Kochi Prefectural Ashizuri Kaiyokan Aquarium SATOUMI

[the last update date: 2020/09/17]

New Ashizuri Aquarium SATOUMI

※It was reopened as "Ashizuri Aquarium SATOUMI" (the sea) on Saturday, July 18, 2020⁜

Ashizuri Aquarium is breeds and displays with various creatures which face the beautiful sea of Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park which Kuroshio Current brings up, and inhabit the rich sea, about 350 kinds of 15,000 points.

It is in facility where it may be said if Japan's first which was devised so that display that reproduced ecosystem of Ashizuri realistically and nature and Malin activity of Gulf of Tatsukushi spreading in front link concept in all Tatsukushi areas being museums of big nature.


Forest ... of the source bringing up virgin forest - life of Ashizuri


Welcome it is ... prologue ... to Ashizuri, Tatsukushi


A variety of living thing ... which Gulf of Tatsukushi - coral brings up


Blessing ... which the sea of the sea - Ashizuri of Ashizuri brings us


A variety of creature ... which the open sea - Kuroshio Current carries


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Kochi Prefectural Ashizuri Kaiyokan Aquarium SATOUMI facility information

Business hours/9:00-17:00 (from September to March)
Closed days/no
Admission charges/adult: 1,200 yen, Children: 600 yen
Group rate (more than 20 people)/adult: 960 yen, Children: 480 yen
Annual passport/adult: 1,700 yen, Children: 850 yen
※Children (as for high school student - primary schoolchild, non-school children, free of charge)

Around SATOUMI restaurant information

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Contact information

〒787-0450 4032, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi
Fax: 0880-85-0650
HP: https://www.kaiyoukan.jp/