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Pension Tsuri-no-sato

[the last update date: on August 21, 2015]

There is a lot of nature around.

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We introduce "Pension Tsuri-no-sato".

Hotel charges
7,000 yen that include two meals in a night
Room without meals 4,000 yen
※It is Junior high school students and over, rate of (service charge, tax-included) per person.

Proprietress of accommodation says.
"Fishing is possible in both summer and winter. We introduce local ferryman!
Remains of Chinese and Korean people draft horse are splendid. Cape Ashizuri that there is Ashizuri ranch and sees from the sea is superb view!"

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Dishes use homemade vegetables and fresh fish.
Tosashimizu City sabanoo sashimi is in particular exquisite.
In addition, depending on time, we seem to be able to offer sashimi (the current price, reservation until the day before) of Iseebi lobster, too.

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In room,
We offer towel (large and small size), disposable toothbrush, dryer, lotion.

Check-in:  From 15:00 
Check-out:  Until 9:00

A free parking lot: Five 
Besides, we can park 20 in lower open space.

[reservation, inquiry]
Fax: 0880-88-0035
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Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu