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Articles of February, 2016 are as follows.

[held the 42nd Ashizuri camellia Festival hospitality event! ]

Hello! It is Inotani.

Risshun passes, and winter cold will be place called patience ending soon, too; or (^^)


"The 42nd Ashizuri camellia Festival" hospitality event was held in Cape Ashizuri that camellia was in full glory on Sunday, February 7.


Holding place is The Statue of John Mung Maezono place.




On the day it was not cold, and temperature went up as expected if lunch became near, and weather was good, and it was perfect "sightseeing in Ashizuri weather".



At first, to opening from 10:00 a.m., local idol "SSD38" is until the end of spirit

(^^) which showed stage





"One character of cry dream of Ashizuri" where it is hosted by Ashizuri hot spring meeting to become the seventh in this year is decided in one character of "the sum".

After calligraphy by Tosashimizu City high school student, it was displayed in garden. Display is until February 29.


After the display, three Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club is taking a ceremonial photograph (^^)


It is distributed young plant of camellia by Tosashimizu City sightseeing campaign lady afterwards.





We had long lines on distribution of minced fish soup with start!




Fried food, ponkan, it is sold sputum




Experience-based corner made with child-limited strap




Distribution of Chabushi by Tosashimizu City Geopark promotion meeting and geo-display corner




Beautiful Pacific from Cape Ashizuri Observatory and blue view (^^) of the sky





There was a lot of tourist who took a walk through promenade!20160208132955.JPG



Everybody who participated in "seven wonders geo-guided tour" by Tosashimizu City sightseeing volunteer Meeting.

(^^) which tries hard to move "Rocking Stone" trying the right and wrong of heart




The camellia forest pathway



 All of you who came to hospitality event, thank you! (*^_^*)

Thicket camellia of Cape Ashizuri is seen until the end of this month.

"Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri" is held this weekend on Sunday on Saturday, February 13, 14th.

Closing date passes, but please contact the meeting secretariat (0880-82-1212) if person to want to participate comes; (^^)

The eleventh Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri



[the eleventh Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri] Recruitment of participants! Association of Kochi walking, Shikoku marching league participation meet


Hello! (^^) which is Inotani

It is information for "Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri" held during camellia Festival period of February participant offer every year!




"The eleventh Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri"

The date and time: H28 age Saturday, February 13, 14th Sunday

   ※We carry out walk (Tatsukushi has left unseen geo-walk) in Tatsukushi Sea Area Park with much effort on Friday, February 12.

☆…☆…☆…Course summary…☆…☆…☆

Friday, February 12 → With much effort walk (Tatsukushi has left unseen geo-walk)

          (there are course of 5km, the glass boat embarkation on the way)

Saturday, February 13 → ashizurihenro way and the 38th Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage) Kongofukuji Temple

        (there are 10km, 20km, each course of 30km)

          We walk promenade, Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse of Cape Ashizuri, the 38th Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage) Kongofukuji Temple, some pilgrim ways.

Sunday, February 14 → John-Mung Kuroshio Current road and Matsuo area, rice mortar bae

        (there are 7km, 14km, each course of 25km)

          We walk big tree of natural monument Ako of country, Matsuo area Tenman-gu Shrine.


☆…☆…☆…Entrance fee…☆…☆…☆

Prior application: General 2,000 yen, in middle and high schools true 1,000 yen, under primary school children for free

Application on that day: General 2,200 yen, in middle and high schools true 1,200 yen, under primary school children for free

With much effort walk (Tatsukushi has left unseen geo-walk): 1,500 yen

(glass boat josendaikinfukumi: under primary school children for free)


☆…☆…☆…Participation privilege…☆…☆…☆

With free bathing ticket of Ashizuri Onsenkyo that is available for participant in 2/13, 2/14!


☆…☆…☆…Contact information…☆…☆…☆

[as for the inquiry about meeting]
11-2, Tenjinmachi, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi
The meeting secretariat in Tosashimizu City sightseeing business and industry section
FAX: 0880-82-1126
Weekdays from 8:30 to 17:15

[inquiry about application]
JTB China Shikoku Kochi Branch
1-21, Sakaimachi, Kouchi-shi, Kochi
FAX: 088-873-0609


For more details, please see this ↓!



[participation application PDF]

JTB homepage

We look forward to early application! (*^_^*)


The 42nd Ashizuri camellia Festival

Good morning! It is Inotani.

For these past several days, cold day continues in Tosashimizu.

We photographed this from Cape Ashizuri Observatory the other day.


Flowering of camellia is seen earlier than average year this year probably because climate is warm.


"Ashizuri camellia festival" that is held every year in February.

It is held this year until from Monday, February 1 to Monday, February 29 in H28 year.

As schedule of hospitality event held during period was fixed, we will tell.


"The 42nd Ashizuri camellia Festival" hospitality event

The date and time: Sunday, February 7, 2016 10:00 - holding

Location: Cape Ashizuri tip John Mung image Maezono place


★Shimizu dance studio position "SSD38" opening

★Cry "one character of dream" announcement of the seventh Ashizuri!  (Ashizuri hot spring meeting)

 ("one character of dream" by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club calligraphy & display)

★Young plant for free distribution (by the first 200 people, Tosashimizu City sightseeing campaign lady) of camellia

★Minced fish soup behavior (200 meals)

★The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri geo-guided tour (three times a day, experience charges for free) (Tosashimizu City sightseeing volunteer Meeting)

 Time: 11:00 ..., 12:00 ..., 13:00 ...

★Cape Ashizuri sightseeing pleasure boat (adult 2,500 yen, child 1,250 yen ※ under primary school children)

 Time: At 11:00, at 12:30, at 14:00  ※There are free pickup and drop-off from venue to port

  Reservation: (no company) Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association TEL 0880-82-3155
  ※In venue on that day accept.

★Experiences (lighthouse, camellia) made with strap

★Geo-display corner

★Product sales corner (bonito croquette, blue sprat fly, ponkan orange, Buntan(citrus fruit))


It is state of camellia Festival of last year as follows.







Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association TEL/0880-82-3155

 We make madeo wish!


In addition, we raise "one character of dream" until Monday, January 18.

Look at Detail ↓↓; (^^)

Cry "one character of dream" of the seventh Ashizuri

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