[Monday, May 3, 5/4 Tuesday holding! "Cheerful festival of the GW John-Mung sea"]

We have you look forward to toward the lot every year (we think!)

"Cheerful festival of the GW John-Mung sea"

It was called off, but holds this year last year⁜

The date and time: Monday, May 3, 2021, Tuesday, May 4 10:00-15:00

Location: Quay (port of Ashizuri) out of the John-mung Museum


  "Thailand fishing experience" (can catch by all means! Road sale ¥200 according to one 1,000 yen Styrofoam)

  "quay sabiki fishing experience" (hit 1,000 yen, pole, bait, Styrofoam for take-out once!)

  "Chotaro shellfish fishing experience" (roast three ¥300, Chotaro shellfish which caught for + ¥100 on the spot, and can eat!)

  stand camp ground (we reduce scale, and there are fewer branches this year than usual.)


Fishing experience in Thailand


Quay sabiki fishing experience


Stand camp ground (image is thing at the time of H30 age holding.)

All of you, please come to play! (*^^*)

About new coronavirus infectious disease measures

We carry out mask wearing, hand-washing of the staff thoroughly and try for the infection prevention.
On the day, about with fever and person who is poor in physical condition, we would appreciate your having visit.
Please cooperate with securing of interpersonal distance between customers, wearing of mask, infection measures including finger alcohol disinfection.
Depending on expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease, please note that you may cancel holding in a hurry.