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[the last update date: on February 4, 2018]

We introduce bar "Uoden".

File 59-1.jpg

There is "Uoden" in alley of Hotel Nansui(for business people) along Shimizu Fishing Port.

Bite-sized Duke Nigiri(sushi using slices of law fish soaked in soy sauce) is quite popular with women!
File 59-2.jpg

We make fresh fish landed in hometown sashimi!
Person of shop advises recommended fish on the day.
We can eat specialty of Tosashimizu, Tosashimizu City sabamo!
File 59-3.jpg

Homemade tempura of minced fish meat is recommended, too!
File 59-4.jpg


●Dining Bar Uoden●

[regular holiday] On Sunday 
[business hours] From 17:30 to 22:00 
[parking lot] Three

※As it is popular shop, we recommend that it is made a reservation beforehand!

Reservation, inquiry to this!
14-10, Sakaemachi, Tosashimizu-shi

Shop and Restaurant Ashizuri Grand Rest 

[the last update date: on February 1, 2018]

We introduce restaurant, souvenir sale "Shop and Restaurant Ashizuri Grand Rest ".

File 11-1.jpg

In "Shop and Restaurant Ashizuri Grand Rest " special product Souda Bushi connection product of Tosashimizu, princess bonito of Tosa food,

You look after Yamashita and bloom and wake up Ashizuri senbei of temple, Ashizuri tortoise and can buy a lot of other souvenirs!

File 11-2.jpg File 11-3.jpg

We can enjoy delicious meal while looking at the Pacific and lighthouse of white wall of Cape Ashizuri at 2F restaurant of Shop and Restaurant Ashizuri Grand Rest !

☆★Recommended menu★☆

File 11-4.jpg File 11-5.jpg
  "Tataki(seared fish)set meal"              "Sashimi set meal"

★Other menus★

●Fried prawn set meal
●Udon set meal
●Tokoroten jelly (summer limitation) (use agar-agar which got in homemade Ashizuri)
●Fried oysters set meal
●Deep-fried chicken set meal
●Pork cutlet set meal

※It keeps other various menus.


●Shop and Restaurant Ashizuri Grand Rest ●

[business hours]  
Stand: 8:00-17:00
Restaurant: From 8:30 to 16:00
[regular holiday] Stand: Restaurant without holiday: Monday fixed closing day
[parking lot] Free of charge, 20 (municipal parking lot)

Reservation, inquiry to this!
214-13, Ashizurimisaki, Tosashimizu-shi

The Statue of John Mung

[the last update date: on February 1, 2018]

The Statue of John Mung

File 125-1 .jpg
After going over to the United States as Japanese for the first time approximately 170 years ago, and having learned English or the navigation, surveying, we go back to Japan for the national seclusion era.
John Mung which also left great achievement in the Japanese daybreak and international exchange.
Manjiro Nakahama and he who gave his name were born in current Nakanohama, Tosashimizu-shi as child of fisherman later in 1827.

File 125-2 .jpg
As for the The Statue of John Mung, unveiling ceremony was held in July, 1968 (Showa 43).

Compasses and triangle are grasped in hand of bronze statue. It is indispensable to voyage and surveying.

File 125-3 .jpg
It is clear that there was eye opening of Ryoma Sakamoto from experience of Manjiro including democratic thought and lifestyle, culture in foreign country.
Besides, Manjiro had a great influence on great man, Taisuke Itagaki, Chomin Nakae, Yataro Iwasaki of Tosa.
Bronze statue of Manjiro nestles on the Cape Ashizuri tip as if we fix our eyes on the world sea which oneself sailed earlier of the Pacific.

Contact information
Person in charge of sightseeing in Tosashimizu City Hall sightseeing business and industry section (Phone: 0880-82-1212)

Cape Ashizuri-Misaki

[the last update date: on February 1, 2018]

★★We evaluate two stars in Michelin green guide japon★★
In tourist guide book "Michelin green guide japon" which Michelin issues "Cape Ashizuri" and "view from Cape Ashizuri"
We had two star (★★) all together!

Cape Ashizuri-Misaki

File 127-1 .jpg

Cape where Cape Ashizuri appointed in Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park is the southernmost tip of Shikoku.
View from observatories is 270 degrees!
We see coming and going huge ship and the horizon facing distance into an arch form and realize that the earth is round!
It is perfect spot to see the morning sun!

There is Landmark-like Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse, too.

File 127-2 .jpg

In entrance open space spreading out to observatories, there is great man, The Statue of John Mung of native district that affected the patriot of much late Tokugawa period including Ryoma Sakamoto.

File 127-3 .jpg
There is "Cape Ashizuri tourist information center in open space, too", and local guide guides.
※As for volunteer guide making location in the information desk, GW was gathered up in summer vacation on Sundays and holidays on Saturday and Sunday a week; when is absent.

Thicket Tsubaki growing wild in about February reaches in full bloom, and "Ashizuri camellia Festival" is held every year.
"The camellia forest pathway" is made on promenade.

Information about camellia Festival of (H30 year) of this year
The 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival

In addition, western Usubae (usubae) of Ashizuri peninsula is the only place in the whole country where the Kuroshio Current main stream hits directly.

File 127-4 .jpg

Originally the whole area of this Cape Ashizuri bit is the precinct of Shikoku Pilgrimage 38th Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage), Kongofukuji Temple which Kobo-daishi performed open wound of,
Legend of "The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri" is on promenade. Signboard stands at main spot.
There is "The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri Tour by local guide, too"! (reservation required)
[we introduce in movie]

Photograph one of the The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri, "Turtle Rock"
File 127-5 .jpg

In addition, Hakusandoumon Sea Cave appointed to natural monument of Kochi,
There are spots such as John Mung Footbath which can soak in footbath while seeing Hakusandoumon Sea Cave.

Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association (Phone: 0880-82-3155)

Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse

[the last update date: on February 1, 2018]

"Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse"
We reached the lighting 100th anniversary on April 1, 2014!

File 140-1 .jpg
Lighthouse of white wall standing on precipice of Cape Ashizuri.
18m in height, luminous intensity 460,000 cd, light range 38km.

※About luminous intensity
The way of measurement of luminous intensity is different at the time of lighthouse construction and is becoming 460,000 cd now.

File 140-2 .jpg
We continue watching security of ship coming and going in the offing ever since it was turned on in one of the largest lighthouses in our country in 1914 by (1914).
Vast panorama of the Pacific and scenery full of poetic sentiment enjoy, romantic mood perfect score.
※We cannot enter lighthouse.

File 140-3 .jpg
Lighthouse of white wall becomes symbol of Cape Ashizuri.

File 140-4 .jpg
In addition, as for the Tengu-no-hana Observatory which is down the promenade approximately 300 meters on foot from lighthouse, it is in little-known spot spot looking at lighthouse.
※"Nose" means "cape" in Ashizuri.

Person in charge of sightseeing in Tosashimizu City Hall sightseeing business and industry section (Phone: 0880-82-1212)

Fish nomaruse

[the last update date: on January 23, 2018]

We opened in Chuo Town Shopping District of Tosashimizu City,

We introduce "fish nomaruse"!

File 195-1 .jpg

Green light that ships fish of Tosashimizu outside prefecture.

"Fish nomaruse" is shop of green light.

There is fresh fish section of Tosashimizu City in the center when we enter shop.

File 195-2 .jpg

In shop other than fresh fish corner sake lees dried fish of Kubotsu "big catch shop" and dried fish using produced fish out of prefecture,
Products of special product, Souda Bushi of Tosashimizu City are put!

File 195-3 .jpg File 195-4 .jpg

There was hombinosu shellfish in water tank, too!

File 195-5 .jpg
It is naturalized species, but resembles clam.

We perform national shipment of fish produced in Tosashimizu!

In addition, at the end of the year, crab or salmon roe to stock from supplier of Hokkaido of acquaintance seem to be sold!

For fresh fish, the purchase of dried fish, please use "fish nomaruse"!


●Fish nomaruse●

[business hours] From 10:00 to 17:00
[regular holiday] Every Saturday (because market of Shimizu Fishing Port is closed)
[parking lot] Available (we stay away from store a little)

Reservation, inquiry to this!
Telephone /0880-87-9725
Address / 〒 787-0324
6-1-2, Chuocho, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

SUNNY MART Tosashimizu

[the last update date: on January 23, 2018]
We introduce supermarket "SUNNY MART Tosashimizu".

File 46-1.jpg

It is local supermarket of Kochi that was introduced in "kemminsho" of TV program!

When you come to Tosashimizu, come by all means!
Business Hours: From 9:00 to 20:00
Regular Holiday: There is particularly no
Parking lot :99, free of charge

Reservation, inquiry to this!
3-18, Asahimachi, Tosashimizu-shi

Japanese-style Dining Bar Fukami

[the last update date: on January 23, 2018]

We introduce bar "Japanese-style Dining Bar Fukami".

File 67-1.jpg

It is along Route 321 and turns right at the signal before shopping center plaza pal to the Ashizuri area in Tosashimizu city area.
When just go straight, and turn left at the signal of at the end of the road, and go straight more, what is on the left "deepens"; sandesu.

Tosashimizu City saba (reservation required) and bonito only in Tosashimizu, discerning article using morays and quite popular lotus root steamed bun,
We can enjoy scorched rice sea foods Ankake, various original cooking including milk tempura!

File 67-2.jpg
File 67-3.jpg
File 67-4.jpg

There are shochu, sake approximately 50 kinds, too, and the master advises combination of liquor and dishes!

※In addition, lunch is open if we have you make a reservation by the day before!

Regular Holiday:  No fixed holiday 
Business Hours: From 17:00 to 23:00 
Parking lot: Five

Reservation, inquiry to this!
8-11, Sakaemachi, Tosashimizu-shi

Yakiniku Restaurant Purukogi

[the last update date: on January 23, 2018]

We introduce "Yakiniku Restaurant Purukogi".

File 71-1.jpg

[30 years discerning to meat. As for what we arrived at "Yonezawa beef"]
We can taste Yonezawa beef at reasonable price!
We can enjoy relief, safe meat kept on choosing!

Regular Holiday:  On Wednesday 
Business Hours: From 17:00 to 21:00 
Parking lot: Eight

Reservation, inquiry to this!
3-16, Chuocho, Tosashimizu-shi

Restaurant miwa

[the last update date: on January 23, 2018]

We introduce "restaurant miwa".

Is along Route 321, Tosashimizu city area to the Cape Ashizuri area.
Of Tosashimizu City police Government building enter on way in opposite side, and there is almost "restaurant miwa" on the left side.

File 112-1 .jpg

In "restaurant miwa", we can eat seasonal fish produced off Tosashimizu.
We can eat various dishes such as sashimi, marinated mackerel of fish produced in the morning!

Regular Holiday:  On Sunday (there is extra holiday) 
Business Hours: From 17:00 to 21:00 (reservation required) 
Parking lot:  Two

Reservation, inquiry to this!
1-12, Saiwaicho, Tosashimizu-shi

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