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Tatsukushi Diving Center 

[the last update date: on January 12, 2016]

We introduce "Tatsukushi Diving Center " holding scuba diving and snorkeling tour.

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Tatsukushi National Marine Park (there is amendment to a law in 2010 and is becoming "Tatsukushi Sea Area Park" now) which was appointed in the first underwater park in Japan in 1970. Much coral reefs if is temperate-zone, tropical submarine life is mixed, and the different underwater world is seen each through the four seasons. As Cape Ashizuri, the west are followed in Kanaezaki Point, and the east can always sink other than typhoon and the stormy weather of the summertime, there are none basically in the off-season!

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There are six locker rooms and shower rooms, and facility is substantial, too.

[the facility staff becomes correspondence only in Japanese]

Business Hours: From 10:00 to 18:00
Regular Holiday:  None 
Parking lot: Existence, 70 (municipal a free parking lot)

Reservation, inquiry to this!
3897, Tatsukushi, Tosashimizu-shi

Tsumajiro Campsite

[the last update date: on August 28, 2018]

[, because of the whole remodeling construction, there is place that we cannot use now. For more details, please contact the youngest reference.]

Tsumajiro Campsite

There is all Ashizuri Aquarium, Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower, Tatsukushi Sea Area Park (Tatsukushi-Minokoshi Strangely Shaped Rocks Park) in neighborhood, and sightseeing that we walk is possible.
In addition, we can go from here to Cape Ashizuri in around 35 minutes.
Person coming by car, please go to Cape Ashizuri.

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・Shower (warm water once 100 yen)
・There is cooking ridge
・Restroom (washing with water)
・Parking lot (approximately 100 for free)
※There are tent and rental of barbecue set.
※Accommodation (camping), no appointment necessary

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File 146-3 .jpg

It is please to do not light fire on lawn directly.

・300 yen is necessary as cleaning cooperation gold per person.
・Entry of in camper
 1,000 yen + cleaning cooperation gold per one is necessary 300 yen per person.

File 146-4 .jpg
There is bicycle parking lot, too!

Inquiry is this!
White claw head of a ward ground

Japanese-Style Hotel Senryu

[the last update date: on January 12, 2016]

Japanese-Style Hotel Senryu

File 153-1 .jpg

Fresh seafoods only in Tosashimizu is recommended!
Please fully enjoy muscular fish and shellfish.
As luncheon party, banquet venue, it is available.

Business hours
  From 7:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday
  Without holiday
Parking lot 
  Existence (ten)

Reservation, inquiry is this!

Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi

[the last update date: on January 10, 2016]

We introduce "Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi".

File 87-1.jpg

At restaurant, you can be satisfied with Sanuki-udon, abundant menu including light meal from menu utilized local ingredients!
Meal while it faces the beautiful sea of Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park is very luxurious feeling!
We accept group reservation!
File 87-2.jpg

★Restaurant popularity menu "John Mung Tataki bowl(seared bonito on the rice)!"
File 87-3.jpg
We lifted up Katsuo no Tataki and picked up on the rice with spice!
As you are fried, there is not smell peculiar to bonito and can eat even bonito which you are hard for to deal with deliciously!

We are serving at special price including local article for sale at stand! 
From snacks such as bonito, tuna simmered with soy sauce or dried goods of fish and shellfish to potato kempi and Ashizuri tortoise okoshinadonoo cake, we have abundantly.

We can send Tataki(Seared fish) of bonito by cool courier service, too!
Please come to souvenir by all means!

File 87-4.jpg File 87-5.jpg

It is immediate to Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower (oceanarium) on foot!

Business hours (sale): From 9:00 to 17:00
Business hours (restaurant): From 9:00 to 17:00 ※16:00 order stop
Regular Holiday:  None 
Parking lot: 150 (free)

Reservation, inquiry to this!
4124-1, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi

Supermarket Miyamura

[the last update date: on January 10, 2016]
We introduce "Supermarket Miyamura".

File 120-1 .jpg

In Supermarket Miyamura, we have very delicious side dish including homemade sushi using fresh ingredients abundantly!
Have Tataki(Seared fish) and dried fish of delicious fish which grew up in Kuroshio Current as souvenir by all means!

He/she sends out nationwide!

File 120-2 .jpg File 120-3 .jpg

Business Hours: From 8:30 to 19:30 
Regular Holiday:  None  
Parking lot:  Ten

Reservation, inquiry to this!
4-1-5, Misakiura, Tosashimizu-shi

Seashore Marketplace Nagashima

[the last update date: on January 12, 2016]
We introduce shop "Seashore Marketplace Nagashima" of shellfish, coral.

File 108-1 .jpg

We have to toy product of nature which miniature carving of traditional coral and coral, child use. 
How about as souvenir? ?

File 108-2 .jpg File 108-3 .jpg

File 108-4 .jpg File 108-5 .jpg

Business Hours: From 8:00 to 15:00
Regular Holiday:  None
Parking lot:  50 (free of charge, large-size car can park, too)

4135, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi

Dining Bar Nangoku (Hotel Nangoku)

[the last update date: on January 10, 2016]
Dining Bar Nangoku (Hotel Nangoku)

File 156-1 .jpg

Fresh seafoods only in Tosashimizu is recommended!
Please appreciate delicious seafoods.
There are gyoza or okonomiyaki elsewhere, too and has menus abundantly!

File 156-2 .jpg File 156-3 .jpg
↑Tataki(Seared fish) of bonito             Boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable of ↑ nagareko

Business hours
  From 17:00 to 22:00
Regular holiday
  Without holiday

Reservation, inquiry is this!

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