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gofukutoko prawns ship

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Well-established drapery founded in 1924

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We introduce "prawns ship" and!

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Sale such as fabrics for kimono, Japanese arts & crafts, petty person in Japanese dress,
Long-sleeved kimono, Seven-Five-Three Festival clothes rental, thing about kimono including stain removal, sen*
We can talk about anything!

"Ashizuri festival" that it is performed every year around the beginning of August, and Tosashimizu overflows with person most.
We become known and, in prawns boat dealer, give dressing of yukata!
(please inquire for dressing charges.)

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One that makes a voyage to foreign countries as for the petty person in Japanese dress for souvenirs toward foreign country,
In addition, foreigner seems to be bought for souvenir to the mother country.

In addition, there is part "ef" (F) in Western clothing in opposite side of "prawns ship" and.

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Casual clothes dressy for each generation from American casual-style of low price,
Elegant made which was particular about the good-quality subject matter is wide and is had!

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Shop is new and is very stylish!

"gofukutoko prawns ship" and whom dressing lessons of kimono are carried out for.
Please use everybody!


●gofukutoko prawns ship●

[business hours] From 9:00 to 19:00
[regular holiday]  On Wednesday
[parking lot]  None
[use of Wi-fi] Impossibility

Inquiry to this!
2-13, Chuocho, Tosashimizu-shi

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