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"(mini!) in John-mung Museum which KAIYODO hobby building Shimanto Area did


In John-mung Museum until from Saturday, August 8 to Monday, August 31 "(mini!) KAIYODO hobby building Shimanto Area came over"

We hold plan exhibition that titled this.



In the world of "KAIYODO hobby building Shimanto Area" in 40,010, it is a part, but is John-mung Museum, but

We can have you sense bodily.

Commencing with character figure skating that contents can be pleased with child animal and fish, figure skating of insect,

We are comprised of good old series that you can enjoy toward adult.

(^^) which photograph introduces partly











As for the customer of admission, you can see plan display to John-mung Museum free.

In addition, setting of KAIYODO gachapon, experience-based corner (pay) are planned from now on, too.


In this summer vacation, John-mung Museum, learn about John Mung, of KAIYODO hobby building

Please enjoy many figure skating; (*^_^*)

About John-mung Museum accompanied with typhoon 11 approach, business of captain Whitfield tea room

Typhoon 11 comes close in West Japan and canceled business yesterday (7/16) from the afternoon, but "John-mung Museum, captain Whitfield tea room" are open as usual today together because typhoon passed.

About business of each tourist facility accompanied with typhoon 11 approach

Typhoon 11 comes close in West Japan and it reaches its closest point to Kochi today (7/16) at night and might go ashore.

With this, closed tourist facilities are as follows today.

◎Two glass boats (Tatsukushi Marine Sightseeing(Glass-bottomed Boat), Tatsukushi Sightseeing Stemboat(Glass-bottomed Boat))

◎Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower
◎Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace (we are closed on 17th and are decided)

In addition, Ashizuri Aquarium is opened in the morning, but closing is decided from the afternoon.

As for the John-mung Museum, captain Whitfield tea room is open now (9:30 a.m.) together, but tells again if there is change by future judgment.

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With approach of typhoon 11, it was decided to cancel business to John-mung Museum, captain Whitfield tea rooms from 12:00. We tell about the tomorrow's business again.


Thank you for your understanding.

It is Mizushima neighborhood that we photographed from Matsuzaki Beach this morning.

Please spend everybody measures in future typhoon information for all possible measures carefully!

7/19 "is with patrol boat"; news of experience-based voyage, general release cancellation

We told by contribution on June 27, but are plan on Sunday, July 19

Of the Coast Guard which was going to be held at reteita, port of Ashizuri "patrol

It is with ship, and experience-based voyage, general release thinks about influence by approach of typhoon 11,

It was called off.

It becomes cancellation decision just before holding and causes embarkation applicants great trouble

masuga, thank you for your understanding.

In addition, inquiry about this matter,

To Tosashimizu sea preservation station (0880-82-0464), please.

The Coast Guard "is with patrol boat" and recruits experience-based voyage participants

In Tosashimizu sea preservation station, it depends on "it is patrol boat" as commemorative event on "Marine Day",

We carry out experience-based voyage of Cape Ashizuri roundtrip.


It is with patrol boat (position: 1,360 tons of Kochi Regional Coast Guard Headquarters aggregate tonnage, full length 91, 4m)




[the date and time] Sunday, July 19, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to the midday (approximately two hours)

   (embarkation reception desk from 8:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. on that day)

[place] Port of Ashizuri quay

[the offer number of people] Around 300 people

[application method] Application with telephone to Tosashimizu sea preservation station or return card.

 ※In the case of application with return card, please mail to following application after filling out the next matter.

 ≪Of back side >> embarkation allcomers of letter sent to get a reply

       ①Address, ② full name, ③ sex, ④ age (as of July 19) ⑤ phone number

 ≪Zip code, address, full name of surface >> representative of house call

[deadline for application] Receptionist with return card must arrive by Friday, July 10

     ※We finish closing acceptance as soon as we reach first-come-first-served basis, capacity


※When the number of the people of embarkation can afford, on the day we issue embarkation ticket by local receptionist during until from 8:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.

※As for the under primary school children, I would like protector companion.

※By bad weather and urgent case correspondence, we may change experience-based voyage to cancellation or general release in a hurry

Approve node beforehand.

[application, reference]

〒787-0303 18-46, Asahimachi, Tosashimizu-shi 

Tosashimizu sea preservation station TEL0880-82-0464




Please actually go on a voyage at this opportunity (*^^)v

Tosashimizu City oldness and trip ticket "gold rush coupon"

Oldness and trip ticket "gold rush coupon of Tosashimizu City," it is released 7/1!



You can purchase very advantageous trip ticket of face value 10,000 yen (accommodation coupon 6,000 yen, gift certificate 4,000 yen) for 5,000 yen!


[release] H27 seven a year one day a month

[period of use] Until H27 age from August 1 to January 31

[use place] 64 registration including registration accommodation 30 facility in Tosashimizu City and restaurant, souvenir, tourist facility


Also, sale accepts exclusive page by telephone, FAX of our association from July 1.


Gold rush coupon special page


Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association

Telephone /0880-82-3155 FAX/0880-82-3156

hata trip sightseeing product exhibition in Osaka Kaiyukan

Everybody hello!

Trees are deep-blue, too and are comfortable season!

"hata trip sightseeing product exhibition" is held at the beginning of next month in Osaka Kaiyukan.


It is oOo: *. It is oOo: *. It is oOo: *. It is oOo: *. It is oOo: *. It is oOo:

<< of the 25th anniversary of the opening of business >> "the sea of hometown Kochi of Whale Shark, play"

"hata trip sightseeing product exhibition in Osaka Kaiyukan"

The date and time: H27 age Friday, June 5, 6th Saturday, three days on 7th Sunday

   Until 10:00 a.m. start, 5:00 p.m. ※7th on the last day until 2:00 p.m.

Location: Osaka Kaiyukan event open space

It is oOo: *. It is oOo: *. It is oOo: *. It is oOo: *. It is oOo: *. It is oOo:



Hata, Kochi area 5 municipalities (Tosashimizu City, Shimanto City, Sukumo City, Otsuki Town, Kuroshio Town) gather! We publicize with each special product sale.

Please come to play to Osaka Kaiyukan at everybody living in Kansai, by all means this opportunity! (^O^)/

We introduce sale product of 5 municipalities↓


★Tosashimizu City★

☆mejika half-dried bonito gas flushing (there is sampling)

☆You swing Souda Bushi (you sharpen Atsushi) (you lightly sharpen), Souda Bushi of takemasa store, and write

☆"Souda Bushi which soup stock is over well" of welcome John-Mung Company



☆Is sect field of Tosashimizu spirit project; and dressing (carrot, konatsu(citrus fruit))



Similarly is one of Tosashimizu spirit project; and seaweed drink,



Spirit project nosaba curry, fish meal (photograph is image.)

20150525115659.jpg 20150525115700.jpg


Others, mackerel T-shirt.


★Otsuki Town★

☆Blue sprat (dried-salted fish, foods dried with mirin)

☆Blue sprat kempi ☆Millet sesame ☆Snack be wet 

☆Pickles (tomato, vegetables) ☆Van perception jelly ☆Dried fish set


★Sukumo City★

☆Direct seven ponzu vinegar ☆Direct seven dressing ☆Direct seven jam

☆Coral ☆Coral strap experience


★Shimanto City★

☆Citron vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar ☆Citron salt sause


★Kuroshio Town★



★Hata Wide Area Sightseeing Conference★

☆Shell art experience




It was held "GW John Mung Seaside Genki Festival"!


Until from 3 to 5 on May, "GW John Mung Seaside Genki Festival" was held in Ashizuri Sea Station this year. (*^_^*) which it was cloudy weather for 3rd, four days though it was precious GW, but, fortunately, was endowed with large amount of fine weather which it did not rain, and was refreshing in Children's Day on 5th 


Ashizuri Sea Station let go through for three days and was full of many tourists, customers of family (^^ ♪ carp streamer swims comfortably, too♪




This is state of sea kayaking experience. Kayak was enjoyed relaxedly in Ashizuri port.



State of fishing experience in Thailand. We catch sea bream in fish preserve (one 1,000 yen).20150506111024.JPG







We were able to catch sea bream! (*^_^*)








This is quay fishing experience. For 1,000 yen, pole and tool include rental, bait charges, too. We can enjoy fishing as much as desired ♪ We were able to sometimes catch sabago, horse mackerel mainly, too (*^_^*)





Many children participated to throw cake for child performed on 3rd and 4th and swelled!




4th and many delicious things formed a line in noted product tent stand village on 3rd (*^_^*), and a part introduces from that. This is Hosokawa stock raising.





Branch on 3rd, Okamoto fisheries.




4th, isoarashisan. Specialty of Tosashimizu, Class B gourmet "Perak ware."




It is hamburger of Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) which sandwiched "sabaaga" of Bakery Pomie Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) which we lifted up (^^) between bans!




4th, miyamurasan.




We appreciate your moving to many all of you in "GW John Mung Seaside Genki Festival" this year! It will be (^O^)/ thank you in advance again next year

[GW John Mung Seaside Genki Festival]

GW of this year holds John Mung Seaside Genki Festival, too!

Period Until Sunday, May 3, 4th Monday, 5th Tuesday from 9:00 to 16:00

Location: John-mung Museum (Ashizuri Sea Station)

Contents: We add to fishing experience performing in Thailand, sea kayaking experience, quay fishing experience and perform "sightseeing fixed shore net experience" and "itinerant trade experience" this year every year! (as for sightseeing fixed shore net experience and the itinerant trade experience only as for three or four days). In addition, noted product camp ground opens a store, too! Sect field busshi you come, too! For more details, please see flyer↓

It is (5/4) news. From influence that wave was high in, planned "itinerant trade experience" "sightseeing fixed shore net experience" was called off with part of the afternoon in the morning. Thank you for your understanding.




GW, please come to Tosashimizu to play (^O^)/

[business information of GW restaurant, tourist facility]

We introduce business information of main restaurant, tourist facility in Tosashimizu City during GW period. Please do for reference (^^♪







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