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Sea breeze dining room

[the last update date: on August 19, 2018]

Cafe rest in John-mung Museum

We introduce "sea breeze dining room".

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State in shop

We opened on July 20, 2018!

From thing and owner whom wind that is good for the sea in front blows to immediately liking sound of the word "dining room,"
It seemed to be named "sea breeze dining room"!

Man of owner is from Otoyo-cho, Kochi.
Acquire study in Tokyo and foreign countries, cook career more than 35 years!
It was attracted by beauty of the sea of Tosashimizu and seemed to be emigrated last year.

・‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥・‥…━…‥

Menu of "sea breeze dining room" which such an owner runs in two people with woman from Tosashimizu is this↓↓

☆★Morning menu★☆

★Toast set
 *Drink * salad * egg

☆★Lunch menu★☆

★John-Mung curry & salad 700 yen (the double height: + 200 yen)
File 188-3 .jpg
Curry uses fish produced in Tosashimizu on the day to chicken gallabase.
Flavor of the sea spreads full when we eat a mouthful♪
We look forward to being different in fish used by day (^^♪

★Plenty of vegetables Japanese hamburg (working under soup, Rice) 800 yen
File 188-4 .jpg

★Vinegar chicken & salad (working under soup, Rice) 800 yen
File 188-5 .jpg

★★Coffee after a meal is discounted by 200 yen!★★

☆★Drink / cafe thyme menu★☆

★Coffee (hot / ice) ★Orange juice
★Spiced tea (hot / ice) ★Ginger ale
★Cocoa (hot / ice) ★Give birth; juice
★cola          ★Non-alcoholic beer    
                        For each 400 yen

★Cream soda
                        For each 500 yen

★Pancake 400 yen
★Pizza toast 500 yen
★John-Mung curry 600 yen

‥…━…‥・‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥・‥…━…‥

In shop, we sell miscellaneous goods which friend of owner made.

When we want to do in shop where pilgrim, local person, people various to person who emigrated to Tosashimizu can enter from tourist casually
Honor that was talked about.
Please use "sea breeze dining room"; (^^)/

[business hours]  
 From 9:00 to 16:00
(morning /9: 00-11: 00, lunch /11: 00-14: 00, cafe thyme /14: 00-16: 00)

[regular holiday]
 Every Tuesday

[parking lot]
 Existence, 24 buses, general vehicle 150

 〒787-0337 303, Yorou, Tosashimizu-shi

Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu