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[John-mung Museum "experience in summer vacation made with diorama"]

We hold "experience in summer vacation made with diorama" in John-mung Museum this weekend for two days on Sunday on Saturday, 19th on 18th!



   At first we image diorama which we want to make using doll of John Mung!



   On the approximately 9cm square base, we paint with color in acrylic paints,



   From a certain part, stick on the base with a choice of parts fitting image a lot



   It is completion!


[on the date] Saturday, August 18, 19th Sunday ① 10:00 ~② 13:30 ...

[Charge for the activity] Free (it applies to one that entered John-mung Museum.)

[the time required] Approximately one hour

[place] John-mung Museum 2F workshop room


※Each ten time capacity (20 people a day)

※It applies to one where is higher than third grader (person less than third grader would like protector companion.)

※It is experience to use acrylic paints for. As dirt may not be removed when clothes gain, come with appearance that may become dirty.


On Saturday, we still have space on 18th in particular!

How about for the making of work and the making of memory of summer vacation; or (*^_^*)


We would like inquiry, application to this↓↓↓

Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association (telephone 0880-82-3155)

[news of the Bon Festival season period 8/11 - 8/13 Cape Ashizuri traffic regulation]

 Because Cape Ashizuri has few parking lots, and some width is in small place again, we perform traffic regulation during the following period. In addition, we operate extra bus from municipal parking lot to Kongofukuji Temple during regulation period. I would like your understanding, cooperation.



 From Saturday, August 11, 2018 to Monday, August 13, 2018



 August 11.12.13 day from 8:00 to 17:30


●Regulation section●

... Cape Ashizuri tip parking lot (in front of Kongofukuji Temple)  in front of the Cape Ashizuri police box


●Extra bus fare●

 Junior high school students and over 100 yen, primary schoolchild 50 yen


●Motor carrier●

 Kochi Seinan Traffic (going to travel by two buses every five minutes)


※To customer coming to Cape Ashizuri

"Matsuo area tunnel" was opened, and time was shortened  than conventional Sky Line traffic for approximately ten minutes and came to be able to run to Cape Ashizuri again in two traffic lanes. When you come to Cape Ashizuri, we recommend prefectural road Route 27 clockwise (via Nakahama, Ohama).

(attention) "Matsuo area tunnel" does not seem to be updated with car navigation system. Come to mark in the road sign "Cape Ashizuri" area.



 Nakamura police station Tosashimizu City police Government building

 3-5, Saiwaicho, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 0880-82-0110


In addition, Cape Ashizuri east side parking lot was founded and came to be available newly.


There is near the Cape Ashizuri tip when we go prefectural road Route 27 counterclockwise (via Kubotsu).



As there is approximately 650m to Kongofukuji Temple, you must walk some bottoms of tunnel of tree.

Approximately 40 cars can usually park four to large size.



View from this parking lot is superb view!

Please use Cape Ashizuri east side parking lot!

[we hold on Saturday, August 4! "The 57th citizen festival Ashizuri Festival"]

Day, it which people gather for in Tosashimizu City most in one year are night of Ashizuri festival!



It is held on the 57th citizen festival Ashizuri Festival Saturday, August 4!


Fireworks are 10, 000 hatsuetsu edesu this year!


Fireworks display is only to be expected, but looks forward to daytime Ashizuri dance, too♪


We would like inquiry about "citizen festival Ashizuri Festival" to Ashizuri Festival executive committee.

(Phone: 0880-82-5547)

The 57th citizen festival Ashizuri Festival HP


[it starts from Monday, July 2! "Swimming with Whale Shark"]

From Tosashimizu where weather of the hot and humid rainy season leads to, we send topic like summer earlier!

Swimming with Whale Shark of 2018 becomes start from Monday, July 2.



"Swimming with Whale Shark" is Whale Shark bred with exclusive fish preserve which we installed in approximately 300 meters of offings of ifurijiku and snorkeling or experience to swim in scuba diving together.

Whale Shark seemed to enter fixed shore net this year.




It becomes wonderful memory to be able to swim with Whale Shark!


As for the in detail reservation about "Swimming with Whale Shark", please see page of the following Tosashimizu City Hall↓

About Swimming with Whale Shark


 In addition, is "hands-on sightseeing" of Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association page, Swimming with Whale Shark of "Ashizuri diving center"

We introduce. Look at this↓

Swimming with Whale Shark (Ashizuri diving center)



[Tatsukushi Sakurahama Beach sea biraki]

Passing of the rainy season of Okinawa region was announced yesterday (6/23), but as for the passing of the rainy season of the Shikoku district,

hyottoshitaramousugukamoshiremasenne ‥!

In Sakurahama Beach of Tosashimizu City only designated beach Tatsukushi, it is held sea birakiga this year!




[the date] : H30 age Sunday, July 1

  9:00 - security Rogation Days

 10:00 - two rice and comedy warm-up

 10:30 - tug of war qualifier

 11:30 - beach Flag

 Constant seller of 12:30 - summer! We break watermelon

 13:30 - tug of war final

 14:10 - two rice laugh-in

 14:30 - fun treasure hunt


 Two people of two rice familiar as for the host of event in "tele tchinotamago."

 Tug of war (three one team men, woman two), other events are all acceptance on the day, too!


 We would like inquiry to sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting (TEL: 0880-85-0137).


 Adult can enjoy child, too! Sakurahama Beach sea birakini come to play by all means; (^^)/

[the end] We raise cafe restaurant administration companies in John-mung Museum

(no company) invite public participation for company having do administration of cafe restaurant in John-mung Museum in Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association.


○Application period

From Friday, June 1, 2018 to Friday, June 15

 ※Open call for participants was finished.


○Application method 

Use application by Friday, June 15

(no company) We submit to Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association (must arrive)

 ※Open call for participants was finished.


○Examination, the choice

Open holds examination committee in John-mung Museum

We carry out presentation of applicant and are decided.

I will inform applicant directly about schedule.


■The local ingredients supply equipment trustee open call for participants point in John-mung Museum



■Use of local ingredients supply equipment application in John-mung Museum




■When sneak preview of restaurant is hoped for inquiry beforehand again, to the following, please.



303, Yorou, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

(no company) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association

Telephone 0880-82-3155

FAX 0880-82-3156

(from 8:30 to 17:00 Open 365 Days a year)

["Nipponmaru" called at a port of port of Ashizuri!]

Passenger ship "Nipponmaru" called at a port of port of Ashizuri on Friday, May 25 in H30 year!



This Cruise is Cruise of "Shikoku tour Cruise - Tosashimizu, Sakaide departing from and arriving at Nagoya" four days,

We had port of Ashizuri call at a port in the middle.



We arrived at port of Ashizuri before noon!



"Sect field busshi you meet all of Nipponmaru, too".



Welcome ceremony after arrival.

The bouquet presentation.






Passengers was bus tour and taxi and was gone to Cape Ashizuri and sightseeing of Tatsukushi after this.

The departure from a port is 17:00.




When passengers is come back through by sightseeing spot, it is port of Ashizuri than emergency measure, 15:00,

We performed demonstration, sampling of Tataki(Seared fish) of bonito!










We performed seeing off performance from 16:30.

At first it is all of local idol SSD38 of Tosashimizu.








Follow, and all of parts of the Ashizuri drum prime of life.






And, at 17:00, it became the port of Ashizuri departure from a port.








Thank you for moving to all of you, Tosashimizu of Nipponmaru!

In addition, as for all of Nipponmaru who came for welcome, seeing off, thank you!





[we held "John Mung Seaside Genki Festival tototaberone"]

In GW of this year at three days until from Thursday, May 3 to Saturday, May 5, quay of the backside of John-mung Museum

We held "John Mung Seaside Genki Festival tototaberone"!

Blessed with three days weather, match with John-mung Museum reopened in 4/1,

You came toward the lot from average year!


Photograph introduces state of event.


Pole-and-line fishing competition of mejika

"Part of child"



"Part of adult"



"Part of child" champion






Was performed by tent in venue; "is Souda Bushi, and cook soy sauce; actually"



"Fishing experience very popular every year in Thailand"



We were able to catch wonderfully!




Go for it!






Sea kayaking





 Toe Inge tube




sabiki fishing






Stage event belly dance of 5/3




"Tosashimizu City saba pickles bowl" which was sold only in 5/3




State of venue




Hirofumi Tsutsui (the right) jaguar Kawamura that stage had you appear in 5/3, 5/4 (the middle)






Stage events lead dance club of 5/4






"Souda Bushi cut competition"






It was a part, but introduced photograph.

All of you that came over to play in this GW,

In addition, all of you whom John-mung Museum came over to,

Thank you! (*^_^*)












[John Mung Seaside Genki Festival tototaberone]


Introduction was late, but GW from Thursday, May 3 to 5th Saturday of this year

This holds event in John-mung Museum, too!


John Mung Seaside Genki Festival tototaberone

The date and time: Thursday, May 3, 4th Friday, 5th Saturday

   From 9:00 to 15:00

Location: John-mung Museum

Contents: Noted product camp ground, fishing experience in Thailand, quay fishing experience,

   Sea kayaking experience, rent-a-bicycle, fishing boat taxi,

   Souda Bushi early cut meet (only on 5/3, 4th), mejika pole-and-line fishing meet (only on 5/3, 4th)

   Tosashimizu City saba pickles bowl (only in 100 meals of limitation, 5/3)


   ≪Stage event >> ↓↓

   5/3 → Ashizuri drum, belly dance

   5/4 → suridodansukurabu, SSD38


※Event contents change or, in the case of stormy weather and rainy day, it may be canceled.


 In the GW latter half, come to play to John-mung Museum by all means! (*^_^*)



[about business of tourist facility, restaurant, souvenir shop in GW Tosashimizu City]

Hello! It is Inotani (idani).

GW began!

We gathered up about business of tourist facility, restaurant, souvenir shop in Tosashimizu City in GW.

Please confirm.

※Information is thing as of H30 four a year 27 days a month.

 In the case of outing, ask each facility in having possibilities to be changed that you is sudden directly

We recommend what is done.


Tourist facility



Restaurant, souvenir shop




Restaurant (bars)



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