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Tohjindaba Site

[the last update date: on January 6, 2016]

Tohjindaba Site

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When turn right from the neighborhood of halfway point of way (old Sky Line) of camellia toward Ashizuri peninsula from Tosashimizu city area, is approximately 2km; "Tojindaba Site" (toujindaba)
We arrive in this. Photograph is Chinese and Korean people stone huge stone group.
Exposure and piling up of rock soul are seen in this Ashizuri peninsula southern coast whole area in granite.

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A lot of stone implement and sherd of coastal terrace close to the tip of Ashizuri peninsula at one corner from early stage (about B.C. 5000) to Yayoi period in Jomon period are exhumation.
There is Toujiniwa which a certain huge stone bristles with as for sequence and 6-7 meters in height of stone thought to be circle of stone in the whole area, of huge civilization in the ancient times
It is said that it may be trace.

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In addition, there is dude ranch, and stone is put in Tohjindaba Park got close to as park to surround park.
From Tohjindaba Park, Toujiniwa huge stone group mushrooming in mountain looks like photograph.
"Usubae Cherry Blossom Park" appears to Matsuo area villages such as "Unomisaki Point" when it falls from Tohjindaba Park more.

Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu