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Kanaezaki Point, Kanaezaki Point lighthouse

[the last update date: on January 11, 2016]

Kanaezaki Point

This lighthouse which is said to be when haiku poet, Hekigodo Kawahigashi said saying "it cannot be said that saw Tosa scenery without looking at the Kanaezaki Point shore" National highway No. 321
It is building on sheer cliff that there is when we go into old road on the sea side more in place beyond Otsu Bridge to the west from Tatsukushi.

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It is built in 1911 and is still active lighthouse leaving remains at the time.
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In the Kanaezaki Point shore said to be west Cape Ashizuri, land approaches the sea, and sheer cliff ranges, and there is wonderful erosion cave and,
State that sparkling waves silvery wares break into while scattering reefs in the blue Pacific is Orient-like delicacy brimming scenery.

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It is said that love comes true according to the name when we come for Kanaezaki Point and recommends that it comes by couple!

In addition, scenery to leave Kanaezaki Point tunnel, and to see from "Kuroshio Current observatories" in the left hand (on the way to the Sukumo area) is also superb view!
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