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Articles of March, 2015 are as follows.

"THE history series of biographies" John Mung feature!


John Mung is featured in BS-TBS "THE history series of biographies" of broadcasting on Friday, March 27 tomorrow!


THE history series of biographies


"THE history series of biographies - and ~ that masterpiece was created"
(subtitle) "central figure John, Manjiro (tentative title) of shadow of the foundation of a country in Japan"
It is from 10:00 to 10:56 p.m. in the afternoon (on airdate) on Friday, March 27
(broadcasting station) BS-TBS

We are from Kochi and, as for Kazuchika Yamamoto writing novel "John Mann", seem to be appeared on guest now.
Look by all means; (^O^)/



John-mung Museum

Tatsukushi - Ashizuri fishing information (catch photograph) Kochi

 Around Tatsukushi fishing (catch) information


[Tatsukushi] Wednesday, March 25

We lived on the good calm today in rudder, okiana. (^O^)/ where the tide was complete spring cloudiness and thought ship fishing was useless, and what happened to surf-fishing, but was able to catch rudder, beach of okiana

Include Japanese blue magpie with rudder; is eight pieces and ‼︎ which caught at 30-39cm at 30-40cm in anything and 27 pieces, okiana

Catch photograph







 Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information

[singer] Sunday, March 22

 Nine pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[Tama charge account] Sunday, March 22

 Three pieces of Gres 30-36cm

 Two pieces of yellow jack 30-35cm


[singer] Monday, March 23

 Seven pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[ricemalt] Monday, March 23

 Four pieces of Gres 30-36cm


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...



[Matsuo area offing rice mortar] Monday, March 16

 Two pieces of parrot fish 61-62cm

 15 pieces of Gres 30-36cm


Catch photograph






[Matsuo area offing rice mortar] Saturday, March 13

 31 pieces of Gres 30-37cm


Catch photograph


  ... reporting: Takemoto fishing tools shop ...

[Ashizuri Aquarium spring vacation event]

In Ashizuri Aquarium, we start "spring vacation event" on Saturday, March 28.



As for the spring vacation, come to play to Tosashimizu City, Ashizuri Aquarium by all means; (^O^)/

Tatsukushi fishing information - Ashizuri fishing information (catch) Kochi

 Around Tatsukushi fishing (catch) information


[Tatsukushi] Saturday, March 14

‼︎ which there are the wind and waves today, and offing beach was not good, but we have left unseen, and the outskirts and around marubae improve with spring

43cm and good one appear and after all, at this time, have that model is good left unseen, and the outskirts and around marubae are desire (^o^)/

Soon as for the oval squid expectation dekisodesuyo f^_^;)

Today's catch



 ... reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers ...



Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information


[large belt] Tuesday, March 17

 One piece of parrot fish 46cm


[black fly] Tuesday, March 17

 Four pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[black fly] Saturday, March 14

 Parrot fish 55, 63cm two pieces


[singer] Saturday, March 14

 Ten pieces of Gres 30-38cm
 Sea bass 50, 60cm two pieces


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...


We call at a port of port of sailing boat "miraihe" Ashizuri

(no company) Sailing boat "miraihe" for exercise that global personnel training promotion mechanism owns calls at a port of port of Ashizuri (3/13 - 3/15).

In the middle of program of sailing challenge Shikoku one round seven days, inboard visit for general people and experience-based voyage were performed this time in 3/14.


"miraihe" is 250 tons of aggregate tonnage. We seem to fold sail in port entrance and leaving of port.



This is bow (front part of ship). We turn yellow steering wheel and seem to regulate Ikari.



This is wheelhouse. We had you explain toward the charge, but the system seems to be such that it does not fall down even if we incline to what this ship, 90 degrees (not depressed)! We seemed to employ a lot of weights toward the bottom. It is clinometer to appear in the upper photograph right-side end.



This is dining room and learning room. It seems to be thing which this Shikoku one round program participants wrote enthusiasm of voyage that is put on wall.






Meeting room



The ship top was full of general release visitors. Experience-based voyage application receptionist from the afternoon went, too.



When this says Helm, and miraihega sails, according to instructions from bridge (wheelhouse), it seems to steer. Taking a ceremonial photograph is possible here, too♪



Sailing boat "miraihe" leaves for 3/15 for Kobe while continuing one lap of Shikoku. Can achieve voyage safely! (*^_^*)




Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference, Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival holding!

Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference to tell the beginning of tourist season of this year was held at Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi parking lot on Sunday, March 8. In addition, "Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival was held at the same time this year, too".



Sightseeing difference ceremony starts with Ashizuri drum at 10:00 a.m. while the looks of the sky are in danger.



After congratulatory address, ceremony is finished by guests, opening a barrel by Tourism association directors safely.


"Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks festival" that it is hosted by sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting from here.


 Two Rice Univ. (the right) that host is from Tosashimizu, Sugita Hiroshi (the center) of entertainer, Mai Toyama (the left) of free-lance announcer.


Venue was a lot of branches and was full of many people.





In addition, highlight "hachikin arm wrestling meet of event was prosperous very much, too", and there was application approximately 30.


 ((+_+) which there is not photograph of important competition and does not finish)


In venue, corner of wood-splitting and making of lease experience gained popularity, too.



 Forest preservation volunteer by local people performs activity to raid mountain to protect the sea having sea area park in Tatsukushi.


In addition, we had dance, Tatsukushi that Tatsukushi true-false quiz and good point had dark left unseen, and there were various events such as geo-tours.

And what gathered people most



It is rice cake arm throw!

(*^_^*) where many people came, and thank you

We would like next year☆☆


Tatsukushi, Ashizuri fishing information (catch information) Kochi

 Around Tatsukushi fishing (catch) information


[Tatsukushi] Saturday, March 8

Weather was good, but there is east undulation, offing beach is abandonment ‼︎
We had left unseen and did it at the outskirts, but were able to catch excellent model of 47cm of thing that there was cloudiness in spring, and number did not appear in water temperature in 15 degrees and the severe situation either.

In addition, black sea bream aim was able to catch black sea bream, too ((^o^)/ which ^o^)/ this time period is time when change of water temperature is intense, and irregularity goes to catch in the situation of the tide, but looks forward to your coming as it is time when excellent model appears


Catch photograph




 ... reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers ...



Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information


[warugane] Saturday, March 7

 One piece of parrot fish 60cm


[Nami fly] Saturday, March 7

 Eight pieces of Gres 30-36cm

 Two pieces of chair Malus Sieboldii 50-55cm


[black fly] Friday, March 6

 14 pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[nagi chicken] Friday, March 6

 Seven pieces of Gres 30-38cm


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...

Tatsukushi fishing information, Ashizuri fishing information (catch) Kochi

 Around Tatsukushi fishing (catch) information


[Tatsukushi] Sunday, March 1

f^_^; which March begins, and cloudiness enters the sea which came to seem to be spring at a stretch in special spring in the early spring, and has a capricious catch in quite good bad condition, but thinks that there is also interesting place of fishing)

(^o^)/ where it was the very severe situation, but regular customer caught Gres somehow yesterday for 28 days

It will be sign that Japanese blue magpie seems to be from now on. In addition, it will be beach which seems to become interesting from now on.


Catch photograph



 ... reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers ...



Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information


[large belt] Saturday, February 28

 Five pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[buttocks go berserk] Saturday, February 28

 Seven pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[black fly] Wednesday, February 25

 18 pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[small band] Wednesday, February 25

 12 pieces of Gres 30-38cm


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...

"The third Shimanto Area, Ashizuri infinite challenge ride" Ashizuri course

On February 28, 2015, "the third Shimanto Area, Ashizuri infinite challenge ride" Ashizuri course was held. Ashizuri course went south from Shimanto City in the Cape Ashizuri area, and, in course of total extension 105km to return on shoreline which overlooked the Pacific in Shimanto City from Tosashimizu City again visiting the Sukumo City areas, approximately 400 "charida" participated in the course this year (^^♪

In addition, long course of 135km over Cape Ashizuri in total was prepared for optionally this year, too.


Ashizuri Sea Station became aid station, and the staff entertained staff of our association.


 With minced fish soup which Spanish mackerel and flying fish entered…



 Fully offer Ashizuri ponkan orange, mandarin orange, "princess bonito" of Tosa food, and hospitality preparations are everything!


Participants that Shimanto City was started at 9:00 a.m. It was woman that beginning participated in Ashizuri Sea Station at last from arrival (^^) anything and Hokkaido!




(^^) where we introduce photograph of participants to from here



















She could come to program "charida" of NHK BS-1 for coverage, shooting, and Kinuyo played an active part as life navigator for cycle participated in this challenge ride.


 Our Secretary General association, Doi and taking a ceremonial photograph (^^)




In addition, comedian, two Rice Univ. from Tosashimizu participates in clothes of movie "araundo Shimanto Area - karunikaran ..." which oneself appeared on, too!


On (March 1), we had unfortunate rain today, but everybody during cycling with Shimanto Area course. You think that there is great place in rain, but please do your best till the last (^^♪

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