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Ashizuri pilgrim way


In the pilgrim way, way where pilgrim came to use street course that inhabitants used after the Cape Ashizuri 38th Kongofukuji Temple erection is thought about with opening from ancient times.
Shikoku 88 places pilgrims increased by "shikokuhenreireijoki" having been issued Buddhist Priest Shinnen by "Shikoku pilgrim way instruction" again in 1689 (Genroku 2) in 1687 (jokyo 1687) by Buddhist priest of Mt. Koya-san.
There is not map at that time, and "350 orders ..., "ratio, ..." and listed signpost stone are installed in basic point of pilgrim way these as direction to the 38th Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage) Kongofukuji Temple and signpost indicating distance and Ichinose village where it is. This signpost stone seemed to be installed until "one order ..." of Cape Ashizuri (approximately 109m interval), but pilgrim way and signpost stone are lost by road development, and approximately 55 signpost stones are remaining now.