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Fishing information of Tsuro

Everybody good morning.

We went for fishing with Tanioka of Tsuro.

Flat calm ...! Is over; ...!

As there is not passage of opportunity at all, great hard fight "is bait omission"!


"Port of Tsuro" to look at from long fly of Ebisu


The neighborhood of fly which the points float in large Funato direction, and is depressed, and does


At last the first of them which came


Hit today's catch "Gres two of them, koppa six"; girare five



Tanioka who takes in the offing, and catches.

Fishing information of Tatsukushi

(>_<) which there is wind of the weekend of last week, and there was not offing beach, but seems to be severe under the influence of cold wave this weekend

But we have left unseen and can catch outskirts, protective goddess at this time, too (^-^)/
(^-^)/ which it is several not to be produced, or there seems to be, and wife of chief zen-priest seems to be able to expect by hit like Gres

Catch of mermaid



Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

Fishing information of Tatsukushi

(>_<) which is the situation that big wind blows when it is the weekend and cannot go to the offing
In big wind, we had wife of chief zen-priest, the mermaid outskirts yesterday. ‼︎ which face of Gres was able to look at somehow
As for some today, remainder offing beach is abandonment ‼︎ wind
(^-^)/ which is open in the wife of chief zen-priest east of the wind back

State of wife of chief zen-priest.



Reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

Fishing of Tatsukushi

f^_^; which what we readily catch becomes difficult when special water temperature becomes 18 degrees at this time, and it is to 20 degrees without being stable, but thinks that there is the powerful charm of fishing

By the way, it was after a long absence, and it was fine and did it with offing beach rudder on Tuesday on 9th. Opportunity went by with favorite adversely, and in addition the tide seemed to readily have a hard fight like the two leaves tide early, but going wrong killed tight. When water temperature is stable, we seem to be able to expect number, model together.

Do it in mermaid, Aiba today, catch is (^-^)/ as expected
temashitayo ‼︎ where rainbow beautiful today is


State of offing beach "rudder."



Reporting: Tatsukushi Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

Fishing of Tatsukushi

Tatsukushi fishing information

Northwest wind strongly goes ashore in fly of the offing for these past several days

We cannot do it, but can aim at Gres of excellent model if we calm down.



Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers (achu)


We go wrong and catch

We went for "Gres fishing" after a long absence.

Have friend put on "hattan" of Tsuro

It was hit, thing which had a small yellow jack with 2 throw eyes.

Then fish bites on and on "band chub black sannoji"

Of favorite which is any religion other than Buddhism on parade, only in koppa, going wrong is ...

Then ... which Gres was tempted by as for both it and two to wife whom we took into with width


From 8tans, it is the Kubotsu area


The straight front


Ten catch Gres two yellow jack small

sannoji two chub black one koppa five

In addition, "we see, going wrong is one of wife" all kinds of matters 

22 degrees is still existence runodekorekarayane water temperature, too!

Everybody looks forward to information, too.



We go wrong and catch

Everybody today is Sunday, November 16

It is ideal day for very good fishing.

It was cold significantly in the evening in the morning recently

We went wrong, and it was good season for fishing.

・Beach of Isa

・senchibae 30 - 35cm42 tail

・Sake bottle 30 - 40cm35 tail

・warugane 30-38cm2 tail

・Long fly 30 - 37cm18 tail

There is hit in other flies, too.


Beach of Matsuo area

Led by Gres per spots there is.


Beach of Tatsukushi

We go wrong, and there is hit in the center if we can go over to offing beach.


Port of Ashizuri

Basket fishing horse mackerel fish bites on and on.

There is sometimes egiaori in hit.


We can expect to catch in future.

Port of Ashizuri

Oh, do, and is pickpocket Port, from the other day

We can catch barracuda horse mackerel scads.


・It is full of a large number of anglers.


・It is such a size.


・Horse mackerel and muro are sabiki fishing

Barracuda feeds on "blue sprat".


Attention: Let's take garbage home with us.


Port of Ashizuri

Everybody hello.

We feel signs of autumn coolly in the evening in the morning


At port of Ashizuri, it is slightly later than average year

At last barracuda catch and is a large number of anglers at the start

It does well.


Fishing of Tatsukushi

There are many hits of fish in the bottom of the sea this year on July 27.

We expect after this!



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