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Sea breeze dining room

[the last update date: on August 19, 2018]

Cafe rest in John-mung Museum

We introduce "sea breeze dining room".

File 188-1 .jpg

File 188-2 .jpg
State in shop

We opened on July 20, 2018!

From thing and owner whom wind that is good for the sea in front blows to immediately liking sound of the word "dining room,"
It seemed to be named "sea breeze dining room"!

Man of owner is from Otoyo-cho, Kochi.
Acquire study in Tokyo and foreign countries, cook career more than 35 years!
It was attracted by beauty of the sea of Tosashimizu and seemed to be emigrated last year.

・‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥・‥…━…‥

Menu of "sea breeze dining room" which such an owner runs in two people with woman from Tosashimizu is this↓↓

☆★Morning menu★☆

★Toast set
 *Drink * salad * egg

☆★Lunch menu★☆

★John-Mung curry & salad 700 yen (the double height: + 200 yen)
File 188-3 .jpg
Curry uses fish produced in Tosashimizu on the day to chicken gallabase.
Flavor of the sea spreads full when we eat a mouthful♪
We look forward to being different in fish used by day (^^♪

★Plenty of vegetables Japanese hamburg (working under soup, Rice) 800 yen
File 188-4 .jpg

★Vinegar chicken & salad (working under soup, Rice) 800 yen
File 188-5 .jpg

★★Coffee after a meal is discounted by 200 yen!★★

☆★Drink / cafe thyme menu★☆

★Coffee (hot / ice) ★Orange juice
★Spiced tea (hot / ice) ★Ginger ale
★Cocoa (hot / ice) ★Give birth; juice
★cola          ★Non-alcoholic beer    
                        For each 400 yen

★Cream soda
                        For each 500 yen

★Pancake 400 yen
★Pizza toast 500 yen
★John-Mung curry 600 yen

‥…━…‥・‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥, ‥…━…‥・‥…━…‥

In shop, we sell miscellaneous goods which friend of owner made.

When we want to do in shop where pilgrim, local person, people various to person who emigrated to Tosashimizu can enter from tourist casually
Honor that was talked about.
Please use "sea breeze dining room"; (^^)/

[business hours]  
 From 9:00 to 16:00
(morning /9: 00-11: 00, lunch /11: 00-14: 00, cafe thyme /14: 00-16: 00)

[regular holiday]
 Every Tuesday

[parking lot]
 Existence, 24 buses, general vehicle 150

 〒787-0337 303, Yorou, Tosashimizu-shi

[Whale Shark visit] Iburi Center, a Biological Research Station of the Osaka Kaiyukan

[the last update date: on September 14, 2018]

Iburi Center, a Biological Research Station of the Osaka Kaiyukan
(Iburi, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi fishing port)
Here, we research collection and breeding, peripheral sea area of creature displaying in Kaiyukan. In the Pacific in front of the Iburikou bay,
Many creatures come over on Kuroshio Current.

We usually prohibit entrance except the person concerned, but user of John-mung Museum and Ashizuri Aquarium can observe in particular.

Whale Shark of ... Osaka, Kaiyukan swims large water tank with oldness! ...

File 123-1 .jpg

File 123-2 .jpg

File 123-3 .jpg

Two Whale Shark more than 5m swims large water tank elegantly.
Whale Shark which is bred display in Osaka, Kaiyukan,
Kuroshio Current ocean current is the sea around the touch Cape Ashizuri first in Japan,
It seems to be often found to transport thing caught in net of fisherman.

★Can observe; the date and time★
Saturday and Sunday Sundays and holidays / From 9:00 to 15:00
※Rate does not usually occur by visit in particular as general person is facility of Closed to the Public either.
※But we stop visit without notice by states of creature and may cancel. Thank you for your understanding.
※Please refrain from flash photography.

File 123-4 .jpg

Reference is this↓
(no company) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association

Nakahama (John Manjiro Birth Place)

[the last update date: on January 10, 2016]

John Mung birth place

Nakanohama, Tosashimizu-shi,
Birth place of John Mung (the real name, Manjiro Nakahama).

File 136-1 .jpgFile 136-3 .jpg
It is monument in birth place of Manjiro.
It was built in commemoration of 150 years of Manjiro's homecoming anniversary.
It has the photograph of Manjiro's face, and the image of ship is put on the base.
In addition, explanation of both Japanese and English is engraved into the other side of monument,
Manjiro who became foundation of international exchange is explained.

File 136-2 .jpg
"John manjirozoseigoichu*manjirookinenhi"

Manjiro who was caught in storm, and drifted was saved on whaler and went to the United States.
Therefore Manjiro learned various things and experienced and came back to Japan. Western knowledge and information that Manjiro took home with him/her had a big influence on Japan at the time.
In addition, for Yataro Iwasaki or Ryoma Sakamoto, it became shock that the view of the world turned into.

File 136-4 .jpg

 Tanimae, Nakahama, Tosashimizu City

The John Mung birthplace (the reconstruction)

[the last update date: on January 11, 2016]

Sunday, October 31, 2010
The John Mung reconstruction birthplace was completed in Nakanohama, Tosashimizu-shi district.

File 180-1 .jpg

Thatched wooden one-storied house which we designed based on photograph that the birthplace was left as "the birthplace of Manjiro."
Mainly on donation that volunteer in the city collected by donation activity, we built to local Nakahama of John Mung.
Reproduced life at the time; make, and indoor visit is possible if there is in visit time.

File 180-2 .jpgFile 180-4 .jpg 

File 180-3 .jpg 

Can observe; time: From 8:00 to 18:00  
Entrance: Free of charge
Regular Holiday: Without holiday

File 180-5 .jpg

Inquiry this way, please!
The headman's office of Nakanohama ward
252-5, Nakanohama, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

Ashizuri Sea Station

[the last update date: on October 7, 2017]

We introduce "Ashizuri Sea Station".

※Ashizuri Sea Station is closed for John-mung Museum remodeling construction until - H30 three a year 31 days a month for H29 ten a year one day a month.
It is going to be reopened for H30 four a year one day a month.

"Ashizuri Sea Station" at port of Ashizuri. In facility,
Of John-mung Museum, restaurant, souvenir
There are captain Whitfield tea room, sightseeing information corner.

File 115-1 .jpg

In Ashizuri Sea Station,
We have biography book or novel of John Mung.
How about in memory?

We look forward to your coming!

Regular Holiday:  None
Business Hours: From 8:30 to 17:00 
Parking lot:  Existence, 24 buses, general vehicle 150

Inquiry to this!
303, Yorou, Tosashimizu-shi

John-mung Museum

[the last update date: on July 21, 2018]

We introduce John-mung Museum.

File 183-1 .jpg
It was reopened on April 1, 2018!

In "John-mung Museum" 1F, we reproduce eventful life of John Mung in drifting, the United States, returning home, four exhibition rooms of achievement,
We can learn in chronological order.

File 183-2 .jpg
Exhibition room which introduces to rumadeo to the United States adrift

File 183-3 .jpg
There is photography section where whale of projection appears in the sea of trick art in exhibition room introducing life in the United States to!

File 183-4 .jpg
Projection of wave.
Manjiro returns home with two friends from drifting from the United States approximately ten years later and reproduces the sea of Ryukyu which went ashore.

2F becomes experience, interchange space and is usually free.
※At the time of plan exhibition holding, please buy admission ticket of museum.

File 183-5 .jpg
We display sister city Fairhaven, information of New Bedford and sailing boat model.

Carry foot to "John-mung Museum" to be able to learn happily by all means while sensing life of John Mung bodily!

[business hours] From 8:30 to 17:00
[regular holiday]  Without holiday 
[parking lot]  Existence, 24 buses, general vehicle 150

In addition, there is cafe rest "sea breeze dining room in hall, too".

Sea breeze dining room
[business hours] From 9:00 to 16:00 (lunchtime /11: 00-14: 00)
[regular holiday] On Tuesday

About sea breeze dining room, please see this page↓

Reservation, inquiry to this!
303, Yorou, Tosashimizu-shi

Kubotsu Fishery Cooperative Union direct management restaurant sea foods building big catch shop

[the last update date: on January 13, 2016]

We introduce Kubotsu Fishery Cooperative Union direct management restaurant "seafood hall big catch shop".

File 42-1.jpg

Aunties who knew everything about local ingredients cook produced seasonal fish in fixed shore net in the morning. Exquisite!

★☆Recommended menu☆★

File 42-2.jpgFile 42-5.jpg

[lunch menu]

★Ise lobster hotpot     7,000 yen (reservation required) (use every one-maru.)

★Ise lobster set meal 5,000 yen (reservation required) (sashimi, fried food deep-fry one of them for preference, and please have!)

★Sashimi set meal 1,250 yen (fresh fish in fixed shore net of Kubotsu Fishery Cooperative Union!)

★Tataki(seared fish)set meal 1,250 yen

★Fried food mixture set meal 1,250 yen

★Today's set meal 850 yen

★Beef curry     650 yen

The menu mentioned above is tax-included.
Above all, sashimi set meal of volume perfect score mainly on seasonal fish is recommended!

File 42-3.jpg
Ise lobster set meal

※He/she accepts night banquet in reservation system.

File 42-4.jpg

Business Hours: From 8:00 to 15:00 (last order 14:30)
Regular Holiday:  On Wednesday 
Parking lot:  Ten, free of charge

Reservation, inquiry to this!
482-2, Kubotsu, Tosashimizu-shi

Kubotsu Fishery Cooperative Union direct marketing center big catch shop

[the last update date: on January 14, 2016]

We introduce marine products shop "direct marketing center big catch shop" of the Kubotsu Fishery Cooperative Union direct management.

File 41-1.jpg

In direct marketing center big catch shop, we sell fresh fish and marine products artefact, local organic vegetables produced off Ashizuri in the morning!

File 41-2.jpg

●Fresh, cheap, delicious●
We can observe figure that person of shop deals with fish.

☆☆"Sake lees dried fish" is quite popular now!☆☆

File 41-3.jpg
"Sake lees dried fish" that Kubotsu Fishery Cooperative Union began sale in last year.
We added sake lees to salt to soak dried fish in and drew taste ingredient!
It is good that we hold down salt to a one-third of before in health!

File 41-4.jpg File 41-5.jpg
Kind of sake lees dried fish includes barracuda, horse mackerel, flying fish.

☆☆We accept national shipment☆☆
Please feel free to contact!

Come by all means!

Business Hours:  From 7:00 to 17:00
Regular Holiday:   On Wednesday 
Parking lot:   Ten, free of charge

※Desire time from 8:30 to 10:00 (fresh fish, sushi seems to be often sold out in the morning.) 

Reservation, inquiry to this!
482-2, Kubotsu, Tosashimizu-shi

Okinohama Beach

[the last update date: on January 13, 2016]

Okinohama Beach

File 145-1 .jpg

The beautiful shore representing curve that pure white sandy beach and green forest pass to 1.5km, and is slow.
Granite of Cape Ashizuri erodes distantly, and the beautiful sand was carried, and is good for opening view as the east entrance of Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park.

File 145-2 .jpgFile 145-5 .jpg

Popularity as surf point is high, too, and surfer comes recently from the prefecture outside.
It stands on extensive sandy beach, and is it good to see state that wave laps on leisurely?

File 145-3 .jpgFile 145-4 .jpg

Shower (there is paid once 100 yen ※ warm water)
Restroom (washing with water)
Parking lot (approximately 60 for free)

Inquiry this way, please!
Tosashimizu City Hall

Kanaezaki Point, Kanaezaki Point lighthouse

[the last update date: on January 11, 2016]

Kanaezaki Point

This lighthouse which is said to be when haiku poet, Hekigodo Kawahigashi said saying "it cannot be said that saw Tosa scenery without looking at the Kanaezaki Point shore" Route 321
It is building on sheer cliff that there is when we go into old road on the sea side more in place more than Otsu Bridge to the west from Tatsukushi.

File 163-1 .jpg File 163-4 .jpg

It is built in 1911 and is still active lighthouse leaving remains at the time.
File 163-3 .jpg

In the Kanaezaki Point shore said to be west Cape Ashizuri, land approaches the sea, and sheer cliff ranges, and there is wonderful erosion cave,
State that sparkling waves silvery wares break into while scattering reefs in the blue Pacific is Orient-like delicacy brimming scenery.

File 163-2 .jpg

When it comes for Kanaezaki Point, it is said that love comes true according to the name, and it is recommended to come by couple!

In addition, scenery to leave Kanaezaki Point tunnel, and to see from "Kuroshio Current observatories" in the left hand (on the way to the Sukumo area) is also superb view!
File 163-5 .jpg

Inquiry this way, please!
Tosashimizu City Hall

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