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The "cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn" first day

Hello! It is Inotani of Tourism association.

For three days of from 20 to 22 on September, "cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn" was held in Ashizuri Sea Station.

You were blessed with weather with three days and came toward the lot!

We introduce some states!


In 9/20 for the first day, luxurious passenger liner Nipponmaru called at a port of port of Ashizuri, too (^^)


This Cruise titled "from Mori no miyako, trip over original scenery of Japan,"

We had it was departing from and arriving at Sendai, and port of this Ashizuri call at a port.



(^^) where it was gone ashore as for passengers, and sightseeing of Tosashimizu City and Shimanto City was enjoyed until the departure from a port of 17:00 by bus

Stage event of 9/20 was various dances.

At first it is local idol, SSD38(^^) of Tosashimizu


Follow, and "ruana and delightful friends" of hula




And it is suridodansukurabu






(^O^)/ where we introduce people from branch of stand village to partly successively

"University" of takoyaki using Souda Bushi




Is familiar in "Souda Bushi which soup stock is over well", grilled Chotaro shellfish of welcome John-Mung Company,

Long sausage, chicken nugget (^^)




"Bakery Pomie" familiar in Tosashimizu City sabao "sabaaga" which we used




With Souda Bushi product including "sect field shavings of dried bonito" of "committee wanting you to know Souda Bushi more,"



Miso soup of Souda Bushi was served free!



"Hamaguchi marine products shop" of jakoya dried fish




In addition, to Nipponmaru call at a port, demonstration of Katsuo no Tataki by Secretary General Tourism association, Doi was performed, too.




It looks like we perform serving of Katsuo no Tataki for approximately 300 people together.





Team good point dark dance by "we are what" that has thicker good point of Tosashimizu than about 16:00 before the Nipponmaru departure from a port.




We do sect field, and - you regret parting with everybody, too.




We finally depart. We were seen off for powerful sound of Ashizuri drum and encouragement from the land and departed for Sendai.





(^O^)/ where we tell about the "cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn" second day, state on the third day on the next time 

Toruma Sunset

It is entering of the equinoctial week today (9/20).
Morning and evening cool down, and feel really autumn arrival; nowadays.


Season of "Toruma Sunset" did it this year!



Mysterious phenomenon to be seen twice a year for approximately four days before and after the Vernal Equinox Day and the Autumnal Equinox Day.

"odo dragonfly park" where prefectural road Route 27 before going to Cape Ashizuri is along.

Phenomenon that light on day comes in to erosion cave opening and goes through right before the setting sun sets from here

We can see "Toruma Sunset".

When, on day when it was fine soon for Shunbun and four days before and after the Autumnal Equinox Day, cloud hangs over the horizon,

We cannot see beautiful Toruma Sunset.



Today is shin (^^) in being good weather on "from perfect Toruma Sunset day"
Do you not become eyewitness of "two-365ths miracle" Toruma Sunset, too? ? (*^_^*)

[cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn]

It became climate that it was easy to spend coolly in the evening in the morning.

Do you finally decided Silver Week, everybody plan next week?

In Ashizuri Sea Station, we hold "cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn" for three days on Tuesday on Sunday, September 20, 21 Monday, 22nd!

We have - camp ground start, stage event at 9:00 a.m. each for three days, too.
- luxurious passenger liner "Nipponmaru" enters port at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday on 20th.

Only on 21st Satsuma-jiru of 11:00 - Otsuki Town tradition local cuisine, soaked in Tosashimizu City sabano bowl by Tosashimizu City fishermen's cooperative association woman region,
It is limited to 100 meals each! There are - John ten thousand true-false quiz, luxurious prize at 12:00, too!

There is two rice comedy onstage on 22nd (^^)

In addition, we raise one opening a store in flea market for three days! It is OK only in one day!
(^O^)/ where one opening a store, please contact Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association (0880-82-3155)




[news of Cape Ashizuri traffic regulation]

With Silver Week, Nakamura police station Tosashimizu City police Government building holds traffic regulation of Cape Ashizuri leader during the following period. I would like your cooperation.


Regulation period: H27 age from Saturday, September 19 to Tuesday, September 22

Time: From 8:00 to 17:30

Regulation section: ... Cape Ashizuri tip parking lot (in front of Kongofukuji Temple) in front of the Cape Ashizuri police box



During regulation period, we operate extra bus from municipal parking lot to Kongofukuji Temple.

Extra bus fare: One-way Junior high school students and over 100 yen, primary schoolchild 50 yen

Motor carrier  :Kochi Seinan Traffic (going to travel by two buses every five minutes)


I would like your understanding, cooperation.


[Silver Week city restaurant, tourist facility going to do business]

We will tell about the business situation of restaurant, tourist facility in Tosashimizu City of Silver Week (9/19 - 9/23).

(it is not all restaurants in Tosashimizu City to introduce. In addition, please refer to each facility on the use as there are sudden changes;).






Sightseeing in Ashizuri, Tatsukushi product exhibition in Osaka senchu pal


September began. Heat of the lingering summer heat is completely disappeared, and, in Tosashimizu City, cool day to hark back to autumn from the end of last month continues.

We hold "sightseeing in Ashizuri, Tatsukushi product exhibition in Osaka senchu pal" which became annual this year!



The date and time: H27 age Saturday, September 5, 6th Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

Location: Toyonaka-shi, Osaka the south square of Senchuparu


Mackerel look sushi, saba bojushi, Grilled Mackerel-shaped Sushi, Souda Bushi, princess bonito, dried fish such as barracuda squid mejika, hairtail, blue sprat dried with mirin, Souda Bushi that soup stock well appears, potato rice cake, sweet potato chips‥‥

We have a lot of special products of Tosashimizu City and sell.




Oldness and limited express service "Ashizuri, Tatsukushi state hole Kuroshio Current service of Tosashimizu City come up this year, too"! In addition, you can participate in lottery without blank almost empty every 1,000 yen shopping once in the tent! Luxurious premiums are varied (^^)

Come to play to Osaka senchu pal by all means on these Saturday and Sunday (^^♪


Is John-mung Museum; "make strap; actually"

Of now being held very popular in John-mung Museum "mini! KAIYODO hobby building came over"
(^^) which will perform "experience made with strap" from (8/13) tomorrow

You draw picture on clear plastic board for work, and bake with clipping, toaster
Make, though it is easy, is fun! (^^) which is experience

As painting is prepared for beforehand, we put plastic board and are pen from the top

You trace, and please paint with color you like.



To plastic which baked plastic board which we clipped out with toaster, and shrank more tightly than original size 1-2 minutes later,
We attach metal fittings and are completion of strap! (^^)

Experience made with strap during period to 8/13 - 8/31 ① 10:00 a.m. ~,
②Twice a day of ..., experience charges are 100 yen at 1:30 p.m.
You can experience toward child, adult of admission in John-mung Museum.

In addition, a lot of gachapon of KAIYODO installs in entrance, too.

Please come to play to John-mung Museum in summer vacation! (*^_^*)

The Bon Festival season period restaurant, store, tourist facility business situation


It is restaurant, store, the tourist facility business situation of the Bon Festival season period (8/10 - 8/16).
On outing, please use; (^^)



News of Cape Ashizuri outskirts traffic regulation

Because congestion of the Bon Festival season period is expected, around Cape Ashizuri, it is the following schedule

We hold traffic regulation and operate shuttle bus.

Route: In front of municipal parking lot - Ashizuri Kongofukuji Temple (one-way 100 yen)

Period From Friday, August 14 to Sunday, August 16

Time: From 8:00 to 17:30 (going to travel every approximately five minutes)

I would like your cooperation.


"(mini!) in John-mung Museum which KAIYODO hobby building Shimanto Area did


In John-mung Museum until from Saturday, August 8 to Monday, August 31 "(mini!) KAIYODO hobby building Shimanto Area came over"

We hold plan exhibition that titled this.



In the world of "KAIYODO hobby building Shimanto Area" in 40,010, it is a part, but is John-mung Museum, but

We can have you sense bodily.

Commencing with character figure skating that contents can be pleased with child animal and fish, figure skating of insect,

We are comprised of good old series that you can enjoy toward adult.

(^^) which photograph introduces partly











As for the customer of admission, you can see plan display to John-mung Museum free.

In addition, setting of KAIYODO gachapon, experience-based corner (pay) are planned from now on, too.


In this summer vacation, John-mung Museum, learn about John Mung, of KAIYODO hobby building

Please enjoy many figure skating; (*^_^*)

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