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Blue Impulse comes to Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi! Event of the 20th anniversary of the base open agency to hang around for flypast ‎blueimpulse‬ Tosashimizu

[state of Blue Impulse test flight]
[held event of the 20th anniversary of the base open agency to hang around for Air Self-Defense Force Tosashimizu! ]

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of base to hang around for Air Self-Defense Force Tosashimizu in Shimomashino, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi, we have display display of Blue Impulse on Sunday, December 20!



"Air Self-Defense Force Tosashimizu event of the 20th anniversary of the base open agency to hang" around

The date and time: H27 age Sunday, December 20 from 9:00 to 13:00

   10:00 - U125A flypast
         11:00 - T-4 flypast
         12:00 - Blue Impulse flypast

   Rice cake place 12:40 - approximately 2,500 plan

Location: Port of Ashizuri (entry of on the day general vehicles impossibility)


To Ashizuri Port direct in arrival of many people being expected on the day by public vehicle cannot ride.

We install temporary parking lot in four places in Tosashimizu City and operate shuttle bus from there.

≪Temporary parking lot≫

 Port of Tosashimizu City (approximately 200 parking number)

 General exercise park (approximately 300 parking number)

 City hall (approximately 130 parking number)

 Roadside station mejikano village (approximately 30 parking number)

※Person in charge guides to other parking lots if it becomes full.

As for the details, please see map of the following images.



By splendid acrobatic flight by body group that Blue Impulse was performed coloring of by blue and white,

Many fans seem to come to the whole country! We are seen by the flight display in Tosashimizu!

(^O^)/ which waits for arrival of many all of you by all means

Air Self-Defense Force homepage↓

Self-Defense Forces Kochi region cooperation headquarters homepage (PDF)↓


"Event of the 20th anniversary of the base open agency to hang around for Air Self-Defense Force Tosashimizu" is held.

With it besides the day Ashizuri Sea Station facility inner "John-mung Museum"

"Captain Whitfield Tearoom" assumes closing daylong and cannot enter facility. Approve.

 Tosashimizu City Chamber of Commerce
 TEL. 0880-82-0279
 FAX. 0880-82-2530

It is season of illuminations☆

Good morning! It is Inotani.

At last it came to be cold in the morning recently.

It is season of illuminations when it becomes cold (^^♪

In Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi district, there is spot of secret illuminations♪

"Tahira Park" in area called "lower no step" of Misaki district (popular name killifish park).



As it is dark, and shooting is bad, we think that it is incomprehensible, but, in the whole area, it is in wide park with pond,

We become able to take a walk along pond.


At first, at park entrance, authorized character "sect field busshi you" of Tosashimizu City are met♪




This was very beautiful!

(^^) where there is the decoration of illuminations in ship which floated on the surface of the water




This is like big Mount Fuji.




And what there is in the first depths of park "wisteria gatodoro."

"wisteria gatodoro" is legend to reach gain field (Mashino), and pure deep water is still left.

It is illumination reflecting the image of the deep water.




All of lower no steps performs illuminations of this Tahira Park every year for seven years.

Lower no step noonchan, aunties even if "local children left Tosashimizu once, played local nature,

It seems to be opportunity to remember hometown wanting you to have memory when you might not come in hometown and thing which began with thought, we are glad when it is a chance to come back.

From last year, we plow area, and cooperation corps and local young person participate, and numbers of person to be concerned with seem to increase.


(^^) which is Tahira Park that we photographed this in the morning



Place turns right at the intersection with only "signal" in Misaki district on the way to the Tatsukushi area from Tosashimizu city area,

As soon as go straight; to the left hand current Misaki Elementary School,

Furthermore, old Misaki Elementary School is seen on the left across rice field when we go straight.


Old Misaki Elementary School is seen on the left of this photograph. When yellow signboard turns right at mark, the way of this side,

Masuyo (^^) where there is Tahira Park immediately

Until January 5 of the next year, it seems to be turned on every night from about half past 17 to 22:00.

Please go to secret illuminations spot of Tosashimizu! (*^_^*)


[aquarium of Ashizuri Aquarium night] Santa Christmas illuminations New Year holidays Tatsukushi Kochi

Good morning! It is Inotani.

Christmas of fun that December does not consider ♪ Yeah!


In Ashizuri Aquarium, we hold "night aquarium" of favorable reception this year!



Ashizuri Aquarium "night aquarium"

 The date and time: H27 age from Friday, December 25 to 27th Sunday

   From 18:00 to 21:00 (as for the release of admission ticket until 20:30)


★☆★☆★Event common for three days★☆★☆★

Santa Claus and little child rock, paper, scissors meet (first-come-first-served basis) of large water tank

※We distribute rock, paper, scissors ticket to the first 100 people "little children"


There is sale such as coffee, doughnut, oden with Matsuo area song shop.

In addition, there are pleasant event, stage in every day♪


In addition, until from Saturday, December 19 to Thursday, January 7, illuminations are turned on!


In night aquarium, please spend happy Christmas; (*^_^*)




It was held "the 32nd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival"!

Hello. It is Inotani.

"The 32nd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival" was held late last week on (on Saturday, December 6 7 Sunday).

As for some 7th, it rained, but was climate that it was easy to spend well openly for six days.

(^^) where we introduce the state to as we went a little on 6th


In the holding place, former prefecture combination Government building (etsugyoko).

We went at about 10:00, but temporary parking lot has been already filled up with many cars.


In meeting place, many tents linked the eaves and were full of shoppers!


Shimonokae shipowner society niyorumejikanotsukami collecting.




Dried fish sale of big catch shop of Kubotsu. utsuboga is big!




Rice cake which had just finished there being of JA was able to stand in line!

((^_^;) where I lined up, too




There was specialty of Tosashimizu, Perak ware, too.





We discover flag of "mambo grill"!




This "mambo grill" is cake which bean jam entered inside like taiyaki.

It is one article that we can purchase "only in jimbee City" opened in Iburi Fishing Port on second Sunday every month.





PR booth of Tosashimizu City Geopark promotion meeting.





Plow Tosashimizu City area; "our jibie" by cooperation corps tent.

We sold curry Udon of "wild boar"!




By Shimonokae shipowner society tent like point, free behavior of mejikanotsumire stew was performed, too.



There was "mandarin orange Yakisoba of Ehime, too"!

Would taste what kind of; (^^)?




Of food, besides, there were flower, young plant, a lot of shops including do*dajimbutsu!







Corner of mini-bicycle which is held only for five days.






It was a part, but introduced state of Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival.

On 7th, demonstration of grilled straw Tataki(seared bonito) by Director Doi of Tourism association was performed, too (^^)

Please see from this↓

Tataki(seared bonito) birthplace demonstration



12/20( day) John-mung Museum, news of captain Whitfield Tearoom closing

On H27 age Sunday, December 20, it is port of Ashizuri,

"Event of the 20th anniversary of the base open agency to hang around for Air Self-Defense Force Tosashimizu" is held.

With it besides the day Ashizuri Sea Station facility inner "John-mung Museum"

"Captain Whitfield Tearoom" assumes closing daylong,

We cannot enter facility. Approve.


Specifically, please see this

↓     ↓     ↓

Event of the 20th anniversary of the base open agency to hang around for Air Self-Defense Force Tosashimizu



The 32nd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival


Hello! It is Inotani.

It was the latter half in November, but Tosashimizu is warmer in the daytime!

It will be news of "the 32nd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival" held in December next month!




The 32nd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival

The date and time: On H27 age Saturday, December 5, it is Sunday for six days

   Saturday is from 9:00 to 15:00 on Sunday for six days for from 9:30 to 16:00 for five days

Location: Open space (etsugyoko) in front of Nishimachi, Tosashimizu-shi prefecture combination Government building


☆☆☆Main event☆☆☆


5th Saturday

☆Mini-bicycle & speed eating table tennis relay (as for the details, please see upper handbill)

☆Dance 11:30 ... that team is, and they have thick any good point

☆Grilled Tataki(seared bonito) birthplace straw experience 13:00 ... (free hospitality)

☆Large pan stew [mejika minced fish soup, pork miso soup, Iseebi lobster stew] (free hospitality)

☆Fighting it out Geopark quiz! 14:30 ...


6th Sunday

★Car flock to act

★Anpan-Man road safety caravan start 10:30 ...

★Large pan stew [mejika minced fish soup, pork miso soup, Iseebi lobster stew] (free hospitality)

★Dance 12:30 ... that team is, and they have thick any good point

★Fighting it out Geopark quiz! 14:30 ...


In addition, there are a large number of branches with both days!

We are sold at Tosashimizu City sabamo, super special price!

Please see the following handbill about meeting place guidance, the details↓



We would like inquiry at the following!

Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival executive committee

The secretariat: Tosashimizu City Hall agriculture and forestry Marine Products Section 0880-82-1114



It is entered port by port of "do*kaiengan" Ashizuri!

Hello! It is Inotani.

Training vessel, do*kaiengan of Kochi, it was entered port carrying student in the Kochi south this year by port of Ashizuri (^^)

At this time, to learn about John Mung every year; some students of school in the Kochi south on do*kaiengan,

(^^) which has it enters port of Ashizuri and observe John-mung Museum and the Manjiro birthplace


(11/9) At about 16:30 at port of Ashizuri arrival in port "do*kaiengan"




Because the sea was stormy, it was the arrival in port that we were behind original plan.




It rained lightly.





The Tourism association staff was in charge of rope collecting!




(11/10) reversed itself the day before the next day, and it was fine neatly!




We observe John-mung Museum in the morning.


We had you pose cutely (*^_^*)


As for this, sailing boat model of the second-floor Powhatan is observed.



As for everybody, it was gone to visit of the Manjiro birthplace on bus after this.

After visit to birthplace, we just return by bus to the Kochi city.

(^O^)/ where thank you, everybody, of school in the Kochi south

Local Tosashimizu City high school student got on do*kaiengan which entered port of Ashizuri this time and left in Kochi City.

Tosashimizu City high school students, please enjoy sea voyage carefully (^O^)/



Halloween disguise contest & parade

November began!

In Tosashimizu city area, Halloween disguise contest and parade were held yesterday (Sunday, November 1).

Meeting place of contest, open space before baker of Bakery Pomie were full of many people (^^♪



If, in this Halloween disguise contest, parade, leading "meeting of welcome John-Mung" and "isoarashi"

That become, and last in last year; became held.


Master of ceremonies is Shintani of "isoarashi".





Halloween make reached free, and many children had you make up (^^)




We introduce some states of contest meeting place♪




Beautiful witch and Snow White, cute Dracula discovery (*^_^*)






There was Jack spa low, too (^O^)/







(*^_^*) where this seems to be Mary Poppins







Time for contest was extended, and, on account of the time, there was not able to be me till the last…(^_^;)

We photographed some states of disguise parade in Chuo Town Shopping District on the way back!




Children (*^_^*) getting cake in front of Kojima clothing store






(^O^)/ where Taro Urashima matches




Two people of ALT of Tosashimizu are this street (*^_^*), too



Want to follow by all means from Halloween party, the next year of Tosashimizu; shin (*^_^*)

Sand art & accordion live


Some temperature fell in Tosashimizu and felt to be cold this morning.

It is held in "Sea Gallery" of Tatsukushi next month,

It is news of sand art & accordion live (^^ ゞ



The date and time: Afternoon of Saturday, November 28 5:30 start
Meeting place: The Tatsukushi Sea Gallery building

Rate: 1,000 yen lower than adult 1,500 yen, junior high student



Visit to experience-based & Sea Gallery at 5:30 p.m. made with - candle

Collaboration live by 7:00 p.m. - accordionist, Shima Sakano & sand art performer, Yuko Tamura

After live, we hold sand art experience (free)!

There is stand sale of food, too!

We would like the purchase of ticket, detailed inquiry to Sea Gallery!

Sea Gallery  ℡/0880-85-0137



News of event of two 10/25 Sunday



We introduce two events held in Tosashimizu City to (10/25) on Sunday of the end of this week.


At first "we worship with all the 20th Kubotsu".

There are morning market selling fresh seafoods, dried fish, free distribution of Ise lobster stew, rice cake arm throw.

Until from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., place is Kubotsu Fishing Portk new port.





In addition, in Tatsukushi, outdoor live "Tatsukushi tropical fall" is held.

Steal bread unit "Dap Dip Pans of Kuroshio Town," "BUNBUN the MC" of Tosashimizu City residence appears,

There are Hisamatsu bakery Bakery Pomie, miyamura, branch of food including One Drop Jerk Chicken, too!
Until from 14:00 p.m. to 21:00, place is open space on the Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi sea side.




On this Sunday, please enjoy two events in Tosashimizu City; (^O^)/

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