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[wisteria gatodoro]

Hello! It is Inotani of Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association.

Does everybody know folktale "wisteria gatodoro" handed down to Tosashimizu City?



It is contents of folktale as follows.


Daughter called "wisteria" lived in the depths of Ueno, the upper reaches of gain Nogawa in old days.

It was everyday work that wisteria did shuban of German millet field which father had.

Wisteria swam in deep water nearby between shuban and spent combing hair.


One day when one not crowded hair of wisteria fell on the water, white snake appeared and we added hair which fell and went.

When wisteria already dropped one hair for trial, snake appeared again and we added hair and went.

As for the wisteria, it was interesting and spent time on seeing snake taking when we dropped hair many times.


As wisteria did not come back even if it was the evening in house of wisteria, father whom we worried about came to deep water looking for wisteria.

Then we always made a sound if how about water of quiet deep water how and swirled.

There was not figure of wisteria, but comb of wisteria fell near deep water.

Father searched for wisteria, but we entered mountain day after day and continued looking for wisteria without being found and have been missing at last.



It is contents called this. (content is slightly different, and there seem to be various opinions.)


We went to "wisteria gatodoro" which caused this story!


There is area called "gain field" when we go ahead through Route 321 from Tosashimizu city area to the Tatsukushi area for approximately ten minutes.

We turn right at a certain signal alone along the national highway in gain field and advance to the "Ueno" area.

When we pass Ueno village and advance a little, we arrive at signboard of mark called "wisteria gatodoro" from place of signal like point in approximately ten minutes.




When signboard enters by made course, red torii is seen immediately.



We leave car on side and pass through torii and, from here, go down steep mountain path.




Torii has very bad foot from here so that there are instructions aside.

As snake may appear, we recommend that we go with boots if possible!


We asked story, but are tight mountain path than we imagined! It is really mountain path!

As he/she completes rope from tree to tree, we catch this well and get off.





It is roaring and, for going down steep mountain path about ten minutes, arrives at "wisteria gatodoro" which sound to say does!



It is waterfall while putting up intense spray, and water flowing from the upper reaches falls into the basin of a waterfall.



Even if it does not rain as for the water here so much, it does not seem to die.


When day when it does not rain continues, manners and customs that the Mayor of Tosashimizu visits praying for rain seem to still continue.


On the opposite bank of flowing water, there is small shrine.

Fuji seems to be worshiped here.



Although we were relieved while fully taking anion,



Trial to climb steep mountain path is waiting on the way home.



We think that we are slightly severe on one that is lack of exercise like me.




There is precaution on going to "wisteria gatodoro"!

※Please go out with shoes comfortable to walk in by all means.

We recommend that he/she goes with boots if possible (snake may appear).

※Rope is put between trees, but please never go alone as you are dangerous.

You have you look after the precaution mentioned above, and please go to "wisteria gatodoro" when you have time!

[Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally]

GW was over, but we may say "will country Kochi late Tokugawa period revolution Expo" now being held this year and visit Tosashimizu City

Tourists thinks that it is more a lot than average year, too.


In Tosashimizu City, we are holding "Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally".

Ta-da! Stamp rally mount (table).



In facility targeted for stamp rally in Tosashimizu City <eating and drinking> <product sales> of <experience, accommodation, event participation>

We present luxurious prize to one where quota collected stamps of 3 genres!


Eating and drinking → It is one stamp about one time of eating and drinking

Product sales → It is one stamp about one time of shopping

Experience, accommodation, event → Accommodation: Two stamps, experience-based menu, event participation: One each stamp


In the stamp rally participation facility, please see the following↓

Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally special page


Stamp rally mount (the back).



Luxurious prize is this↓↓

eine prize → Original goods

Whole prize → Special product 3,000 yen equivalency

Prize that is state → Special product 7,000 yen equivalency


Furthermore, it is W chance!

Is lottery from one applied for in prize that is state; to five people,

We give hotel pair accommodation coupon (with half board) in Tosashimizu City!


[application method]

After filling out matter necessary for stamp rally mount which you stamped with stamp, bring to either following facility.

Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association is addressed, and, in the case of mail, please send.

※Other than "eine prize," it becomes future shipment with each prize.

※It is only 1 course to be able to apply with 1 sheet.

(e.g., on one seat "eine Prize" and "entirely prize" neither we cannot apply.)


Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association 〒 787-0337 303, Yorou, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 

                             TEL/0880-82-3155 (business hours) from 8:30 to 17:00

Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace 〒 787-0320 932-5, Shimizu, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 

                             TEL/0880-83-0151 (business hours) from 8:00 to 16:30

Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi 〒 787-0450 4124-1, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 

                             TEL/0880-85-0201 (business hours) from 9:00 to 17:00


※The application reception desk deadline is Monday, December 31, 2018! (effective postmark on that day)


 In addition, this "Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally" mount becomes tourist brochure,

Nakahama who is Cape Ashizuri and Tatsukushi, birth place of John Mung car and rent-a-bicycle, fishing boat taxi

Model course to use, and to make a round trip of is introduced.


Stamp rally mount (middle aspect).







In addition, stamp rally mount in Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association (Ashizuri Sea Station) others, each participation facility

We install.

In "Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally," please enjoy trip to Tosashimizu more!



[held "GW John Mung Seaside Genki Festival"]

GW was over!

"GW John Mung Seaside Genki Festival" was held this year at port of Ashizuri.

It was holding until Saturday this year for from Thursday, May 4 to 6th.

GW, Tosashimizu of this year remained, and we were not endowed, but, nevertheless, weather came over to many tourists!

We send the design in photograph.



State of "fish itinerant trade experience of Tosashimizu City."


(^^) where light talk by Director Doi of Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association was quite popular






In "fishing experience in Thailand," long line was made!

It is experience to catch sea bream swimming to fish preserve installed in quay.

We can catch one 1,000 yen by all means!



Sea bream which we caught could enter happosuchiroru with ice and had you take to go.







Adult caught child happily, too! (^^)


Sea kayaking experience by sea circle, "toe Inge tube" to pull by ship are quite popular!





This looked very happy, too.



Of "cake seize" is once 100 yen.

(^^) which was quite popular with children



In addition, we had many suppliers open a store this time in camp ground.

We were able to stand in line in noon!





Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association sold bamboo shoot rice and bonito croquette, too.





Everybody who came to play, thank you!

[GW tourist facility, restaurant going to do business]

We summarized tourist facility in Tosashimizu City during GW period, business plan of restaurant in list.

Please do for reference.

※Investigation period is until H29 age from Saturday, April 29 to Sunday, May 7.

※About restaurant, it is not all restaurants in Tosashimizu City.

Thank you for your understanding.


(tourist facility, souvenir / meal)



(and over at noon or from the daytime to the night restaurant of business)



(restaurant of night business)




[news of GW Cape Ashizuri traffic regulation]


H29 age from Wednesday, May 3 to Saturday, May 6



●Regulation section●

... Cape Ashizuri tip parking lot (in front of Kongofukuji Temple) in front of the Cape Ashizuri police box


Because Cape Ashizuri has few parking lots, and some width is in small place again, we perform traffic regulation during the period mentioned above.

In addition, we operate extra bus from municipal parking lot to Kongofukuji Temple during regulation period.

I would like your understanding, cooperation.




●Extra bus fare●

Junior high school students and over 100 yen, primary schoolchild 50 yen


●Motor carrier●

Kochi Seinan Traffic

(going to travel by two buses every five minutes)


※To all of you coming to Cape Ashizuri

"Matsuo area tunnel" was opened, and time was shortened than conventional Sky Line service for approximately ten minutes and became able to run to Cape Ashizuri in two traffic lanes.

When you come to Cape Ashizuri, we recommend service of "Matsuo area tunnel" via prefectural road Route 27 Ohama.


※As "Matsuo area tunnel" does not seem to be updated to car navigation system, please be careful.



Nakamura police station Tosashimizu City police Government building

Address / 3-5, Saiwaicho, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

Telephone /0880-82-0110

[cheerful festival of the GW event information ② John-Mung sea]

We hold GW of this year!

Cheerful festival of the GW John-Mung sea

 Recreation experiences concerning the sea are varied!




 H29 age Thursday, May 4, 5th Friday, three days on 6th Saturday 

 From 9:00 to 15:00


 Port of Ashizuri (John-mung Museum side quay)



◎Event that we let go through for three days↓↓↓

★Fishing experience (you can take to go with one once, 1,000 yen, with ice.) in Thailand

★Sea kayaking experience (there is one 1,000 yen, necessary one hour, free shower. Banana boat experience is possible, too.)

★Quay fishing experience (addition 300 yen of bait freeze and can take fu kideo to go until bait disappears one 1,000 yen, pole, tool for rent, the time required with bait.)

★Fish itinerant trade experience (with once a day 11:30 ..., styrene, ice)

★John ten thousand true-false quiz (there is luxurious premium in ..., 1, 2, the third place at 13:00)

★Noted product camp ground (Tosashimizu, a lot of delicious things of the neighborhood municipalities line up.)


◎Limited to Thursday, May 4↓↓↓

★Sale of Tosashimizu City saba pickles bowl + Souda Bushi Chabushi

(we stop at the end, one meal of 500 yen, Kochi fishermen's cooperative association Tosashimizu City unification branch women's group as soon as ..., daily limitation 100 meals are sold out at 10:30.)


In addition, please enjoy including the following!




GW, please come to Tosashimizu to play!




[GW event information ① Ashizuri Aquarium]


We did not update this "Tosashimizu latest information" for a while…

In addition, it revives!


At first, we send GW event information of Ashizuri Aquarium!




Furthermore, it is news that is advantageous from Ashizuri Aquarium!

When show admission ticket of Ashizuri Aquarium in Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower, admission charges of Ashizuri Kaiteikan adult one person 300 yen,

Children one person 150 yen become inexpensive!




GW, please come to Tosashimizu to play!

[written "one character of dream"]

Ashizuri Onsenkyo assembly invites public participation and counts the eighth every year in this year

 Cry "one character of dream" of Ashizuri


"One character of dream" of this year depends on Takako Kawamura of Kochi City as a result of selection

It is decided by letter of "ki".

It was going to be written by "cape service sightseeing that camellia bloomed" held on Sunday, February 5,

For bad weather, only calligraphy, display became postponement.


At last, on Tuesday, February 7, we were able to put calligraphy by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club into practice.

Place is Cape Ashizuri The Statue of John Mung Maezono place.




Calligraphy of this "one character of dream" every year, third grader of Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club as graduation production

Seem to be looked forward to, but there is not third grader in calligraphy club this year, two people of first grader

But, he/she wrote!



 It is collaboration with two from here.








And it is completed.

It is letter of very excellent "ki"!




With two people thank you!

In addition, letter of "ki" is displayed in this garden until the end of February.


[held the 43rd Ashizuri camellia Festival camellia sightseeing in cape service to bloom]

When thicket Tsubaki growing wild in Cape Ashizuri reaches in full bloom, we hold every year

"Camellia sightseeing in cape service to bloom"



 It was held in The Statue of John Mung Maezono place of Cape Ashizuri while strong rain occasionally fell on Sunday, February 5 in H29 year.



We start on stage by local idol, SSD38 of Tosashimizu!






Successively to ceremony. Greetings of Tourism association vice-chairperson.




It is letter of "ki" by Takako Kawamura of Kochi City to have been chosen as "one character "of cry" dream of Ashizuri" of this year.

Commendation ceremony was held.



 In addition, for bad weather, calligraphy of character of "ki" by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club was postponed.

In addition, marine pleasure boat was called off because wave was high.

We caused all of you looked forward to trouble.


We do not entrust free distribution of young plant of camellia by Tosashimizu City sightseeing campaign lady

We had person receive young plant.




As for geo-booth by Geopark promotion meeting, the conservation of nature enlightenment booth with Ministry of the Environment Tosashimizu conservation of nature official office,

We had you observe toward the lot.



Minced fish soup (200 meals of limitation, free of charge), bonito croquette were sold out!

This is very delicious!





 From here, we introduce camellia of Cape Ashizuri!

It is in full bloom now!


The camellia forest pathway which leads to promenade.




















All of you who had means of transportation progress in "camellia sightseeing in cape service to bloom", thank you!

People concerned thank you.


[cry "one character of dream" decision of the eighth Ashizuri!]

By Ashizuri hot spring meeting to become the eighth in this year [cry "one character of dream" of Ashizuri].


The "one character of dream" chosen to the seventh last year "sum"



From the southernmost Cape Ashizuri-misaki of Shikoku "let's hold Japan well";, in o concept, recruited from the end of last year,

Highest award and one character of this year to be were decided!


One which cried, and was chosen in "one character of dream" of the eighth Ashizuri


It is "ki"!

It is reason why we chose the name of prize winner and letter of "ki" as as follows.


The highest award: "ki" Takako Kawamura (Kochi City) 


Reason that was considered to be character of "ki:"

We were able to see brightness of "hope" in newspaper of New Year holidays from the sky of Kochi!

Well, we are really shining now. Many foreign tourists in beauty of Japanese nature

Is said to feel charm; nowadays.

Once upon a time teenage boy having gone from this remote no place to the United States,

We want present young person and children to know.

Importance of Manjiro Nakahama winning spotlight, and making an effort,

We want world people to know that effort that can glisten is not useless even if very poor.

Surely hope to be able to surely glisten……Surely we come.




It is very wonderful comment!

Really congratulations!


In addition, one character of "ki" chosen as the highest award is Cape Ashizuri The Statue of John Mung Maezono place on Sunday, February 5

Is written after commendation by held "sightseeing in camellia cape service to bloom" by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club, is the last day in February

It is displayed in made, doenji.


All of Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club which had you write last year.



Five other excellences were chosen.
(we change to announcement with shipment of product)


For details, please see page of Ashizuri hot spring meeting.

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