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Onjuku Kyoya

[the last update date: on April 18, 2018]

Low Cost Service "Onjuku Kyoya"

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★☆Service that four one room is advantageous★☆

●Please use accommodation "Kyoya" of room without meals including business and sightseeing casually!●

Hotel charges (room without meals) [2,500- yen 3,500 yen] (tax-excluded)  ※It is available to one - four one room

All the rooms are all eight rooms (one two rooms 6 tatami /4 tatami mat and a half) in Japanese-style room.
Indoor facilities / restroom (Washlet), bath, washstand, TV air-conditioner, refrigerator

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※As it is not provided with night clothes, bath towel face towel dryer toothbrush shampoo, I would like bringing by each person.

Check-in /16 from 00:    Check-out /9 to 00:    Parking lot /8 stand (free)

[location]  It is along Route 321 and is in the middle of leaving for John-mung Museum and the Tatsukushi area in city area, and big signboard becomes mark   ※It is approximately ten minutes by car from Okinohama Beach

There are ramen pork Taro, lunch furnace or convenience store (Lawson) on foot from accommodation for approximately about 1-3 minutes.

[reservation, inquiry]

Kyoya / cell-phone: To 090-8972-3491 Nakamura
※It is said that notification to the cell phone number mentioned above is until 20:00.

Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu