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Articles of September, 2014 are as follows.

[Wednesday, October 1 news of being lost power]

We will close at [Wednesday, October 1] for electric check in all facilities at 14:00 tomorrow....
Sales people of captain Whitfield tea room should finish the last admission of John-mung Museum at 13:30 at 13:20.
Thank you for your cooperation it is ‼︎
Please note that office of Tourism association becomes the duties end for change train at 14:00.

Cluster amaryllis (retsutosupaidaririi)

In Tatsukushi, Tosashimizu-shi "Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi"

Cluster amaryllis in full bloom!

It is taken its hat off by effort that we planted "steadily" for manager oneself ten years





It is felt with "cluster amaryllis" and butterfly simply in Japan

Abroad "rettosupaidaririi" "licorice"

・It is called "harikenririi".


The fifth Tosashimizu John Mung Festival

The fifth Tosashimizu John Mung Festival holding

Date: H26 age Saturday, October 25

Location: In front of port of Yoro, Tosashimizu-shi Ashizuri John-Mung next museum!

Theme "Manjiro, sea and interchange" (plan)

●Part (quay in front of Manjiro museum) of the morning

  The 8:00 nippommaru arrival in port (welcome ceremony)

10:00 opening (drum announcement by local preschooler)

・Product sales delicacy city start

・Japan-U.S. culture introduction

・Ko Shimizu tea ceremony, short-term dispatch report in America

・Okinawa Manjiro society sataandagi for free distribution (200 meals)

・John-Mung card playing meet (there is luxurious premium)

 Japanese karuta (under primary school children)

   English karuta (Junior high school students and over)

To English part champion (invite to John Mung Festival of feafebun holding)!

・Among Tosashimizu City, it is Ko Shimizu music club performance & calligraphy performance

・Ryo Mita (song of John-Mung) announcement

・Harrow in disguise contest

We are presented (for three Ashizuri Thermae overnight complimentary tickets) by champion!


●Part ceremony (in front of John-Mung group) of the afternoon

・12:30 start

・Opening Kuroda menstruation performance

・Opening address (member of the executive committee chairperson)

・Address (the Mayor of Tosashimizu)

・Greetings (association of sister city friendship's chairperson)

・Guest introduction (introduction of sightseeing ambassador)

・Congratulatory address (governor, Diet member et al.)

・Congratulatory telegram announcement

・Civic commendation

・Prize winner representative address of gratitude

・Closing (member of the executive committee vice-chairperson)


※Nipponmaru departure from a port event (plan)

There is team having thick good point at 14:30; what

14:45 Ashizuri drum

The 15:00 departure from a port

●Interchange reception (mimpo) 18:00 ...

・Opening of a meeting greetings

・Guest congratulatory address


・Buffet method party

※Halloween disguise participation

※Ashizuri drum

※Ryo Mita "song of John Mung" announcement

※Gnarl without rose


●Sunday, October 26 John-Mung gururin bass

 ・Morning one flight (Tosashimizu City - Ashizuri - Nakahama - Tosashimizu City)

・The fourth (state of Halloween disguise contest)

・State of John card game


※By weather about ceremony and event contents

May be changed, thank you for your understanding beforehand.


Ashizuri Kirari(Lighting Event in Cape Ashizuri)

Ashizuri Kirari(Lighting Event in Cape Ashizuri) holding

hata trip official event

The holding date and time: Saturday, November 1, 2014, 2nd Sunday

             Until from 11:00 to 21:00.

Held Location: Cape Ashizuri tip - Hakusandoumon Sea Cave - Ashizuri municipal management parking lot

Contents (plan)

・Atsumi Sakai "paper-cutting of light" projection (Hakusandoumon Sea Cave)

November 1 (paper-cutting preparations for light test projection), 2nd (paper-cutting projection of light)


★We light up candle illuminations

We color Cape Ashizuri in this in fantastic space.

★Class B gourmet fair

A lot of hometown, Hata booth, meal 1 Grand Prix celebrity shops participation!

Yamanashi (Koshu torimotsuni), Akita (Yokote Yakisoba), Osaka (Udon gyoza)

35 items of 32 stores gather Fukuoka (Moji roast curry) in Ashizuri!

★Class B music festival and "song dances kirarimban" tentative name

Festival of music of Hata, dance groups gather in Ashizuri music!

・Drum, samisen, dance, good point dark dance, banyan tree band, DJ et al.


□The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.




・Akita Yokote Yakisoba


・Yamanashi Koshu torimotsuni

20140901110932.zBxwzBy7aHvAMErQDyZJwYg039wvSFnZXlaw2FLvNE3XJC73kB5S8dmu8w4IVGjTEDGM5JPkaQWwcBZjGHBKQDvIa3M2nByLh8Ip7f0xMNENg1PN0jPceIc2E[1]. jpg

・Osaka Udon gyoza


・Fukuoka Moji curry


・Nakatsu, Oita deep-fried chicken


・Fukuoka lion coffee

Other delicious articles are varied!




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