About offer of banner ad  
In Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association official homepage, we establish banner advertising slot in top page.
As we accept offer of advertisement at any time, please see the following offer points.
  ● Publication place
   ・The lower top page center (we assume up to 27 frames)
  ● Publication charges
   ・Member of Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association: Annual sum 10,000 yen (tax-included) per 1 frame
 ・Thing except the above: Annual sum 20,000 yen (tax-included) per 1 frame
  ● Standard
   ■Size  : 50 pixels of length, 198 pixels of side
 ■Form  : GIF (possible animation), JPEG
 ■Data capacity : 15KB or less
  ● Expression of banner
   ■ Prohibition expression
  ・Against intention of reader; make a move, and might give misunderstanding
   (example) expression, radio button such as "is closed" "cancellation"
  ・We might give reader discomfort
   (example) image to flash on and off fast, image to vibrate fast,
      Reversing display of screen which contrast (luminosity difference) is strong in
  ・It does not actually function
   (example) text box that seem to be able to input,
      Pull-down menus that choice seems to include below
  ・Reader might fall into a error with information about Tosashimizu City and Tourism association
   (example) "Tosashimizu City sightseeing information" "Tosashimizu City disaster prevention information" expression such as "staff employment information"

 ■ Restrictions
  ・Interval between the blinking such as images more than principle 0.4 seconds.
  ・Interval between reversing display of screen and the changes of most domains more than principle two seconds.
  ● Range of banner
   ■Contents of linked homepage that advertisement and the advertiser appointed do not place the advertisement in any of one of each next issue.
  (1) Of the political nature or religiousness there is
  (2) Principles, claim about social problem
  (3) It might be exaggerated or false
  (4) It might be against public order and morals
  (5) We slander third party and we slander or expel
  (6) Thing about type of industry similar to business of offering food and entertainment based on law (1948 law 122nd) about adequacy of regulation such as business of offering food and entertainment and duties and business of offering food and entertainment
  (7) We might violate copyright, property right, privacy of third party
  (8) It is against laws and ordinances, rule
  (9) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association admits that it is not suitable as other advertisements to place
  ● Duty of advertiser
   ■Advertiser shall take all responsibility about all matters about advertisement and contents or other advertisement printings of linked homepage that advertiser appointed,
   You must not perform act or other unjust acts to give disadvantage to injustice of third party, non-appropriate processing, third party of property right.
   In addition, advertiser must be settled in responsibility and burden on advertiser when we damage third party by publication of advertisement.
  ● Indication order of banner
   It is said that indication point of banner is fixed.
 When 1 contributes to upbringing of city industry, sales promotion of local article for sale, activation of sightseeing promotion or other city regional economy, we can judge the indication order of banners
 2.Among private enterprises, publicity has offices in the city in private enterprise which does not correspond to the said article or self-employed people thing 3 which is high and has offices in the city
 4.We assume other order of the things and do case that condition has the same with reception desk order or order that Tourism association established.
 ● Please read by all means
  Advertisement publication application (Word file 20KB)
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