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Articles of May, 2016 are as follows.

Port of Ashizuri (keison)

Wednesday, May 18

It is port of Ashizuri in fine one after a long absence

We went to (keison) for fishing.

Gres of excellent model is fired by start!

The tide stopped at noon, and bait did not fall, but past 1:00 p.m.

Begin to hit from this soon again, and go wrong to 40cm head; 16 of them, sannoji

We bent pole to Bali plenty.

Lose line by awful pull twice inside; "putsun" (laugh)

Something or other deca; is, and there is guy.



Color hahommani beautiful yana of Gres having just finished catching!


Today's catch, 30cm - 40cm (16)





[hata trip sightseeing product exhibition in Osaka Kaiyukan]

Hello! It is Inotani of Tourism association.

Hot day continues and is already completely Tosashimizu of weather of early summer recently.


(^^) which is news of sightseeing product exhibition becoming held secondary to last year



hata trip sightseeing product exhibition in Osaka Kaiyukan

The date and time: H28 age Saturday, June 4, 5th Sunday

   Until from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Osaka Kaiyukan 2F event open space (the outdoors)


We perform sale of special product, sightseeing PR from the Hata area 6 municipalities located in Kochi southwest area.

We plan experience-based corner that you can enjoy to child.

In addition, East Kochi area performs special product sale, PR at the same time this year in the venue, too.


State at the time of last year holding①




State at the time of last year holding②


Family, friend come to play by all means with your friends; (^^)/


Matsuo area (honkage)

By relations that associate with professional player Okada

Information improves.

There was Okada in Matsuo area (honkage) and swung pole.

30cm - 44cm Japanese blue magpie, mouth large o five pieces.

It was fishing, but gives excellent model only in the morning!

"Gres isagi" seems to be more and more brisk from now on!





Photo courtesy than Facebook of Okada.

GW John Mung Seaside Genki Festival




Period: From 3 to 5 on May in 2016 (three days) from 9:00 to 15:00

Held Location: John-mung Museum counterscarp wall (Ashizuri Sea Station)


・Sea kayaking experience (1000 yen per person one hour)

・Banana boat experience (of 1000 yen per person)

・Fishing (we take away one 1,000 yen once belonging to ice) in Thailand

・Quay sabiki fishing experience (belonging to 1,000 yen styrene, ice once)

・Roar of laughter! Fish itinerant trade of Tosashimizu City

・Aim; geo-booth (is made with geo-map, and present batch to 100 one first arrival with flyer)

・Souda Bushi PR corner

・Noted product camp grounds (Tosashimizu City Sabazushi, fish meal, beef skewer, pizza, Souda Bushi takoyaki)


[3rd event]

・11:00 /14:00 twice paper airplane tobashi meet (there is luxurious premium for high-ranking three people)
 ※Participation qualification is primary schoolchild. In addition, the making of paper airplane comes by parent and child participation.


[4th event]

・By sea kayaking tournament W boat (one set of two people) race against time (there is luxurious premium for three sets of high ranks)

・(Tosashimizu City saba pickles bowl sale) the first 100 people-limited by Tosashimizu City fishermen's cooperative association woman part!


[5th event]

・John-Mung 0 X quiz (there is luxurious premium for high-ranking three people)

※In addition, a lot of height of event pleasant!




Fishing experience (we buy to go for one 1,000 yen once) in Thailand


Quay sabiki fishing experience (until bait disappears)


State of banana boat


Overall state


Tosashimizu City saba pickles bowl (image)


Paper airplane tobashi meet


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