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[the first "Souda Bushi Festival" holding! ]

H30 age Saturday, April 14

In old Tosashimizu City junior high school ruins

"Souda Bushi Festival" was held.


  This "Souda Bushi Festival" merges with Souda Bushi production center bid party having been held after an interval of five years; and Souda Bushi

Let's publicize to general person more! It was planned the cause of purpose called this.


Souda Bushi bid society is held in old Tosashimizu City junior high school gymnasium than 9:30 a.m.

It was opened to the public only after making the bid society 50th.



Souda Bushi knocked down by Toiya who gathered from the whole country was encased on the spot and was sent out.






In addition, in gymnasium sale of Souda Bushi product of Souda Bushi manufacturer in Tosashimizu City,



Souda Bushi photo exhibition that was attracted by general open call for participants



It depends on children of five elementary schools in Tosashimizu City and children of Tosashimizu City kindergarten,

Souda Bushi art exhibition was held.




From 10:00 the start of "Souda Bushi Festival" opening ceremony.

We start by calligraphy performance by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club.






In addition, it was had Souda Bushi brand mark of Hamasaki production designer who was resident in Tosashimizu City finally of ceremony hatsu*tsuyu!



In this "S," meaning of three "S" of "Souda Bushi" "Tosashimizu City clause" "S grade" seems to be put!


We seem to make an outstanding performance for PR of future Souda Bushi!


"Knob by all of knob preservation society as for the event without rose without rose"




And "it is two haori sect fields Udon competitive eating"

At first it is part of adult



It is also part of child



Events such as "sharpen Souda Bushi competition" that was fairly prosperous to here, but it began to rain, and was planned after this on stage "our quantity 5 g suddenly tema shows of soup stock" cancellation,


From 1:45 p.m., we moved place in gymnasium and held remaining stage event.


Collaboration stage of band "woman grandfather bloom (mejika) ..." and suridodansukurabu






Ashizuri drum




And team "we are nothing" which has thick good point as for the finale



If the weather is clear, we think that we might swell more till the last…

We called off a part because of rain and were disappointed.


In addition, for outside event sale such as "Souda Bushi curry" by executive committee "Perak ware,"

As for ramen "Ramen Lab Q" (ramen laboratory cue) of Hokkaido or "Tosashimizu world" of Kobe,

I had you open a store a lot, but am sorry not to be able to introduce.


All of you whom there was in all of you, rain which carried foot to event till the last,

Thank you!

In addition, people concerned thank you.


[the first "Souda Bushi festival"]

Saturday, April 14

With Souda Bushi bid party being held after an interval of five years,

We hold event at the same time, and let's heap up Souda Bushi more!

In thing called this,

"Souda Bushi Festival"

We hold!

Held Location: Old Tosashimizu City junior high school trace






 Festival that made "Souda Bushi" which usually often became supporting actor the leading role.

 As for the tourists who of course live in Hata area, Kochi, and drink, and do not do toward local Tosashimizu,

We want you to come to play toward the lot!


If reaction is big, there will be surely next year!
Come to "Souda Bushi Festival" by all means; (^^)/

[John-mung Museum was reopened! ]

For H30 four a year one day a month,

John-mung Museum

It was reopened safely!


Commemorative ceremony from 10:00 is curtain raising by performance of Ashizuri drum!



Congratulatory address Hama Kyoto during the Manjiro Nakahama direct descendant fifth generation,






(when grandmother of Governor tail Saki is native place of Matsuo, Tosashimizu-shi, and the governor is young, too

He/she seemed to hear story of John Mung from grandmother well.)



Junji Kitashiro of Manjiro Nakahama society museum repair inspector-general Osamu


We had toward above three.



In addition, in ceremony, we write a song of Hama Kyoto during the Manjiro Nakahama direct descendant fifth generation,

To the song "sea which John-Mung saw" of Tosa John-Mung society secretariat Kaoru Nagamori composition

We had you show this!




Version Japanese as for the song CHIHARU (Chiharu) of singer,




In English version, singer Matilda (Matilda) from Tosashimizu City was sung.




It is greeting by Chairperson Shintaro out of Aida of welcome John-Mung successively.




The last of ceremony became John-mung Museum opening by tape cutting by guests!




And everybody of Tosashimizu citizen celebrated reopening by favorite rice cake arm throw!




Everybody, please come to John-mung Museum which became new to play! (*^_^*)

[4/1( day) is John-mung Museum reopening! ]

Sorry to have kept you waiting very for a long time!

John-mung Museum which was closed for remodeling construction from last October

Renovate exterior, interior together, finally 

It is Sunday, April 1 reopening!




Is stylish more clearly while making use of conventional display document; in museum worth seeing

We were reborn!

The beach where taking a ceremonial photograph corner and Manjiro whom we worked as against a backdrop of trick art more in hall returned home

There is device which can be pleased with child including projection corner of sandy beach which we imaged!


★☆★Schedule on Sunday, April 1★☆★

10:00 - ceremony start
      Ashizuri drum, tape cutting
We throw - rice cake at 12:00
12:15 - admission start



In addition, restaurant, souvenir shop which was in hall before is new museum

We do not have business plan for the moment.

All of you who had you look forward to are very sorry.

To "John-mung Museum" replaced with a new one family, friend, acquaintance with your friends,

Come to play by all means! (*^_^*)


[held "H30 age Tosashimizu city Tourism Opening Event & Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival"]


H30 age Sunday, March 18

Weather was cloudy sky not to be refreshing,

"H30 age Tosashimizu city Tourism Opening Event"

"Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival"

But, it was held.



Place is in front of "the John-mung Museum" refraining from reopening in April 1st.



Photograph introduces as follows.

At 10:30, "Tosashimizu city Tourism Opening Event" ceremony starts with meeting drum by all of Ashizuri drums.



The cutting of the New Year's rice cake, toast.




Stage event "suridodansukurabu"

Jaguar Kawamura that it is played an active part as mimicry talent as for the host in Kochi.






There is much people from branch in venue.

In Geopark booth, we sell geo-meal, geo-roast.



Shimokawaguchi house



All of Takahata foreign merchant associations



From 13:30, throughout the prefecture six teams gather in Tosashimizu! "Dance that has thick good point"

Top batter home team "is nothing."



Hata court dancer



Girdler street






Hama long goddess of flowers comfort



And it is ten Aya for 10 people



The women's arm wrestling final



Championship was one same as last year! There was congratulations!



From 16:00, we complete by rice cake arm throw of celebration.



All of you who came to "Tosashimizu city Tourism Opening Event" & "Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival" to play,

Thank you!

In addition, people concerned thank you!



Lunch of souvenir "Supermarket Miyamura" to guests.




We had everybody and general guests (50 limitation) observe in John-mung Museum preview.

For reopening of April 1st, three staff will do their best! (*^_^*)



[Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference & Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival]


We hold "Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference" "Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival" at the same time this year!



"Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference"

"Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival"


   ★Date ★ Until H30 age Sunday, March 18 from 10:00 to 15:45

   ★Place ★ Port of Ashizuri (Yoro, Tosashimizu-shi)


Detailed event contents look at the following link↓

Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival 2018


And it is reopened in April 1st this year

We perform preview of John-mung Museum together!
(but preview is first arrival-limited 50 people.)

 ①Time eyes /13 00 ... (25 people):

 ②Time eyes /14 00 ... (25 people):

 ※15 minutes before starting time, please line up in front of the museum front entrance.


Inquiry about "Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference"
(no company) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association (Phone: 0880-82-3155)

Inquiry about "Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival"
Sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting (Phone: 0880-85-0137)
We make madeo wish!

[camellia flowering situation ... ②~ of Cape Ashizuri]

"Ashizuri camellia festival" to begin on Thursday, February 1 tomorrow.

We went to see the flowering situation of camellia of Cape Ashizuri in the morning.



It does not almost bloom without change yet very much last week with (1/23)! (sweat)


Place that becomes "the camellia forest pathway"






Today through in front of The Statue of John Mung from observatories along promenade of one of lighthouse, the The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri "Rocking Stone"

Through before, we came back to national highway from way of the Shop and Restaurant Ashizuri Grand Rest  side.




(+_+) which does not go to the depths as the last time, but, still, is impression not to bloom


One of the The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri "shinsasa" neighborhood.



After asking the master of souvenir, restaurant "Shop and Restaurant Ashizuri Grand Rest " before Kongofukuji Temple story,
"I still hate without any regret this year. If, in early year, there is tree blooming from the end of December.

Seem to splatter on blooming that is not good the cold season a little more now; can sleep…."
It was thing called this.




On (Sunday, February 4), hospitality event is held this weekend.

As you carry out event even if camellia does not bloom very much, please come to warm, and to play!

The 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival



[camellia flowering situation ... ① of Cape Ashizuri]

We saw the flowering situation of camellia of Cape Ashizuri yesterday (1/23).



At first popular name "the camellia forest pathway" which is adjacent to open space in front of the The Statue of John Mung




It has hardly bloomed yet.




Camellia of The Statue of John Mung Maezono place.

As there is tree producing a lot of hard buds, we think that it blooms if we do a little more.




We went from observatories through the neighborhood of lighthouse, one "Turtle Rock" neighborhood of The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri, "ground-bamboo crest" neighborhood along promenade until the middle of stairs which dropped to Hakusandoumon Sea Cave.


The neighborhood of lighthouse




The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri "ground-bamboo crest" neighborhood




As there was camellia falling into promenade on the way, it seems to bloom to tall tree in dribs and drabs.






As it becomes Ashizuri camellia Festival in start, February of February just one week later, we want you to bloom more from now on…!

[we decided "one character of dream" of this year! ]

Ashizuri hot spring meeting invited public participation for the public from sponsorship, the end of last year,

Cry "one character of dream" of the ninth Ashizuri

"One character of dream" of 2018 was decided!




The highest award : "Yaku"


Applicant name : Toshio Takatsuki (Osaka-shi)


Reason why applicant chose character of "Yaku" as :

 "Yaku" expresses state full of life including leap and pulse and progress.

 Sunlight glitters in forest of camellia in spring, and Cape Ashizuri is excited, and wind and wave jump in the summer.

 With tree of cape, it is high high waves again in the sea, and natural phenomenon called typhoon sometimes jumps.

 Life of people in rich four seasons, nature setting up root well, and being also energetic

We think if possible.

 We wish that there wants to be so me.




 Character of "Yaku" chosen in "one character of dream" of this year on Sunday, February 4 in The Statue of John Mung garden of Cape Ashizuri

It is displayed after calligraphy by held "service sightseeing that the 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival camellia blooms" in the garden until the end of February.

The 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival



In addition, five people were chosen as award for excellence.

Won all of you, congratulations!


The 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival

Warm day continues!

Thicket Tsubaki growing wild in Ashizuri peninsula puts in full bloom together at time to reach and holds "Ashizuri camellia festival" this year.




"The 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival"

●Period ●     From Thursday, February 1, 2018 to 28th Wednesday

●On the event date ● Sunday, February 4, 2018

●Holding time ●     Until from 10:00 to 15:00

●Holding place ●     Cape Ashizuri leader (The Statue of John Mung Maezono place)


 9:30 acceptance start (geo-guided tour, Cape Ashizuri sightseeing sight-seeing)

 9:45 opening (SSD38)

  The 10:00 opening of a meeting (Tourism association long greetings, mayor congratulatory address)

  Cry "one character of dream" calligraphy, commendation ceremony, display (Ashizuri hot spring meeting) of 10:15 Ashizuri

  Young plant for free distribution (finished as soon as limited 200 people disappear) of 11:00 camellia

  11:00 Cape Ashizuri sightseeing sight-seeing experience (the first) (time required approximately one hour)

  11:00 Cape Ashizuri geo-guided tour (90 minutes)

  12:00 minced fish soup behavior (approximately 200 meals)

  12:00 Cape Ashizuri sightseeing sight-seeing experience (the second) (time required approximately one hour)

  13:00 Cape Ashizuri sightseeing sight-seeing experience (the third) (time required approximately one hour)

  13:00 Cape Ashizuri geo-guided tour (90 minutes)

  The 15:00 end


On day of event of last year, we had unfortunate rain in the morning.

Performance of local idol, SSD38.




Commendation ceremony of cry "one character of dream" best product of Ashizuri.




Free behavior of minced fish soup.




Scenery to show from Cape Ashizuri sightseeing pleasure boat.




We can see such blue sea!



Come to play for "Ashizuri camellia Festival" by all means! (^^)/


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