Cape Chihiro has Minokoshi Coast. The distance from Tatsukushi came to be able to pass in glass boat for difficult place even to this day from about 1955. It was old and seemed to be able to readily less see scenery of strangely shaped rocks this huge naturally beautiful 20 million years ago other than the fisherman who used Minokoshi Gulf to avoid wind in comparison with known Tatsukushi Coast as scenic spot.
When book person which thought that many people who come to here, and return only on seeing Tatsukushi Coast seem to have this ground left unseen only to size of the scale, Kawada small dragon [person who summarized drifting, studying abroad, voyage experience of John Mung in book, and had many influences on Ryoma Sakamoto] named this ground "view of kenzan", it is said to be.
We guide Kobo-daishi which came than Kawada small dragon 1,000 years ago here recently to have had this ground left unseen.

Minokoshi Coast The Castle of Honeycomb Mermaid palace tsuzumi rock Rock of love

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