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Cape Ashizuri fishing (catch) information Kochi

Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information


[yokobae] Wednesday, February 18

18 pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[tengo] Wednesday, February 18

13 pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[singer] Tuesday, February 17

15 pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[malted rice] Tuesday, February 17

Nine pieces of Gres 30-38cm


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Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information


[Matsuo area place beach] Sunday, February 15

Five pieces of Gres 36cm, etc.


Catch photograph



[Matsuo area place beach] Wednesday, February 11

Seven pieces of Gres 35cm, etc.


Catch photograph




[Nakadomari, Ehime nokobae] Wednesday, February 15

11 pieces of Gres 45-50cm 


Catch photograph



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Tatsukushi, Otsu fishing information Kochi

[Tatsukushi] Sunday, February 15

Cloudiness enters in spring early.
Water temperature is 14 degrees - 16 degrees and low ‼︎, too
(^-^)/ which we caught to have done it today in offing beach, nakaore, but not to consider

15 pieces, nakaore are called 15 pieces for 19 pieces, lump with rudder, and model that was catch include Japanese blue magpie and is to 30-40cm, but it is said and is feeling (^-^)/

Seem to be able to expect still more; shin ‼︎

Catch photograph



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[Otsu] Sunday, February 8

Gres of 38cm - 34cm can catch!


Catch photograph




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Tatsukushi fishing information Kochi

Tatsukushi fishing information 2015.2.4

Wave seems to appear from the afternoon, but is made of rudders today.
(^o^)/ which we do under the severe situation at water temperature 16 degrees as the tide is reverse-like with favorite, but want to expect as it is both tides fishing place
20150205095254.2.4 (400x300). jpg



We were able to catch today.
(^o^)/ which Japanese blue magpie was Maine today, and it was said, and pole turned at feeling and seemed to be able to enjoy of thing that 40 overcoats did not appear
The weekend is expectation dekisodesuyo ‼︎, too

Catch photograph



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Tatsukushi fishing information Kochi

Tatsukushi fishing information 2015.2.3

It was the good calm today.
We did it with okiana, rudder.
Is alone to 40 of them while is not the tide of favorite; 13 pieces and fishing ttemashitayo ‼︎
We seem to be able to expect in future (^o^)/

okiana photograph




Catch photograph



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Fishing information Kochi of Tatsukushi

February 1 (Tatsukushi offing beach)

(^o^)/ which we can do in the calm, rudder, okiana which are after a long absence today, and are good, offing beach of popular point called Sankaku
Water temperature lowers with 16-17 degrees and we influence how or do not know as it is not stable, but we think that this has you show pleasure in cold Gres season, everyday arm enough and can catch Gres and do.





Water temperature 16-17 degrees, sea expression were the situation that was not so good, too, but Japanese blue magpie joined, and two columns of catches, Sankaku, lump, okiana went wrong and caught with rudder.
We seemed to be cut plenty in okiana, we seem to be able to expect still more in February, (^o^)/ which waits for coming of all of you

Part of today's catch photograph

20150202104449.2.1 (300x400). jpg


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Tatsukushi, Kochi fishing information

Tatsukushi fishing information Tuesday, January 20

We seemed to be able to do it by the best fishing weather without wave warmly in rudder, Sankaku, offing beach such as okiana on that day.

Two columns of one that we caught was catches!



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Have left unseen; Tatsukushi, Cape Ashizuri fishing information

1/13 water temperature 17.5 degrees ‼︎
It was the good calm today.
(^o^)/ which did it in offing beach, but Japanese blue magpie of 28-30 sen grade was fish bites on and on state today, and ryokata did not seem to readily appear, but was that it was said and could expect for feeling, and to go
Can expect in this season with the offing, hill beach; sodesuyo ‼︎
It is forecast that it starts raining, but, as for such time, the elephant's trunk outskirts seem to become interesting shin f^_^;)

1/12 water temperature was 18 degrees; serve; (^o^)/
There were many bait-stealing fish, too, but pole seemed to turn at both offing beach and hill beach constantly.
(^o^)/ which we seem to be able to expect still more when water temperature is stable



Isa 1/14

・One malted rice parrot bass 52cm

Isa 1/12

・28 black fly Gres 30-40cm

・18 migabaegure 30-39cm

・16 sea bass Gres 30-36cm

・21 wide baegure 30-45cm

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We have left unseen and are in front of mermaid palace

Some wind were strong, but were able to do offing beach somehow today from noon, too.
(^o^)/ which offing beach, hill beach went wrong and were able to catch
We were able to take into ryokata Gres of 42 centimeters with mermaid. It was 30-35cm, but included Japanese blue magpie and was able to catch in offing beach.
In addition, (^o^)/ which water temperature is high for the 18 degrees level and this time, and all beaches seem to be able to expect

・Mermaid palace



・Place of Matsuo area beach (Tosashimizu City residence north Mine) information: Takemoto fishing tools shop


Offing beach of Tatsukushi

Catch father on the other day changed, and there seemed to be much chip of wood Gres on 4th whether water temperature rose with 19 degrees once again, and water temperature was influence that was not stable. If water temperature is stable, include and can expect, but it is in beach suitable for shimoribae, experts who do not appear when beach is very low in ‼︎ here, and the tide does not, so to speak, pull offing beach's leading point, photograph of okiana which ryokata of Japanese blue magpie of 40 over can aim at in that today, but Japanese blue magpie is one of the beaches wanting you to challenge by all means if condition meets.





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Fishing information of Tatsukushi

On 3rd, it is offing beach catch information of Tatsukushi for four days.

Japanese blue magpie is mixed, too, and catch is passable, too.
If water temperature is settled down, we seem to be able to expect still more.


Part of 3rd catch photograph


Part of 4th catch photograph



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