Kubotsu whale watching


Kubotsu whale watching

 Do you not go to encounter whale and dolphin?


○Kubotsu whale watching

The departure time: 8:00, 13:00

The time required: About from three hours to four hours

Conduct day :Open 365 Days a year ※By the situation of the sea, it may be called off.

Experience charges :Adult 5,000 yen

       Children 3,500 yen

     4 years old - 1,000 yen

※As, for creature appreciation, we may not come across "whale" and "dolphin"

 Sorry, thank you for your understanding.


Kubotsu fish business cooperative
482-2, Kubotsu, Tosashimizu-shi
HP: http://jf-kubotsu.or.jp/index.php?id=34

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