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[H27 age Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference & Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival]

With coming of spring, we hold "H27 age Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference" in the following schedule

We do.

The date and time: From H27 morning of Sunday, March 8 a year 10:30 (reception desk 10:00 ...)

Location: Tatsukushi, Tosashimizu-shi "Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi parking lot"

   At the time of rainy weather "Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi the second floor hall"

Contents: Opening ceremony (Ashizuri drum)

   Sightseeing difference (we throw ceremony, rice cake)


In addition, we hold sponsorship "Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival" of sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting at the same time. Detail of event such as tent sale, folk art, cake arm throw↓

Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival




-State - - - - - - - - - - of sightseeing difference & Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks festival of -------year before last



Opening a barrel by guests



Dance that has thick good point by "atagomachi aikumi*enichiza"



State of venue


Come to play by all means with your friends (^^♪

[about John-mung Museum business of today (2/17)]

(2/17), John-mung Museum and captain Whitfield tea room do business at 2:00 p.m., and they are finished for electric check in all facilities today. The last admission of museum should be 1:20.


Nuisance has a seat, but thank you for your understanding.



Kashima Shrine Festival

On Sunday, February 15, Kashima Shrine Festival is held this weekend.

Kashima Shrine Festival is festival to be held on third Sunday of February and October every year. (^^) which can feel state that state that fishing boat with miniature shrine parades over the sea is powerful, and disposition of men of the sea of old Ryoshimachi Tosashimizu is inherited in the present age

We introduce schedule on the day.

Ceremony starts in - Kashima Shrine at 9:00

    (we move God to miniature shrine and withdraw to torii. We go to ship to Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace carrying God. It is the city from Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace

     Patrol start)

10:00 - city (Asahicho, Motomachi, Tenjin-cho) patrol.

    We say "otabi" and seem to rest miniature shrine on the way in four places.

    (park of public hall central Shikoku Electric Power ago, restaurant Hiro, Motomachi)

    We finally go to market.

Fishing boat cruise starts - miniature shrine on ship at 15:00.

    (Kashima inside of the gulf, about from 40 minutes to one hour)

The 16:30 end



 State of dance of medium.



 Colorful big catch flag flutters in wind.



 It is before the fishing boat departure from a port.



 Under cruise in Gulf of Kashima.


Would it like to be gone out to see festival of popular big festival, Kashima Shrine of Tosashimizu by all means on this weekend (^^?♪

※In addition, image is thing at the time of festival of last October.


[the tenth Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri]

"The tenth Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri"




[on the date] H27 age Friday, February 13, 14th Saturday, 15th Sunday


Cape Ashizuri of the middle of February when camellia reaches in full bloom. It is walking event to take a walk through tourist attractions that Cape Ashizuri is dotted with on foot for two days.

In addition, walk Tatsukushi and Minokoshi Coast while looking at strangely shaped rocks on 13th; there is "walk with much effort, too".

Course summary, application, please identify this↓↓



※In addition, it is Friday, January 30 in deadline for application.



(^O^)/ which Tosashimizu City, participation of all of neighborhood municipalities look forward to at the tourists beginning




[cape hospitality event that the 41st Ashizuri camellia Festival camellia blooms]

We held cape hospitality event that camellia bloomed in total for Ashizuri camellia Festival held in The Statue of John Mung Maezono place on Sunday, February 8 in H27 year.


Ceremony starts from greetings of Chairperson Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association, Yamamoto.



Was hit in [cry "one character of dream" of Ashizuri] of this year; "run"; no character. To Sachiko Sawamura applied for, we are commended by Chairperson Ashizuri hot spring meeting, Tamura.



Successively by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club "run" and is written no letter.




Thank you for your calligraphy that was powerful, everybody, of Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club.




Free distribution of young plant of camellia by Tosashimizu City sightseeing campaign lady. It was to the first 100 people, but was able to distribute all before the event end.




As for the behavior of minced fish soup, soup which soup stock of Souda Bushi worked for was prosperous very much.



In addition, in garden, there were Tosashimizu City high school student, service of outdoor tea ceremony by Ashizuri elementary school child, and tea and behavior of cake were performed.




We have effect of typhoon of last year and bud of camellia is little situation generally this year and we should invite in full bloom, but seem to be originally late for this time a little. But we seem to be able to enjoy flower still more from now on until about the middle of March ♪ Please go Tsubaki of Cape Ashizuri for admiration (^^♪



The 41st Ashizuri camellia Festival, camellia sightseeing in service to bloom


Thicket Tsubaki of Cape Ashizuri puts in full bloom together at time to reach and holds Ashizuri camellia festival this year!


[the 41st Ashizuri camellia Festival]

Period: H27 age from 1 to 28 on February

In addition, by the following contents, we hold hospitality event.


"Camellia sightseeing in service to bloom"

The holding date and time: H27 age Sunday, February 8 10:00~16:00

Held Location: Cape Ashizuri leader (The Statue of John Mung Maezono place)


○Young plant for free distribution (the first 100 people) of camellia

○Tree planting (approximately 390) of camellia

○The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri Tour by sightseeing in Tosashimizu volunteer society

 (three times a day 11:00 ..., 12:00 ..., 13:00 - experience charges for free)

○Cape Ashizuri sea sight-seeing (at 13:00 at three flights 11:00 a day at 14:00, adult 1,000 yen, 500 yen for children)

○Behavior (12:00 - 200 meals) of minced fish soup

○Outdoor tea ceremony (tea, cake) (11:00 - first arrival 100 people)

○Cry "one character of dream" highest award announcement, display of Ashizuri

 (after calligraphy by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club, we display in John-Mung bronze statue Maezono place)




Camellia Festival of last year, state of outdoor tea ceremony. Letter of "wish" to be able to see behind is last year

It is the one character highest award of dream of this.




State of minced fish soup behavior.




By Ashizuri sea sight-seeing, sceneries such as Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse are seen from the sea!


Seem to be able to carry foot to many all of you by all means, all the staff

(^O^)/ which we look forward to

Cry "one character of dream" announcement of the sixth Ashizuri

Cry "one character of dream" of the sixth Ashizuri which Ashizuri Onsenkyo assembly raised from the end of last year. (^O^)/ which we tell about as most championship was announced yesterday (1/26)




One character of dream of this year, most championship,

It depends on Sachiko Sawamura of Sakawa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi

"We ran" and decided ni!

Congratulations! (^O^)/ ☆. : *・゜ ☆. : *・゜ ☆. : *・゜


Sawamura is reason comment applied for in this character as follows.

"We pray to greatly run in 2015 (habata), and to be ku year. In addition, we run, and there is letter called noetono sheep in toiu character this year and thinks that it is good letter. We greatly run from the southernmost tip of "Shikoku (habata) and come, and let's do Japan well! "" Ashizuri Onsenkyo runs between people kemawari, to do well more and more ""


It is displayed (to 2/28) in The Statue of John Mung Maezono place under camellia festival period after it was written by hospitality event of Ashizuri camellia Festival that "we run", and no letter is held on Sunday, February 8 chosen as the highest award by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club.



※Photograph is character of "sho" chosen in H25 year of the year before last. It is displayed in this way!


Other than the highest award, five people are chosen as award for excellence.

(we get announcement of award for excellence with shipment of product.)


Ashizuri hot spring meeting


Kochi FD spring training in Tosashimizu

For five days to 2/3 - 2/7, "oranku baseball team" Kochi fighting dogs perform spring training today in Tosashimizu City multi-purpose park multi-purpose open space. Welcome ceremony was held in the morning.



In front of all of meetings supporting FD at the Tosashimizu City deputy mayor beginning, it is greeting by Manager Hirota. Food, drinks product such as lunch during period and Ashizuri Kuroshio Current rice, Aquarius was sent at the Mayor of Tosashimizu beginning by each group.




The bouquet presentation by Tosashimizu City sightseeing campaign lady. Manager Hirota, the right are captain Nakamura the photograph left.


We will tell about future schedule.

From 16:30 on Friday, February 6 in plaza pal autograph session & interchange event,

Until from 13:00 to 14:30 on Saturday, February 7, we perform friendly game with Tosashimizu Hospital team in multi-purpose open space.

(^O^)/ where I would like all of you support by all means


[sightseeing in Tosa, Nankoku biraki 2015 party]

Sightseeing in Tosa, Nankoku biraki party that told the beginning of tourist season of 2015 in the crown palace new Hankyu Kochi of Kochi City on Sunday, February 1 was opened.



It was attended many people by person concerned of Kochi with sightseeing industry, each municipality, group. At the Miss Kochi beginning, sightseeing campaign ladies of each municipality gathered, too. (*^_^*) where two people of bright red uniform of the left edge are Tosashimizu City sightseeing campaign ladies




State of the cutting of the New Year's rice cake. The fourth is Governor tail Saki of Kochi from the right.




The bouquet presentation (Tosashimizu City sightseeing campaign lady, Okada) to Kochi fighting dogs.




Stage by "Kochi house, whole eastern part Expo" support corps to begin in this April, jaababonzu♪♪




(*^^)v where Tosa hospitality King Tsutomu selected pose as




At corner of meal PR booth of each municipality, we served sashimi of Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel), Tataki(seared bonito) of Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) from Tosashimizu City this year. Finish selling in no time! After all (*^_^*) which was quite popular Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel)



The twelfth Tosa has; fist all-Japan championship Sukumo place

[H27 age Sunday, January 25]

Was held at Akisawa Hotel of Sukumo City, "the twelfth Tosa did, and participated in fist all-Japan championship Sukumo place" as Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association team "John-Mung spirit"! 




We do this, and two people face each other and sit down and push out in front of red chopsticks which we had by three in, and fist is competition to expose the total number of chopsticks which partner and oneself provided to. It is performed as entertainment of banquet.

※They do this, and the details about fist take homepage of Sukumo City Tourism Association↓




At first, by game with group, "John-Mung spirit" team suffers a crushing defeat and is better

We introduce state of personal war from ta (>_<) here.


 Staff of association Inotani (the left) → Won after held out in the first match, but in the second match

^_^; where we have been defeated completely by



 Staff of association Hama place (the left) → It was straight defeat in the first match.



 Director Doi (the left) → We win in the first match! The second match from Umaji-mura of three strong teams

We went to man and play, good place, but were defeated regrettably finally.








Teams which Tosa has from Aki-shi, Kochi, each place including Umajimura, and love fist gather,

(*^_^*) where venue overflowed in heat



Play not only to provide, but also partner only provides chopsticks several, or to suppose from expressions of partner, and to bet game on…Tosa has, and fist is very profound! Fun (*^_^*) which plays, and is competition which there is not usually opportunity to receive very much, but wants to tell until coming ages



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