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Articles of January, 2015 are as follows.

The twelfth Tosa has; fist all-Japan championship Sukumo place

[H27 age Sunday, January 25]

Was held in Akisawa Hotel of Sukumo City; "the twelfth Tosa had, and participated in fist all-Japan championship Sukumo place" as Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association team "John-Mung spirit"! 




Two people face each other and push out by stability, three in front of red chopsticks which we hid, and hashi fist is competition to expose the total number of chopsticks which partner and oneself started to. It is performed as entertainment of banquet.

※The details about hashi fist take homepage of Sukumo City Tourism Association↓




At first, by game with group, "John-Mung spirit" team suffers a crushing defeat and is better

We introduce state of personal war from ta (>_<) here.


 Staff of association Inotani (the left) → Won after held out in the first match, but in the second match

^_^; where we have been defeated completely by



 Staff of association Hama place (the left) → It was straight defeat in the first match.



 Director Doi (the left) → We win in the first match! The second match from Umaji-mura of three strong teams

We went to man and play, good place, but lost regrettably finally.








Teams which Tosa has from Aki-shi, Kochi, each place including Umajimura, and love fist gather,

(*^_^*) where meeting place overflowed in heat



Play not only to start, but also partner only starts chopsticks several, or to suppose from expressions of partner, and to bet game on…Tosa has, and fist is very profound! Fun (*^_^*) which plays, and is competition which there is not usually opportunity to receive very much, but wants to tell until coming ages



Tatsukushi, Kochi fishing information

Tatsukushi fishing information Tuesday, January 20

We seemed to be able to do it by the best fishing weather without wave warmly in rudder, Sankaku, offing beach such as okiana on that day.

Two columns of one that we caught was catches!



Reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers


Have left unseen; Tatsukushi, Cape Ashizuri fishing information

1/13 water temperature 17.5 degrees ‼︎
It was the good calm today.
(^o^)/ which did it in offing beach, but Japanese blue magpie of 28-30 sen grade was fish bites on and on state today, and ryokata did not seem to readily appear, but was that it was said and could expect for feeling, and to go
Can expect in this season with the offing, hill beach; sodesuyo ‼︎
It is forecast that it starts raining, but, as for such time, the elephant's trunk outskirts seem to become interesting shin f^_^;)

1/12 water temperature was 18 degrees; serve; (^o^)/
There were many bait-stealing fish, too, but pole seemed to turn at both offing beach and hill beach constantly.
(^o^)/ which we seem to be able to expect still more when water temperature is stable



Isa 1/14

・One malted rice parrot bass 52cm

Isa 1/12

・28 black fly Gres 30-40cm

・18 migabaegure 30-39cm

・16 sea bass Gres 30-36cm

・21 wide baegure 30-45cm

Reporting: It is circle Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers suddenly

We have left unseen and are in front of mermaid palace

Some wind were strong, but were able to do offing beach somehow today from noon, too.
(^o^)/ which offing beach, hill beach went wrong and were able to catch
We were able to take into ryokata Gres of 42 centimeters with mermaid. It was 30-35cm, but included Japanese blue magpie and was able to catch in offing beach.
In addition, (^o^)/ which water temperature is high for the 18 degrees level and this time, and all beaches seem to be able to expect

・Mermaid palace



・Place of Matsuo area beach (Tosashimizu City residence north Mine) information: Takemoto fishing tools shop


Offing beach of Tatsukushi

Catch father on the other day changed, and there seemed to be much chip of wood Gres on 4th whether water temperature rose with 19 degrees once again, and water temperature was influence that was not stable. If water temperature is stable, include and can expect, but it is in beach suitable for shimoribae, experts who do not appear when beach is very low in ‼︎ here, and the tide does not, so to speak, pull offing beach's leading point, photograph of okiana which ryokata of Japanese blue magpie of 40 over can aim at in that today, but Japanese blue magpie is one of the beaches wanting you to challenge by all means if condition meets.





Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

There is broadcast in NHK!

We announce TV program today.

In the NHK Kochi broadcasting station "kouchi information first" of today broadcast,
Picture photographed coverage in Tosashimizu City the other day is broadcasted.
By coverage about Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel), Tosashimizu City fishermen's cooperative association says; Tatsukushi Sightseeing Stemboat(Glass-bottomed Boat)
Equal ga appears. Director Doi of Tourism association appears, too!

It is "kouchi information first" 6:10 p.m. - broadcast! Don't miss it! html




A Happy New Year!


[A Happy New Year]


In this year thank you for your cooperation.



Fishing information of Tatsukushi

On 3rd, it is offing beach catch information of Tatsukushi for four days.

Japanese blue magpie is mixed, too, and catch is passable, too.
If water temperature is settled down, we seem to be able to expect still more.


Part of 3rd catch photograph


Part of 4th catch photograph



Reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

Fishing information [Tatsukushi]

A Happy New Year!

It seemed to be impossible, but caught offing beach with hill, mermaid of the wife of chief zen-priest west for argument.

It is Gres of 40cm in wife of chief zen-priest!

As for the fish in the bottom of the sea, Ishigaki is two pieces!


 Part of Friday, January 2 catch photograph



Reporting Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

Fishing of Tatsukushi

Everybody A Happy New Year.

By the way, on 31st, is stormy from the expected afternoon of weather forecast; and is withdrawal ‼︎ of the morning
We caught ryokatabicho of 42cm to head only in the morning (^o^)/

We looked have good water temperature 18 degrees, but influence of this cold wave is worried about.

Part of catch photograph of 31st (we called off business because of strong wind on New Year's Day.)


Information: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers

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