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Kojima clothing store

[the last update date: for H30 one a year 17 days a month]

There is in Chuoucho, Tosashimizu-shi mall and is loved in hometown from old days
We introduce "Kojima clothing store"!

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Kojima clothing store is clothing, bedclothing store.
From children's clothes to adult clothes, we are had much.

File 196-2 .jpg

Well from tourists

"Where can we buy mackerel T? }?

We will have inquiry called this,

File 196-3 .jpg

I can buy in "Kojima clothing store"!

File 196-4 .jpg

Thing of new design leaves mackerel T every year,

Generally mackerel T of the year is released in GW!

※Production, one which we sell of mackerel T
It is Tosashimizu spirit project!

Everybody, please use "Kojima clothing store", too!


●Kojima clothing store●

[business hours] From 9:00 to 18:00
[regular holiday]  Unavailable (Open 365 Days a year)
[parking lot]  Two (the neighbor of sepia)
[use of Wi-fi] Impossibility

Reservation, inquiry to this!


1-17-2, Chuocho, Tosashimizu-shi

Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu