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Port of Ashizuri

Port of Wednesday, January 25 Ashizuri (water temperature 18 degrees)

Weather fine weather, north wind 5 meters


・Oplegnathus punctatus


・Gres 32cm - 39cm2 tail, Oplegnathus punctatus one

 It was sannoji two.

 Water temperature does not fall very much, too, and bait is left though it seems to be good

 It was severe fishing.


Port of Ashizuri

At port of Wednesday, January 18 Ashizuri steam, and catch!

For water temperature drop, it is shibushibu

Stomach of Gres seems to be close in full laying eggs.


Mouth large "40.2cm"


Offing bora "60cm over"


・Catch (Gres 30-40.2cm, Thailand one, sannoji two

bora one, koppa three) photograph did not have, but were two Bali.

Port of Ashizuri

Fishing first to port of Ashizuri "caisson of hanare"

We took wife on Thursday, January 5.





Today's catch "four Gres, sannoji four, band three, koppa four"

We did in this.

Fishing of port of Ashizuri

Fishing information of port of Ashizuri

Thursday, December 8

It was fishing of approximately four hours of the morning, but pole turned well!



Three excellent model Gres!


Catch photograph

Cape Ashizuri (Isa) catch information Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi Gres parrot fish

"Cape Ashizuri (Isa) outskirts fishing (catch) information"

Tuesday, November 22
[sake bottle]
   Go wrong        18 pieces of 30-38cm

 Go wrong    25 pieces of 30-38cm


Monday, November 21
 Go wrong     19 pieces of 30-48cm

[black fly]
 Six pieces of parrot fish 40-55cm


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...


"Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information"

Sunday, November 13
[east nagahae]
   Go wrong        27 pieces of 30-35cm

[Tama charge account]
 Go wrong    Ten pieces of 30-35cm






 ... reporting: Takemoto fishing tools shop ...


Fishing of port of Ashizuri

※Port of Ashizuri Sunday, November 20

 It is ideal day for cloudy sky, cool fishing.


It is facing the quay tip south, and a large number of anglers give pole.

We can catch small thing of sumakatsuo with "sabiki change"

This side is with "Fukase fishing" hibudai scads.


We get to know in angler and discover! We caught "scad".


When that is good, and see; my favorite fishing ground "caisson of hanare"

It is discovered angler in this! We do not all catch!

Fishing of Tatsukushi

Fishing, water temperature of Tatsukushi are high, and catch seems to be not good enough

We seem to be able to expect from now on.



Cape Ashizuri (Isa) fishing information (catch) Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

[Cape Ashizuri (Isa)]

11/17 tengo     Go wrong        39 30-38 centimeters
11/17 waruganeishidai 40 centimeters            One of them
11/16 nagi chicken goes wrong       30-38 centimeters    15 of them
11/16 yokobaegure        30-38 centimeters    20 of them


[reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers]

Tatsukushi fishing information (catch information) Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

"Tatsukushi, we have left unseen neighboring (catch) information"

November 15

We did our best today while it rained in the morning.
It did not touch 40, but we said (^-^)/ taste which caught rare tsuchihozeri (friend of grouper) again very much and were pleased with Gres of 39 centimeters as it seemed to be fish.
(>_<) which seems to be desolate a little tomorrow


[reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers]

Port of Ashizuri (keison)

Wednesday, May 18

It is port of Ashizuri in fine one after a long absence

We went to (keison) for fishing.

Gres of excellent model is fired by start!

The tide stopped at noon, and bait did not fall, but past 1:00 p.m.

Begin to hit from this soon again, and go wrong to 40cm head; 16 of them, sannoji

We bent pole to Bali plenty.

Lose line by awful pull twice inside; "putsun" (laugh)

Something or other deca; is, and there is guy.



Color hahommani beautiful yana of Gres having just finished catching!


Today's catch, 30cm - 40cm (16)





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