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Articles of April, 2015 are as follows.

Ashizuri, Tatsukushi fishing information (catch information) Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information

[co-uji fly] Saturday, April 25

 Two pieces of parrot fish 55-62cm


[warugane] Saturday, April 25

 One piece of parrot fish 57cm


[Nami fly] Saturday, April 25

 Go wrong    Five pieces of 35-40cm

 Three pieces of isagi 40-45cm


[Kajiya] Sunday, April 26

 Two pieces of parrot fish 52-59cm


[co-uji fly] Sunday, April 26

 One piece of parrot fish 63cm


[black fly] Monday, April 27

 Parrot fish    One piece of 62cm


[senchibae] Monday, April 27

 Go wrong        12 pieces of 30-35cm


[senchibae] Monday, April 27

 isagi      Three pieces of 40-46cm


 ... reporting: It is circle ... Ashizuri suddenly


[small band] Saturday, April 25

 Four pieces of Gres 30-36cm


[yokobae] Saturday, April 25

 Five pieces of Gres 30-38cm


[singer] Sunday, April 26

 Four pieces of parrot fish 55-65cm


[nagi chicken] Sunday, April 26

 Four pieces of Gres 30-36cm


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...



[Matsuo area place beach] Saturday, April 25

 Blue magpie and others    Five pieces of ... 43cm



 ... reporting: Takemoto fishing tools shop ...


Around Tatsukushi fishing (catch) information


[Tatsukushi] Saturday, April 25


 GW is almost (^o^)/, too
(>_<) where April of this year had much stormy weather
shimashitayo ‼︎ where it is the latter half, and it goes up in dribs and drabs that aori is good and is
shitatoo accidental f^_^; where this gets oval squid of yesterday's photograph 1 kilo)


We do it today.

In addition, as water temperature became 20 degrees, we want to expect isagi, but fish in the bottom of the sea seems to become interesting, too.

There is wave and does not appear very much, but is recent catch photograph.




  ... reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers ...


Port of Ashizuri oval squid (Mo-ika(kind of squid)) fishing time information

[port of Ashizuri oval squid (Mo-ika(kind of squid)) information] 2015/4/19


At port of Ashizuri, a person doing fishing from quay may put one year and is seen.

It is "oval squid" to be able to catch at the present time.

Trunk is flat, and oval squid is round in comparison with slim squid which "Mo-ika(kind of squid)" means well (^^) in this neighborhood.

We seem to be able to catch large thing to approach shoal for laying eggs in the early spring....

As we are catching this "Mo-ika(kind of squid)" in the evening and met, we improve. Sashimi of Mo-ika(kind of squid) is delicious! Fishing why don't be done at port of Ashizuri on holiday (^^ or♪




The sea of Tatsukushi

Tatsukushi, kenzan shideha, "oval squid" hit soon.

We go wrong, and number decreased, but is over 46cm.

Anyway, we pray for recovery of weather as we cannot depart from a lot of rain.



"Oval squid"


"Gres 46cm"

If weather is restored, we can expect catch!

Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi "spring Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) campaign"


On Sunday, April 12, we can eat "Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel)" set meal which Tosashimizu is proud of in Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi this weekend (^^♪



Sunday early by all means these in limited number of one to Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi! (^O^)

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