Member of association information
  Ashizuri Aquarium Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower Rare scenic beauty strangely shaped rocks Kongofukuji Temple Cape Ashizuri-Misaki Sea Gallery Kanaezaki Point Kanonji

● Tourism association
  (no company) Shimanto City Tourism Association   0880-34-1555 FAX: 0880-34-1144
  Sunahama Art Museum   0880-43-4915
  (no company) Sukumo City Tourism Association   0880-63-0801 FAX: 0880-63-0800
  Otsuki Town Tourism Association   0880-62-8133 FAX: 0880-62-8133
  (no company) Hata Wide Area Sightseeing Conference   0880-31-0233 FAX: 0880-31-0660
  (public interest incorporated foundation) Kochi Visitors & Convention Association   088-823-1434 FAX: 088-873-6181
  Ainan Town Tourism Association   0895-73-0444
  Association of Uwajima City sightseeing product   0895-22-3934
  (no company) Shimanto Town Tourism Association   0880-29-6004 FAX: 0880-22-2570
  Susaki City Tourism Association   0889-42-2575 FAX: 0889-43-2696
  (public corporation) Kochi City Tourism association   088-823-4016 FAX: 088-823-9275
  Konan City Tourism Association   0887-56-5200 FAX: 0887-56-5545
  (no company) Aki City Tourism Association   0887-35-1122 FAX: 0887-35-2818
  (no company) Muroto City Tourism Association   0887-22-0574 FAX: 0887-22-0574
  Shikoku Tourism Creating Organization   087-813-0431 FAX: 087-813-0312

● Administrative Agency
  Tosashimizu City   0880-82-1111
  Tosashimizu City Chamber of Commerce   0880-82-0279
  Shimanto City   0880-34-1111
  Nakamura Chamber of Commerce and Industry   0880-34-4333
  Sukumo City   0880-63-1111
  Otsuki Town   0880-73-1111
  Mihara Village   0880-46-2111
  Mihara Village Chamber of Commerce   0880-46-2437
  Kuroshio Town Central government office, Ogata general branch (former Ogata Town government office) TEL: 0880-43-2111 Saga general branch (former Saga Town government office) TEL: 0880-55-3111
  Kochi It is formal HP of Kochi. There is live broadcast of governor room
  Ehime It is formal HP of Ehime.
  Uwajima City It is formal HP of Uwajima-shi, Ehime.
  Ainan Town It is formal HP of Ainan-cho, Ehime.
  The Coast Guard The sea about security
  The Meteorological Agency It is HP of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Meteorological Agency.
  Nakamura river national highway office It is HP of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Shikoku district maintenance station Nakamura river national highway office
  Tosa Seinan Great Park Homepage of Tosa Seinan Great Park

● Others
  Ashizuri Onsenkyo It is homepage of Ashizuri hot spring meeting.
  Kuroshio, Shimanto inn association It is full of accommodation information in Shimanto City and Kuroshio Town.
  Tosa Kuroshio Railway Homepage of Tosa Kuroshio Railway
  JR Shikoku It is homepage of JR Shikoku.
  Kochi Seinan Traffic It is homepage of Kochi Seinan Traffic (bus).
  Uwajima Jidosha It is homepage of Uwajima Jidosha.
  Sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting It is homepage of sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting.
  Communal lodge Katsura-hama Beach-so It is homepage of communal lodge Katsura-hama Beach-so.
  Federation of JTB agreement inn hotel JTB trip ho consecutive net yadokomu It is federation of JTB agreement inn hotel JTB trip ho consecutive net yadokomuno homepage.

List of urgent contact information
Duties Name The location Phone number
The police Nakamura police station 〒787-0015 Shimanto City Uyama 2034-17 0880-34-0110 (main)
Sukumo police station 〒788-0003 7-54, Saiwaicho, Sukumo-shi 0880-63-0110 (main)
Nakamura police station Tosashimizu City police Government building 〒787-0306 3-5, Saiwaicho, Tosashimizu-shi 0880-82-0110 (main)
Firefighting Nakamura fire department 〒787-0015 750-1, Uyama, Shimanto-shi 0880-34-5881 (main)
Sukumo fire department 〒788-0052 1412-1, Wada, Sukumo-shi 0880-63-3111 (main)
Tosashimizu City fire department 〒787-0302 980-143, Iburi, Tosashimizu-shi 0880-82-1197 (main)
Kuroshio Current fire department 〒789-1725 2629-1, Ida, Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun 0880-55-2500
Hata center firefighting association Shimanto Area fire department Nishitosa branch office 〒786-0601 2405-1, Nishitosaekawasaki, Shimanto-shi 0880-52-1143 (main)
Marine preservation Tosashimizu sea preservation station 〒787-0303 18-46, Asahimachi, Tosashimizu-shi 0880-82-4999 (main)
Sukumo sea preservation station 〒788-0013 10-60-6, Katashima, Sukumo-shi 0880-65-5999 (main)
Public health center Hata public health center 〒787-0028 Yamate, Nakamura, Shimanto-shi Street 19 0880-34-5120
Hospital Shimanto Area municipal institution municipal hospital (first aid, general hospital) 〒787-0023 1-1-27, Nakamurahigashimachi, Shimanto-shi 0880-34-2126 (main)
Kochi Prefectural Hata kemmin Hospital (first aid, general hospital) 〒787-0785 3-1, Yamanachoyoshina, Sukumo-shi 0880-66-2222 (main)

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