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Three cities-cho combination [Gres fishing Derby] Otsuki, Sukumo, Tosashimizu Kochi

  • 2000/10/20 00:00


Fishing paradise in hata trip
Three cities-cho combination Gres fishing Derby 2017
Under entry acceptance! (entry of ※ this year was finished)

Final result announcement (total three weight)
Championship Shuichi Sakamoto
    2,885 g of states (Otsuki Town representative)

2,675 g of runner up Shotaro Shikiji
(Sukumo City representative)

1,685 g of third place Miyuki Matsuura
(Sukumo City representative)


Sponsorship fishing paradise in hata trip executive committee

Period from Wednesday, November 1, 2017 to Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ferryboat for anglers, hiring out boats, raft, breakwater, place of area for Otsuki-cho, Hata-gun, Kochi, Sukumo City, Tosashimizu City beaches

We register Gres (Girella punctata) 25cm or more that we caught with target fishing pole in designated shop (cooperation group)
     ※The final is Fukase fishing

We have you do shopping (including ferryboat for anglers, bait charges) in participation method area for,
We       register in designation shop (cooperation group: ferryboat for anglers, fishing tackle shops)
(entry of ※ this year was finished)

Instructions ※Plural registration is possible, but registration of the same one should be limit once a day
     ※In the case of the head, we do one with much offtake in participation area with high rank
     ※Registration that we caught is possible

Ten high ranks (30 people in total) of each final Otsuki, Sukumo, Tosashimizu area,
     We perform the final in Sukumo City Okinoshima, cormorant Kurushima area on Saturday, February 24.

             [the date] Saturday, February 24, 2018
             [holding place] Sukumo City off-island, cormorant Kurushima
             [meeting place] Katashima, Sukumo-shi, in front of Coast Guard
              It is - commendation ceremony 15:00 at 14:00 to pack up at departure from port 05:30 at opening ceremony 05:00 at reception desk 04:30 ※Plan
             [cooperation ferryboat for anglers] We plan off-island, all 12 cormorant Kurushima ferryboat for anglers
              ※Ferryboat for anglers to use examines weather on the day, beach rotation and announces just before meeting
             [entrance fee] 11,000 yen (it includes ferryboat for anglers charges, lunch charges, prize charges, insurance charges, tax)
             [examination rule] Gross weight of three Gres

Prize championship 100,000 yen runner up 50,000 yen third place 30,000 yen
     Fly; *30 prize (lottery) 10,000 yen (in Otsuki, Sukumo, Tosashimizu for each ten)
         We present local special product 10,000 yen equivalency to district champion

     ※Supplementary prize (ANA HOLDINGS fishing fool chairperson Prize), Kochi - Tokyo pair airline ticket
               ※Maker support products
               ※The first place, the second place, the third place is cash. We fly and become prize (gift certificate).


[for three cities-cho combination Gres fishing Derby 2017 smartphone reading]



Otsuki Town Tourism Association TEL: 0880-62-8133 FAX: 0880-62-8133

Sukumo City Tourism Association TEL: 0880-63-0801 FAX: 0880-63-0800

Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association TEL: 0880-82-3155 FAX: 0880-82-3156

[registration designation shop (cooperation group)]

●Otsuki Town

Inoue ferryboat for anglers Inoue ferryboat for anglers Otsuki swimming fish center Kashiwabara ferryboat for anglers Sakamoto ferryboat for anglers Yasuoka ferryboat for anglers

Yokoyama ferryboat for anglers Yoshida ferryboat for anglers DAIKOKU ferryboat for anglers KUROSHIO ferryboat for anglers RYOEI ferryboat for anglers Taniguchi ferryboat for anglers

Ichihara store Hata volost bell leaf 321, Otsuki lunch Otsuki Town Tourism Association

Fishing studio plus is good
※We accept kensun more than 50cm here.


●Sukumo City

Person of ferryboat for anglers Hondo ship Okazaki ferryboat for anglers off-island ferryboat for anglers Kaneko ferryboat for anglers Sawachika ferryboat for anglers Shibata ferryboat for anglers out of house

Island one ferryboat for anglers Takami ferryboat for anglers (cormorant) Takami ferryboat for anglers (the offing) first Fukuwata ship Miyamoto ferryboat for anglers Sukumo swimming fish center

Nishida ferryboat for anglers fishing Helong fishing Yoshimura Nishioka raft single island surf-fishing center

Sukumo fishing tackle Matsuoka fishing implements


●Tosashimizu City

Circle ferryboat for anglers depends Ashizuri Malin Okano ferryboat for anglers Tosashimizu City ferryboat for anglers ferryboat for anglers suddenly; come; Tomita ferryboat for anglers

Tool for Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers Hashimoto ferryboat for anglers Matsushita ferryboat for anglers Miyamoto ferryboat for anglers Takemoto fishing tools shop fishing good luck fishing tackle shop fishing angling by decoy shop

Sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association 

[Tosashimizu qualifier standing February 2
update decision is edition]

※One made plural entries within the 15th place becomes publication only for the best order.
※More than high-ranking ten people can participate in the final.
※We bring forward until we become ten people when vacancy appears in the final, and it is participation.

Decision order Size (cm) Name ※Honorific title abbreviation Fishing ground
1 49.5 Takeshi Tada Isa
2 49.5 Naohisa Yuki Kubotsu
3 47 Yoshiaki Yoshina Kubotsu
4 46 Kazumichi Ikeda Shimokawaguchi
5 45.8 Junpei Sugimoto Shimokawaguchi horn drill
6 45.5 Kiyoaki Miyaji Tatsukushi
7 44 Isao Nakajima Lighthouse of Misaki
8 44 Koichi Ikegami Shimokawaguchi
9 44 Akito Sawada Shimokawaguchi obae
10 43.5 Hashimoto book kashirago
11 43.5 Yasuo Kataoka Shimokawaguchi obae
12 43 kitahowaei Ohira
13 43 Tsunoda British manure kashirago
14 43 Shoji Ishikawa Tatsukushi
15 43 Kunio Kondo Shimokawaguchi
15 43 Tamio Yamamoto Shimokawaguchi horn drill
15 43 ikesoekatsukei Shimokawaguchi tatebaeshimori




















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