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Sakurahama Beach

[the last update date: on January 10, 2016]

Sakurahama Beach is designated beach of Tosashimizu City in Tatsukushi.

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As there is, and the whole beach was dyed cerise in old days so that pink shell called Sakura Shell covers the beach, it is said that it was named Sakurahama Beach.

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It is not cerise, but white sandy beach is beautiful, and sea turtle comes for laying eggs now in the summertime.

In addition, on first Sunday of July, The Opening of Sakurahama Beach for Swimmers is held every year and is full of local children, adults.

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 Shower (free) existence
 Restroom existence
 Parking lot existence (70 municipal management parking lots where is very close to previous ten immediately of Sakurahama Beach)

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Sakurahama Beach of dusk

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Sightseeing in NPO Tatsukushi promotion meeting

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