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Articles of December, 2014 are as follows.


Bentenjima, Gres of excellent model appear.

There is occasionally big hit except band

Is chopped, and seem to be Gres-like hit, but ...

You challenge, and please see.



Catch of wife of chief zen-priest.


Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers


Though west wind is strong, wife of chief zen-priest can give pole

We send real-time picture.

We make a hit something or other!


・Pole greatly turns.


・We gave ball network. Get!


Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers



Fishing of standing comb

It was influence that water temperature rose ‼︎ today when water temperature 20 degrees, seawater temperature were not stable, or which beach had a hard fight to chip of wood Gres and bait-stealing fish today, too. We caught excellent model with elephant's trunk to head at 40cm in that.
(^-^)/ where some east undulation seems to stay tomorrow, and offing beach seems to be severe, but we have left unseen this year, and expectation seems to be popular with the outskirts, around wife of chief zen-priest as water temperature is higher

Catch on 27th



Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

Fishing information of Tatsukushi

We come only at the time of offing beach, calm of Tatsukushi in Kamiiso,

It is excellent at "catch" if we can get nervous!


・Catch (12/25) of offing beach



Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers




News of the year-end and New Year Cape Ashizuri traffic regulation

New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine of 2015 to Cape Ashizuri "Ashizuri Kongofukuji Temple!"




In Cape Ashizuri, traffic regulation with Nakamura police station Tosashimizu City police Government building is enforced.

Period December 31, 2014 23:00 - January 1, 2015 17:30

   January 2, 2015, 3rd from 8:00 to 17:30

Section: ... Cape Ashizuri tip parking lot (Kongofukuji Temple) in front of the Cape Ashizuri police box


As New Year holidays seem to become cold, warm by all means, and come to the southernmost tip, Ashizuri Kongofukuji Temple of Shikoku; (*^_^*)

About the year-end and New Year business such as city restaurant, tourist facility

It was another four days this year!

For business hours of the year-end and New Year holidays (12/27 - 1/4) such as restaurant, tourist facility in Tosashimizu City, please confirm information such as holidays from this (the Tourism association investigation).


In addition, this information heard in 12/24. (*^_^*) which would appreciate your referring to each facility on outing as we may be changed

※ PDF for print is this, or please↓


[news of cry "one character of dream" offer of the sixth Ashizuri]

We stayed, and there became a few this year!

Ashizuri hot spring meeting raises [cry "one character of dream" of the sixth Ashizuri]

We are ☆*



From Cape Ashizuri located at the southernmost tip of Shikoku "let's do Japan well" in concept,

We want 2015 to be year that is "..."! (*^_^*) which raises one character with all hope and wish called this from the whole country


One character chosen in the highest award is written by "Ashizuri camellia Festival" event to be carried out in 2/8 by Tosashimizu City High School calligraphy club and is displayed in "The Statue of John Mung" former open space until the end of February.


In addition, prize is special product 50,000 yen equivalency and Ashizuri Onsenkyo pair accommodation coupon!


Please confirm application method, page of Detail↓↓

One character application method of dream


※Image is chosen in "one character of dream" of last year and, in Ashizuri camellia Festival, is letter of "wish" written by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club.

Fishing information of Tsuro

Everybody good morning.

We went for fishing with Tanioka of Tsuro.

Flat calm ...! Is over; ...!

As there is not passage of opportunity at all, great hard fight "is bait omission"!


"Port of Tsuro" to look at from long fly of Ebisu


The neighborhood of fly which the points float in large Funato direction, and is depressed, and does


At last the first of them which came


Hit today's catch "Gres two of them, koppa six"; girare five



Tanioka who takes in the offing, and catches.

News of the John-mung Museum year-end and New Year holidays

John-mung Museum is open without taking a rest for the year-end and New Year holidays!

Business Hours: From 8:30 to 17:00

※1/1 - 1/3 is order stop at 15:00


In addition, as plan special for New Year holidays from Saturday, December 27 to New Year holidays "you are John-Mung, too! We perform lottery titled gold rush almost empty!

Without loser, the first prize is liqueur "Ashizuri fruit" of Tosashimizu spirit project (^^♪



In addition, only in winter vacation John Mung jacket hat for photography

We loan! How about for taking a ceremonial photograph (^^ or♪


In addition, we do business without restaurant "captain Whitfield tea room" of juxtaposition taking a rest in museum for the year-end and New Year holidays!



But it is said that 1/1 - 1/3 is until last order 15:00.

Approve; (^^)


Fishing information of Tatsukushi

(>_<) which there is wind of the weekend of last week, and there was not offing beach, but seems to be severe under the influence of cold wave this weekend

But we have left unseen and can catch outskirts, protective goddess at this time, too (^-^)/
(^-^)/ which it is several not to be produced, or there seems to be, and wife of chief zen-priest seems to be able to expect by hit like Gres

Catch of mermaid



Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

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