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Articles of July, 2016 are as follows.

[for mascot Grand Prix 2016 sect field busshi you entry]

Official character, sect field busshi of Tosashimizu City

We did entry for mascot Grand Prix this year!





Souda Bushi which is special product of Tosashimizu City.

With Souda Bushi, frigate mackerel is joint of raw materials. We get soup stock with unique flavor and taste,

We have been used for a long time to take soup stock of Udon and side mainly in restaurant and restaurant.

Tosashimizu City is the best Souda Bushi amount of production in Japan!

Sect field busshi you are character born from such a Souda Bushi.

We sharpen own body literally and are engaged earnestly for PR of Tosashimizu City every day!

It is this about sect field busshi you in detail



When passenger ship Nipponmaru called at a port of port of Ashizuri, he/she came for support!


Mascot Grand Prix 2016

It is vote reception desk start from 10:00 in the H28 morning of Friday, July 22 a year!

Vote is possible from PC, tablet, smartphone.

From official site following in being able to vote once a day at the same terminal,

Please vote for sect field busshi you by all means!

Mascot Grand Prix 2016


[internship intern from Taiwan, Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology]

In March of this year, Taiwanese Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology concluded internship tie-up with Tosashimizu City,

From July 1, two interns finally did in Tosashimizu City!


(the left) shuiyasu (the right) Yuki Takeda

The mayor and taking a ceremonial photograph!


City hall was visited yesterday (7/4) and was talked with the mayor.

Coverage of TV station entered yesterday, too and seemed to be taken up in news of the evening.



After having received the training in Tourism association during two weeks, two people become the training at hotel of Ashizuri.

Until yesterday, he/she experienced marine pleasure boat of Cape Ashizuri and glass boat of Tatsukushi, Minokoshi Coast walk.




Please do your best with two people!
And (*^_^*) which is nice if he/she comes to like Tosashimizu City by all means

[event of Ashizuri Aquarium summer]

In today's Tosashimizu, carat is strong in sunlight openly!

Passing of the rainy season is already imminent, too (^^♪


We introduce summer event of Ashizuri Aquarium!



Summer plan exhibition gather, and friend of globefish stands!

[display period] From August 1 to August 31


In night aquarium enjoying the cool breeze summer festival [night little child fair]

[the date] Sunday, July 17, Saturday, August 13

     From 18:30 to 21:00

[contents] Yoyo fishing, lot, Super Bowl scoop


Summer vacation ukiukiibento [targeted for under primary school children]

[the date] Sunday, August 7, Sunday, August 21

★It is 00 00-15 little child globefish doctor quiz 10:00 - 12:00.13

★Little child quoits game about 10:30 ... start first arrival 100 people


In addition, it is made with parent and child woodwork classroom, tooth accessories of shark, and there are branches of Matsuo area song shop!

Come to play to Ashizuri Aquarium in summer vacation!



Ashizuri Aquarium, Sea Gallery John-mung Museum "3 advantageous halls set ticket"⇓

3 building set ticket





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