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Articles of March, 2016 are as follows.

Fishing of port of Ashizuri

Wednesday, March 23

We went to port of Ashizuri "keison of detached room" for fishing.

Color of the tide is bad.

On the surface of the water, there is fry of "tongoroka, blue sprat" in one side.

Pole occasionally turned, but Gres of favorite was two of them.

Laying eggs time when we had a lot of eggs though it is the end of March is late

It feels like becoming, but it is delicious to eat!


Today's catch



[H28 age Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference & Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival]


Hello! It is Inotani.

It is cold, but still has a feeling that spring approaches little by little.


With coming of spring on next month (Sunday, March 13) at Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi parking lot

"H28 age Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference & Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival"

We hold this!








State of sightseeing difference ceremony of last year.



"Come, and, by "Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival," good point dances" "Geopark event" "hachikin arm wrestling meet",

We plan nadonado, and there are branches such as eating and drinking or processing product, too!

Furthermore, lottery ticket which various prizes hit when we have you do shopping in shop opening a store in venue

I hand without exception!

※Lottery is from 14:30.






Geopark event

In Tosashimizu City, we aim at Geopark authorization in Japan in the H29 year and carry out various activities,

By "Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival" as Geopark event "Tatsukushi have left unseen geo-tour" "handmade geo-map experience"

We perform "Geopark booth display".



Place of glass boat passage fare 1,560 yen of adult one person normal as for "Tatsukushi we have left unseen geo-tour,"

It is very advantageous tour to be with commentary, and to be adult one person 1,000 yen of volunteer guide♪♪

As it is to the first 15 people, we recommend early application!


☆☆☆Time schedule☆☆☆☆☆☆

 10:25 opening ceremony (Ashizuri drum)

 10:30 Tosashimizu City sightseeing difference ceremony

 We throw rice cake of celebration at 11:20

 11:30 Ashizuri drum

 Dance (there is team and criticizes) that has thick 12:00 good point

 12:30 hachikin arm wrestling meet (qualifier)

 13:10 stage (TOSHI)

 13:30 booth introduction

 14:00 hachikin arm wrestling meet (the final)

 14:30 Tatsukushi University lottery

 We have at 15:00 and throw




"hachikin arm wrestling meet"

Championship prize money 50,000 yen! (^^) during recruitment of participants

hachikin arm wrestling meet



Under recruitment of people from branch!

 It is recruiting our sunrise store servants now! Let alone eating and drinking processing product, farm products and original goods,

In addition, branch, flea market only for display are welcome, too.

If you like, I would like application from the following page! (^^)

Tatsukushi strangely shaped rocks Festival special page

※Recruitment of people from branch was finished (3/1)






The fourth Shimanto Area, Ashizuri infinite challenge ride Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

Hello! It is Inotani.

It was mild winter and this year to be said, but at last, in Tosashimizu, morning cooling became severe!


Under recruitment of the fourth Shimanto Area, Ashizuri infinite challenge ride participants!

☆Not competition race to compete for thyme, it is cycling event. 



The date:   H28 age Sunday, March 6

Held Location:  Kochi southwest area (Tosashimizu City, Otsuki Town, Sukumo City, Mihara Village, Shimanto City, Kuroshio Town, 40,010)

      Main venue: Ashizurimisaki, Tosashimizu-shi municipal management parking lot

Course (distance): ●Ashizuri short course (approximately 125km Tosashimizu City → Otsuki Town → Tosashimizu City)

        ●Ashizuri middle course (approximately 158km Tosashimizu City → Otsuki Town → Sukumo City → Shimanto City → Tosashimizu City)

        ●Shimanto Area long course (approximately 222km Tosashimizu City → Shimanto City → Kuroshio Town → 40,010 → Shimanto City → Tosashimizu City)


Entrance fee (common throughout all courses): One application: 8,000 yen

            Five one set applications (we break five people): 35,000 yen (7,000 yen)

            Ten one set applications (we break ten people): 70,000 yen (7,000 yen)


Contact Shimanto Area, Ashizuri infinite challenge light executive committee secretariat, Kunisawa

         088-846-6703 FAX: 088-846-6713

Meeting homepage: The fourth Shimanto Area, Ashizuri infinite challenge ride

         Application from this →  Application

 The application deadline was February 12, but we extend and are accepting!

List of around venue accommodations

List of around venue accommodations (PDF)

We look forward to participation of many all of you by all means (^^ ゞ


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