and thinks that it is a chance to think about action and behavior of oneself in the future.


(Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association Nahomi Inotani)


Notice About moratorium on Tojindaba Site cooking ridge, parking lot (partly)

Because construction for cooking ridge, restroom reconstruction of Tojindaba Site is started in March, we cannot use cooking ridge and parking lot during construction period.
You can use "in front of cooking ridge of the garden entrance depths" as parking lot during this period.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like understanding and cooperation. ※Established restroom is available now.

Period From March 1, 2021 to May 31 (plan)

[ which participated in "Ashizuri peninsula 1day cycling tour"]

⁜✨ which participated in "Ashizuri peninsula 1day cycling" by Geopark promotion section monitor tour on Saturday, January 30

Cycling tour around communities (Matsuo area, Usubae, Nakahama) of the Ashizuri peninsula west that left Cape Ashizuri and was called hanazenshichiura in the past, and prospered in dried bonito production and fishery. It is course of round-trip about 25km.

In Tosashimizu City authorized geo-guides, it rotated by guidance of Muramatsu who was Kochi area guide-interpreter.

At around 9:00 a.m., we leave Cape Ashizuri municipal management parking lot. Participant includes the person concerned, guide; and seven people.


In Isa fishing port. Muramatsu explains things of Cape Ashizuri fishing yellowtail association.


We move to Matsuo area district. We leave bicycle in old Matsuo area elementary school and take a walk. In country-designated important cultural property Yoshifuku house house.


Symbol of Matsuo area, about 300 years years old, big tree of Ako


Matsuo area fishing port. Transparency of water is pure!


Matsuo area district, God woman Castle Shrine of easy delivery.


The depths of woman Castle Shrine, woman Castle nose. Is appointed in Tosashimizu geo-site.


We move on bicycle again. In Unomisaki Observatory.

Kuroshio Current is lunch in place, Usubae (usubae) coming alongside the pier for the first time in the Japanese Islands.


Tosashimizu city area "breakfast shop" sent lunch!


Advance bicycle, and to Nakahama. As I (Inotani) did full-scale cycling for the first time, we participate by e-bike (;^_^A


Nakahama district, the John Mung birthplace. Roof was reroofed at the end of last year! Explanation of head of a ward of Nakahama district that knew a lot about Manjiro was interesting!


Go up Nakahama Pass from communities of Nakahama! We look at Nakahama communities from Nakanohama Ohashi. After this, we ran Its way back from Minokoshi to Cape Ashizuri!


Cycling tour to rotate slowly and carefully while having guide show around Ashizuri peninsula at each spot. We can know history of Ashizuri peninsula some other time, and what rotate by bicycle while feeling wind is comfortable! Both head and body can be refreshed!

We will look forward to being become tour in earnest in future!

Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association rents cross bike, e-bike which we used this time!

Please see Detail↓


["the 47th Ashizuri camellia festival" that event of ※ Sunday, February 7 was called off]

Hospitality event that planned holding on Sunday, February 7 was called off for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread.

All of you looking forward to are sorry.

In addition, about "one character of cry dream of the twelfth Ashizuri" where it is hosted by Ashizuri hot spring meeting, we perform offer sequentially, but calligraphy, display by Tosashimizu City High School calligraphy club at "camellia festival" event should be cancellation.


February. It is time when flower of thicket camellia growing wild in Cape Ashizuri reaches the best time to see.

We put together at the time and hold "Ashizuri camellia festival" holding this year every year⁜

※2011 shooting, Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse and camellia


The 47th Ashizuri camellia Festival

[period] From Monday, February 1, 2021 to Sunday, February 28

     ※The event holding date and time: Sunday, February 7, 2021 12:30-21:00

[holding place] Cape Ashizuri The Statue of John Mung Maezono place


≪Time schedule of Sunday, February 7≫

12:30 - opening (live by artist Minami)

13:00 - opening of a meeting (sponsor greetings, congratulatory address)

13:15 - twelfth "one character of cry dream of Ashizuri" announcement, calligraphy, display (sponsorship: Ashizuri hot spring meeting)

Sapling for free distribution (daily limited 100 people) of 14:00 - camellia

 〃    Behavior (about 400 meals) of minced fish soup

     The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri Tour (the first)

Live by 15:00 - artist Minami

The mini-live concert by local idol SSD38 in 15:30 - Tosashimizu

16:00 - The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri Tour (the second)

17:00 ... "mini-light" lighting start (promenades from The Statue of John Mung Maezono place to observatories)

20:00 - star watching

The 21:00 end

※Schedule may be changed.

"Ring" that was chosen in "one character of dream" of last year. State of calligraphy by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club


Live by artist Minami


Mini-live by local idol SSD38


Behavior of minced fish soup


Thicket camellia which grows wild in Ashizuri

Various events were called off, but should be able to hold even little by little this year last year!

⁜(*^^*) which looks forward to your coming