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Articles of February, 2015 are as follows.

Call at a port first to port of 3/14 sailing boat "miraihe" Ashizuri

On Saturday, March 14, sailing boat "miraihe" will call at a port of port of Ashizuri for the first time next month!

With call at a port, we hold opening to the public (participation application unnecessary, free of charge) and experience-based voyage.

[experience-based voyage] Adult 3,000 yen, child (more than primary schoolchild) 1,500 yen

      We apply at the first 80 people, port of Ashizuri on that day (from 10:00 to 13:00)

Participation (^O^)/ which we look forward to of many all of you



Ashizuri fishing information, Tatsukushi fishing information (catch) Kochi

Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information


[black fly] Saturday, February 21

 Nine pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[kanatoko] Saturday, February 21

 Six pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[small band] Friday, February 20

 Nine pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[singer] Friday, February 20

 Seven pieces of Gres 30-38cm


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...



Around Tatsukushi fishing (catch) information


[Tatsukushi] Thursday, February 19

Wind blew, but Japanese blue magpie included 39cm in the first on the list, and cloudiness was slightly still good with 2 figure catches at water temperature 15 degrees in spring somehow today to offing beach as it was wind from northwest while there was. Seem to be able to expect still more; shin (^o^)/

Catch photograph


 ... reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers ...

Orange garden


We introduce orange garden!


 In Tatsukushi, Tosashimizu-shi of warm climate, we cultivate citrus fruit using organic fertilizer. Various citrus fruit such as ponkan orange, konatsu(citrus fruit), tongue perception, Buntan(citrus fruit) brought up for the sun and the sea breeze is sweet all and are delicious!


We introduce part of product of orange garden!


[konatsu(citrus fruit) (life)]

Konatsu(citrus fruit) of sweet, refreshing taste peels yellow skin of table with the point to bark apple and we cut into pieces and eat white skin of inside with touching.




 [ponkan orange (life)]

We peel crust and can eat as bag. It is sweet and is fresh and young and is delicious!



Product including shochu and soda which we made with fruit juice and citrus fruit which made citrus fruit juice besides is rich in orange garden!

The purchase of product, other inquiries to this↓

Orange garden

Address: 4163, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi





Cape Ashizuri fishing (catch) information Kochi

Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information


[yokobae] Wednesday, February 18

18 pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[tengo] Wednesday, February 18

13 pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[singer] Tuesday, February 17

15 pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[ricemalt] Tuesday, February 17

Nine pieces of Gres 30-38cm


... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...


Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information


[Matsuo area place beach] Sunday, February 15

Five pieces of Gres 36cm, etc.


Catch photograph



[Matsuo area place beach] Wednesday, February 11

Seven pieces of Gres 35cm, etc.


Catch photograph




[Nakadomari, Ehime nokobae] Wednesday, February 15

11 pieces of Gres 45-50cm 


Catch photograph



 ... reporting: Takemoto fishing tools shop ...



[H27 age Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference & Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival]

With coming of spring, we hold "H27 age Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference" in the following schedule

We do.

The date and time: From H27 morning of Sunday, March 8 a year 10:30 (reception desk 10:00 ...)

Location: Tatsukushi, Tosashimizu-shi "Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi parking lot"

   At the time of rainy weather "Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi the second floor hall"

Contents: Opening ceremony (Ashizuri drum)

   Sightseeing difference (we throw ceremony, rice cake)


In addition, we hold sponsorship "Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival" of sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting at the same time. Detail of event such as tent sale, folk art, cake arm throw↓

Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival




-State - - - - - - - - - - of sightseeing difference & Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks festival of -------year before last



Opening a barrel by guests



Dance that has thick good point by "atagomachi aikumi*enichiza"



State of venue


Come to play by all means with your friends (^^♪

Tanikawa orchard


In Tosashimizu City, we cultivate citrus fruits such as Ashizuri ponkan oranges, and is sold

We introduce product of Tanikawa orchard!



[Ashizuri ponkan orange]

We receive solar light of southern country and are ponkan orange which is brushed by the sea breeze, and grew up.




 Popular dekopon crossbred "Kiyomi" and "ponkan orange", and strong sweetness and plentiful fruit juice were made. Please come to snacks!



[konatsu(citrus fruit)]

 Moderate acidity and refreshing sweetness are konatsu(citrus fruit) of characteristic. We bark table as if peeling apple and we leave inside white skin and eat. 


The purchase of product, other inquiries this way, please↓

Tanikawa orchard

Address: 2151-2, Shimomashino, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi






Imura farm


We introduce product of Imura farm!



[konatsu(citrus fruit)]

The early April and mid-June is citrus fruit of seasonal refreshing sweetness.

We peel skin of table with the point to peel apple round and round and eat white skin of inside together with touching.


The purchase of product, other inquiries this way, please↓

Imura farm

Address: kochikendo*seisuishishuryo 1229



Tatsukushi, Otsu fishing information Kochi

[Tatsukushi] Sunday, February 15

Cloudiness enters in spring early.
Water temperature is 14 degrees - 16 degrees and low ‼︎, too
(^-^)/ which we caught to have done it today in offing beach, nakaore, but not to consider

15 pieces, nakaore are called 15 pieces for 19 pieces, lump with rudder, and model that was catch include Japanese blue magpie and is to 30-40cm, but seems to be good (^-^)/

Seem to be able to expect still more; shin ‼︎

Catch photograph



Reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers


[Otsu] Sunday, February 8

Gres of 38cm - 34cm can catch!


Catch photograph




Reporting: Takemoto fishing tools shop

[about John-mung Museum business of today (2/17)]

(2/17), John-mung Museum and captain Whitfield tea room do business at 2:00 p.m., and they are finished for electric check in all facilities today. The last admission of museum should be 1:20.


Nuisance has a seat, but thank you for your understanding.



Kashima Shrine Festival

On Sunday, February 15, Kashima Shrine Festival is held this weekend.

Kashima Shrine Festival is festival to be held on third Sunday of February and October every year. (^^) which can feel state that state that fishing boat with miniature shrine parades over the sea is powerful, and disposition of men of the sea of old Ryoshimachi Tosashimizu is inherited in the present age

We introduce schedule on the day.

Ceremony starts in - Kashima Shrine at 9:00

    (we move God to miniature shrine and withdraw to torii. We go to ship to Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace carrying God. It is the city from Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace

     Patrol start)

10:00 - city (Asahicho, Motomachi, Tenjin-cho) patrol.

    We say "otabi" and seem to rest miniature shrine on the way in four places.

    (park of public hall central Shikoku Electric Power ago, restaurant Hiro, Motomachi)

    We finally go to market.

Fishing boat cruise starts - miniature shrine on ship at 15:00.

    (Kashima inside of the gulf, about from 40 minutes to one hour)

The 16:30 end



 State of dance of medium.



 Colorful big catch flag flutters in wind.



 It is before the fishing boat departure from a port.



 Under cruise in Gulf of Kashima.


Would it like to be gone out to see festival of popular big festival, Kashima Shrine of Tosashimizu by all means on this weekend (^^?♪

※In addition, image is thing at the time of festival of last October.


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