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Fish nomaruse

[the last update date: for H29 four a year 21 days a month]

We opened in Chuo Town Shopping District of Tosashimizu City,

We introduce "fish nomaruse"!

File 195-1 .jpg

Green light that ships fish of Tosashimizu outside prefecture.

"Fish nomaruse" is shop of green light.

There is fresh fish section of Tosashimizu City in the center when we enter shop.

File 195-2 .jpg
Fresh fish on this day. There was other!

In shop other than fresh fish corner sake lees dried fish of Kubotsu "big catch shop" and dried fish using produced fish out of prefecture,
Products of special product, Souda Bushi of Tosashimizu City are put!

File 195-3 .jpg File 195-4 .jpg

There was hombinosu shellfish in water tank, too!

File 195-5 .jpg
It is naturalized species, but resembles clam.

We perform national shipment of fish produced in Tosashimizu!

In addition, at the end of the year, crab or salmon roe to stock from supplier of Hokkaido of acquaintance seem to be sold!

For fresh fish, the purchase of dried fish, please use "fish nomaruse"!

[we do circle of fish]

Address / 6-1-2, Chuocho, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi
Telephone /0880-87-9725

It is 00 00-17 /10 for business hours
Regular holiday / every Saturday (because market of Shimizu Fishing Port is closed)

Accommodation Ashizuri club of room without meals

[the last update date: for H29 four a year 20 days a month]

It is very close to do*seisuishietsuko,
Green and the white refreshing appearance are marks!

We introduce accommodation "Ashizuri club" of room without meals!

File 194-1 .jpg

The hall is based on white and it is new and still gives an impression of cleanliness very much.
Room is three rooms in total.

File 194-2 .jpgFile 194-3 .jpg
Room is provided with TV, air-conditioner.
Bath and toilet are shared.

Hotel charges is adult one person 3,200 yen (tax-included).
It is only room without meals, but restaurant, bar, convenience store are near and are convenient as it is around five minutes on foot to city area.

File 194-4 .jpg
Photograph (in Mizushima of Tosashimizu City) of professional surfer displayed in the entrance hall

The master can come to Tosashimizu by I turn; and the seventh year.
Originally it was come to Tosashimizu to play well to do diving, and it was attracted by nature of Tosashimizu and seemed to be emigrated!

<< check-in >> 16:00
<< check-out >> 9:30

File 194-5 .jpg
Parking lot of accommodation is opposite immediately.
Five can park.

In leisure such as surfing or cycling, please use "Ashizuri club" for sightseeing!

[accommodation Ashizuri club of room without meals]
Telephone /0880-83-0183

Tourist home Tabiji

[the last update date: on April 15, 2015]

It is location, accommodation of hotel charges which is nice for walk pilgrim.

File 191-1 .jpg

We introduce "Tourist home Tabiji".

☆☆☆Normal rate to stay at☆☆☆

6,000 yen (with a night and two meels)
3,500 yen (overnight room without meals)
※It is rate (service charge, tax-included) of Junior high school students and over, one.
※Please refer for primary schoolchild rate at the time of reservation.
※In the case of reservation, please confirm hotel charges.

"Tourist home Tabiji" is in district called ifuri on the way toward Tosashimizu city area from Shimanto City (Route 321 that does not go along ifuri bypass is along).

File 191-2 .jpg
Room is all; four rooms (by 1F, 2F for each two rooms all rooms Japanese-style room).
Building is old at a glance, but is cozy atmosphere that the room is cleaned, and seemed to come back to house of grandfather of the country.

Towel (large and small size), yukata, a Toilet Kit, air conditioner are fully equipped with in room.
Bath, toilet is shared. In bath, towel washing shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body is fully equipped with.

It is state of meal.
Homemade chemical-free vegetables, local fish are used for meal.

File 191-3 .jpg

File 191-4 .jpg

We do not seem to arrange check-in, time for check-out in particular!
We seem to suit convenience of customer.

Parking lot: Three existence (we sandwich road from building on slope of opposite side)

[reservation, inquiry]
Fax: 0880-82-8428

5-8, Iburi, Tosashimizu-shi

Minshuku Kotobuki

[the last update date: on December 11, 2014]

Room without meals is welcomed, too!

File 189-1 .jpg

We introduce "Minshuku Kotobuki"!

☆: *・゜ ☆: *・゜ ☆: *・゜ ☆: *・゜ ☆: *・゜ ☆.

Normal rate to stay at
6,480 yen (tax-included) (the in all rooms same rate with a night and two meels)
4,860 yen (tax-included) (room without meals)

File 189-2 .jpg

Room is all six rooms, all 6 tatami (belonging to bath and toilet two of them).

File 189-3 .jpg

From window of room, we can overlook the Pacific!

Parking lot existence, free of charge (four)

Reservation, inquiry this way, please!

559, Ashizurimisaki, Tosashimizu-shi


Captain Whitfield tea room

[the last update date: on October 7, 2017]

Restaurant, souvenir sale

"Captain Whitfield tea room"

We introduce this.

※Captain Whitfield tea room for John-mung Museum remodeling construction until H29 ten a year one day a month - H30 three a year 31 days a month
We are closed.
It is going to be reopened for H30 four a year one day a month.

File 188-1 .jpg

At restaurant reflecting the image of room of Captain benefactor, Whitfield of John Mung, we can eat American home-cooked meal-style menu.
In shop, there is souvenir section where special products of thing and Tosashimizu City in conjunction with John Mung form a line.
File 188-3 .jpg
File 188-2 .jpg

☆★Morning menu★☆
★Clam chowder set
 *Clam chowder * salad * fruit * English muffin * drink

★French toast set
 *French toast * yoghurt * salad * fruit * drink

★Toast set
 *Toast * omelet * miso soup * salad * fruit * drink

★Onigiri set
 *"Sprinkle Souda Bushi, and onigiri is plum" *; and winding egg * miso soup * fruit * drink

★Finest Souda Bushi tamago kake gohan set
 *Tamago kake gohan * salad * miso soup * Konomono * Small coffee

Morning set for each 500 yen
※Iced coffee 50 yen improves

File 188-4 .jpg
※Photograph is clam chowder set

☆★Lunch menu★☆
★Lunch A (Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) or meatball simmered with tomato sauce) 1,000 yen
 *Bread or rice * green vegetable salad * mini-gratin

★Lunch B (deep-fried Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) or chicken mustard sauce cliff) 1,000 yen
 *Bread or rice * green vegetable salad * mini-gratin

★Curry (chicken or Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel)) 800 yen
 *Bare deep frying vegetables (pumpkin, eggplant, bean or green pepper) * mini-salad * pickles

★Clam chowder set 1,000 yen
 *Fried clam chowder * fish & potato
 *English muffin & butter * salad

★Pasta (with mini-salad) 800 yen
 *Seasonal peperoncino
 *With tomato sauce meatball

★Bottle bino bouillabaisse 1,200 yen without rose
 *Garlic toast * mini-gratin * salad

File 188-5 .jpg
※Photograph "bottle bino bouillabaisse without rose"

We stew fish of ten several kinds landed at port of Tosashimizu, and topping is doing seasoning, whitefish and Chotaro shellfish from hometown.
Thick taste is characteristic!

◆◆All articles Small after a meal includes coffee on lunch menu◆◆

Business hours  
From 8:30 to 16:30 (lunchtime: for from 11:00 to 15:00)
Regular Holiday:   None
Parking lot:   Existence, 24 buses, general vehicle 150

303, Yorou, Tosashimizu-shi

Road station mejikano village

[the last update date: on March 23, 2016 Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association http://shimizu-kankou .com TEL: 0880-82-3155]

We introduce road station "mejikano village".

File 165-1 .jpg

In road station "mejikano village", we sell fresh local seasonal fresh vegetables, fruit, fish!

File 165-2 .jpg

●Lunch of local supplier and "mejikano village" handicraft
●There are a lot of products of special product, Souda Bushi of Tosashimizu, too (shavings of dried bonito, Japanese-style rolled omelette mix, Souda Bushi which soup stock is over well, Souda Bushi cut device set)
●Specialty of Kochi "ice curine"

In addition, special product "princess bonito of Tosashimizu of factory direct sale," there are cake, many products including bread!
There is corner of tourist brochure, too.

File 165-3 .jpg

★Fish conscience market★
We sell fresh fish which local angler caught at special price!
First come, first served!

File 165-4 .jpg

There is dining room "sect Taya, too"!

File 165-5 .jpg

★★ mejikano village dining room menu ★★

☆Udon of getting out sect field☆
・Is sect field; and curry Udon 600 yen
・Curry Udon 730 yen to be sect field, and to overcome
・Shimanto Area blue seaweed Udon    600 yen
・Is sect field; and Kitsune Udon 480 yen
・Is sect field; and seaweed Udon 450 yen
・Is sect field; and Udon      400 yen
 *Various large serving (2 jeweled articles) +200 yen

☆Udon + rice☆
・Curry "u" bowl 780 yen to overcome
 (pork cutlet appears in curry Udon, and rice is contained under the Udon how! boryumi!)

☆Chilled Udon (and sect field)
・Is sect field; and chilled Udon 400 yen
・Is sect field; and chilled blue seaweed Udon 500 yen

☆Rice thing☆
・Japanese style of getting out sect field and curry bowl (with salad) 650 yen
・Japanese-style curry bowl (with salad) 500 yen of getting out sect field
・Fried rice (with soup) 500 yen (as for the large serving +100 yen)
・Rice (the inside) 150 yen
・Rice (the small) 100 yen
(we brought up fish meal of mejika (frigate mackerel) which is raw materials of Souda Bushi in manure, and rice uses "mejikachan".)

☆One piece of article☆
・Pork cutlet  500 yen 
・Deep-fried chicken 500 yen
・Is sect field; and winding omelet 300 yen

・hotokohi         300 yen
・Iced coffee        350 yen
*After a meal in neither         150 yen

Business hours from 8:30 to 17:30 (mealtime from 9:00 to 14:00)         
Regular holiday Open 365 Days a year
〒787-0450 671-6, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi
Parking lot: Four large size, normal car 32

[Whale Shark visit] Iburi Center, a Biological Research Station of the Osaka Kaiyukan

[the last update date: on January 11, 2016]

Iburi Center, a Biological Research Station of the Osaka Kaiyukan
(Iburi, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi fishing port)
Here, we research collection and breeding, peripheral sea area of creature displaying in Kaiyukan. In the Pacific in front of the Iburikou bay,
Many creatures come over on Kuroshio Current.

Whale Shark of ... Osaka, Kaiyukan swims large water tank with oldness! ...

File 123-1 .jpg

File 123-2 .jpg

File 123-3 .jpg

Two Whale Shark more than 5m swims large water tank elegantly.
Whale Shark which is bred display in Osaka, Kaiyukan,
Kuroshio Current ocean current is the sea around the touch Cape Ashizuri first in Japan,
It seems to be often found to transport thing caught in net of fisherman.

★Can observe; the date and time★
Saturday and Sunday Sundays and holidays
※Rate does not usually occur by visit in particular as general person is facility of Closed to the Public either.
※But we stop visit without notice by states of creature and may cancel. Thank you for your understanding.
※Please refrain from flash photography.

File 123-4 .jpg

Reference is this↓
Osaka Kaiyukan sea life research institute Iburi Centre

Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki

[the last update date: on June 28, 2014 (no company) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association TEL: 0880-82-3155]

Hospitality that is bright with simplicity like camellia!

File 5-1.jpg

We introduce "Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki".

File 5-2.jpg

File 5-3.jpg
※Promenade in Hotel site.

File 5-4.jpg

Outdoor bath which can overlook the Pacific. Warm hospitality.
There is room with open-air bath.
We look forward to your coming!

In room,
We offer towel (large and small size), yukata, a Toilet Kit.

Check-in:  From 15:00 
Check-out: Until 10:00

It is approximately five minutes by car from Ashizuri observatories.
It is perfect location that the Pacific can overlook from hotel.

Parking lot: 50 (free)

[reservation, inquiry]
Fax: 0880-88-1118
→jalan net "Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki" page
→Rakuten Travel "Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki" page

Ashizuri Thermae

[the last update date: on June 24, 2014 (no company) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association TEL: 0880-82-3155]

To resort of healing to leave heart open to Nature♪
File 40-1.jpg

There are no longer less than this, too…The southernmost tip of Shikoku
Ashizuri Thermae heals your Gokan
File 40-2.jpg

We introduce "Ashizuri Thermae".

Place most far-off in Japan…Superb view resort hotel which nestles in the Shikoku southernmost tip, Nature which is said to be this.
Vast panorama of the Pacific to look at from Ashizuri hot-spring village's best hill.
Feeling that snow-white modern design that architect Norihiko Dan planned fusion with Nature totally came to foreign country.
And enjoy flow when you relaxed in natural radon hot spring.

File 40-4.jpg
Popular DX twin room
You can spend interior with specifications relaxedly spaciously in particular.

File 40-5.jpg
Hot water ... of natural radon which ... sky Sea loved
In stall bath which can overlook the Pacific and cityscape of Ashizuri
Please heal fatigue of trip.
It is completely equipped with sauna of Shimanto Area hinoki, too!

Check-in:  From 15:00 
Check-out: Until 11:00

Parking lot: 120 existence (free)

You can use credit card.

In addition, you may use stairs because there is floor without some elevators.

[reservation, inquiry]
Fax: 0880-88-0344
→jalan net "Ashizuri Thermae" page
→Rakuten Travel "Ashizuri Thermae" page

Hotel Nangoku

[the last update date: on June 18, 2014]

Please enjoy huge screen from room facing the sea!

File 104-1 .jpg

We introduce "Hotel Nangoku".

Lodging basic rate 
7,560- yen (it includes two meals in a night)
4,320- yen (room without meals)
※It is rate (service charge, tax-included) of (Junior high school students and over) per person.
※In addition, there are a large number of accommodation plans. Don't miss it!

File 104-3 .jpgFile 104-2 .jpg
●Welcome to Tatsukushi!           ●Standing comb Coast

In Hotel Nangoku, seasonal taste can enjoy fresh seafoods produced in the sea in front throughout the year!
Vegetables are things produced in the morning of self cultivation. We stock from direct sale market of local farmhouse!
It is certain that delicious dishes heal fatigue of trip!

In room,
We offer yukata, towel, toothbrush.
※We rent dryer.

Check-in:  From 15:00 
Check-out: Until 10:00

It is three minutes to the sea and Tatsukushi-Minokoshi Strangely Shaped Rocks Park of Tatsukushi Sea Area Park on foot. It is perfect location that is very near facilities such as glass boat, Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower, Ashizuri Aquarium.

File 104-4 .jpgFile 104-5 .jpg
●Sakurahama Beach             ●Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower

A free parking lot: 50 large size is possible, too.

[reservation, inquiry]
Fax: 0880-85-0107

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