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Articles of June, 2015 are as follows.

The Coast Guard "is with patrol boat" and recruits experience-based voyage participants

In Tosashimizu sea preservation station, it depends on "it is patrol boat" as commemorative event on "Marine Day",

We carry out experience-based voyage of Cape Ashizuri roundtrip.


It is with patrol boat (position: 1,360 tons of Kochi Regional Coast Guard Headquarters aggregate tonnage, full length 91, 4m)




[the date and time] Sunday, July 19, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to the midday (approximately two hours)

   (embarkation reception desk from 8:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. on that day)

[place] Port of Ashizuri quay

[the offer number of people] Around 300 people

[application method] Application with telephone to Tosashimizu sea preservation station or return card.

 ※In the case of application with return card, please mail to following application after filling out the next matter.

 ≪Of back side >> embarkation allcomers of letter sent to get a reply

       ①Address, ② full name, ③ sex, ④ age (as of July 19) ⑤ phone number

 ≪Zip code, address, full name of surface >> representative of house call

[deadline for application] Receptionist with return card must arrive by Friday, July 10

     ※We finish closing acceptance as soon as we reach first-come-first-served basis, capacity


※When the number of the people of embarkation can afford, on the day we issue embarkation ticket by local receptionist during until from 8:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.

※As for the under primary school children, I would like protector companion.

※By bad weather and urgent case correspondence, we may change experience-based voyage to cancellation or general release in a hurry

Approve node beforehand.

[application, reference]

〒787-0303 18-46, Asahimachi, Tosashimizu-shi 

Tosashimizu sea preservation station TEL0880-82-0464




Please actually go on a voyage at this opportunity (*^^)v

Tosashimizu City oldness and trip ticket "gold rush coupon"

Oldness and trip ticket "gold rush coupon of Tosashimizu City," it is released 7/1!



You can purchase very advantageous trip ticket of face value 10,000 yen (accommodation coupon 6,000 yen, gift certificate 4,000 yen) for 5,000 yen!


[release] H27 seven a year one day a month

[period of use] Until H27 age from August 1 to January 31

[use place] 64 registration including registration accommodation 30 facility in Tosashimizu City and restaurant, souvenir, tourist facility


Also, sale accepts exclusive page by telephone, FAX of our association from July 1.


Gold rush coupon special page


Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association

Telephone /0880-82-3155 FAX/0880-82-3156

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