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Tatsukushi Marine Sightseeing(Glass-bottomed Boat)

[the last update date: on January 10, 2016]

We introduce glass boat navigation "Tatsukushi Marine Sightseeing(Glass-bottomed Boat)".

We have left unseen with underwater walk and, with clothes on, see the sights
 [we have left unseen Tatsukushi Sea Area Park) admiration and Nagashima ... Japanese first Tatsukushi National Marine Park (now round-trip glass boat]

File 107-1 .jpg
Our glass boat arrives and departs from near the Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower.

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The sea of Tatsukushi was appointed in the first underwater park in Japan on July 1, 1970.
Tatsukushi National Marine Park (there is amendment to a law in 2010 in the west some than Cape Ashizuri that the southernmost tip of Shikoku, Kuroshio Current clash with each other in the Japanese Islands
) which is becoming "Tatsukushi Sea Area Park" now. We are affected by Kuroshio Current warm current and are said to be treasure house of the sea where coral reefs and tropical fish inhabit.

Many corals including kind of Yagis inhabits Table Coral and Kikumeishi, Sea Crest colorfully underwater.

File 107-3 .jpg
Shikoro-sango Coral of highlight.
It is considered in inside of the gulf close before coming alongside the pier in Minokoshi Coast.

File 107-4 .jpg
Strangely shaped rocks group of Minokoshi Coast.
The walk time required as for 20-30 minutes.
We can go around. [more than approximately 50 minutes]
Captain confirms at the time of ... leaving a ship. ...

File 107-5 .jpg
To farthest land, Tatsukushi to leave time,
We look forward to.

■Glass boat
Through glass of the bottom of a ship, we can appreciate life of the sea of sea area park widely.
We have Nagashima left unseen and make a round trip to room: The way to Minokoshi: 20 minutes double courses: Ten minutes 
 Capacity: 37 people, three ships 
▲Embarkation rate: Adult: 1, 560 yen Children: 780 yen

●Start on a voyage after half past 15 may not go ashore in Minokoshi Coast.

Business Hours: From 8:30 to 16:30
Regular Holiday:  On Wednesday (on ※ business day, impossible of service in stormy weather) 
Parking lot:  150 (Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi) (as for free of charge, the large-size car, possible)

[reservation, inquiry]
Fax: 0880-85-1198
4135, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi

Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu