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Tatsukushi-Minokoshi Strangely Shaped Rocks Park "Tatsukushi Shore"

[the last update date: on January 6, 2016]

Tatsukushi-Minokoshi Strangely Shaped Rocks Park
Located at the Tatsukushi Sea Area Park which is first Japanese sea area park, abrasion platform which sandstone catches erosion by the sea and wind erosion, and was formed opens.

File 137-1 .jpg
"Otake, Kotake"

Tatsukushi Coast which can go on foot,
Round rock arranged in a straight line called "Otake, Kotake,"
It is the mysterious shore where fossil of vestige of life called "pipe" is frequent in.
Promenade was maintained, but we hung foot to rock in about 1955 and were observing now.
We can still grasp the sign.

File 137-2 .jpg
"1,000 of frog"

File 137-3 .jpg
"ramma rock"

In addition, there is "Minokoshi Coast" told to be of origin of the name in Cape Chihiro, and what we had left unseen comes to be able to cross the distance on foot in glass boat for difficult place even to this day from Tatsukushi without Kobo-daishi Kuukai all looking from size of the scale.
"Fossil ripple mark of natural monument," rare natural sculpture including "a Wall of Rock" appears in sequence if we go ahead through promenade of one lap of approximately 60 minutes.

※We can go while admiring underwater scenery in glass boat in Minokoshi Coast.

Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu