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Tourist home Ao-misaki

[the last update date: on June 12, 2014 (no company) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association http://shimizu-kankou .com TEL: 0880-82-3155]

We introduce "Tourist home Ao-misaki".

It is accommodation in hill of Matsuo area district.
As it is on hill, scenery is good, too.
The circumference is surrounded by tree, and forest bathing is possible, too.

Wifi is usable!

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Meal varies according to plans.
Recommendation specialty of Tosashimizu "Tosashimizu City saba plan"
As for the person wanting to eat slightly luxurious meal, how is "Iseebi lobster plans?"

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In room,
We offer towel (large and small size), yukata, a Toilet Kit.
Use time for bath is until 22:00.
(we put hand towel in bathroom)
Rest room is shared.

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Check-in:  From 16:00 
Check-out: Until 10:00

 Adult 7,800 yen (tax-included) course with half board
 Plan (live made fu) that adult 8,800 yen (tax-included) with half board is slightly advantageous
 Adult 10,800 yen (tax-included) course reservation required with half board
 Course that is absorbed in Tataki(Seared fish) of adult 9,800 yen (tax-included) bonito with half board
 Adult 10,800 yen (tax-included) Ise lobster hotpot course two people ... (seasonally limited) reservation required with half board
 Adult 10,300 yen (tax-included) with half board blue cape selected course reservation required ※Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) appears, too. (time from the end of September to February)
 Adult 8,800 yen (tax-included) delicious food from Kuroshio Current shabu-shabu plan with half board
 Plan with liquor which adult 8,700 yen (tax-included) Ryoma with half board would drink
 ※The rate mentioned above is rate of one set of two people ... per person. In the case of the use of chisel per person, it becomes +540 yen increase.
 ※Person wanting non-smoking room, please report at the time of reservation.
 ※Pilgrim, please make a reservation over telephone.
Only as for the meal
 Only as for the breakfast, only as for 800 yen - lunch, only as for 1,500 yen - dinner, it is 2,500 yen ...  

☆It is all tax-included rate.
☆Please refer for under primary school children.

※GW, the Bon Festival season charges + 1,000 yen.

A free parking lot: 30

[reservation, inquiry]
Fax: 0880-88-1956
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