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Articles of November, 2016 are as follows.

[the 33rd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival]

The 33rd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival

The date and time: H28 age Saturday, December 3 from 9:30 to 16:00

    〃 Sunday, December 4 from 9:00 to 15:00

Location: Open space in front of Nishimachi, Tosashimizu-shi (etsugyoko) prefecture combination Government building

Contents: Let alone fresh fish, vegetables of Tosashimizu City, delicious sale using local ingredients of the things, it is behavior of large pan

   Thing which is delicious from (number is limited) and the suburbs, outside the prefecture, it is fruit tree and young plant, many branch gaarima including knife again



(pickup event)

[3rd Saturday]  

★Mascot appearance! (13:30 ...) dumplings you, Sukumo City nohanachan, Shimanto City nobushumarokun,

 Sect field busshi you of Hata area nohatappi and Tosashimizu City appear!

★Ashizuri Aquarium tatting pool (10:00 ...)

★Balloon art (from 10:00 to 14:00) of Uncle Johnny

★Large pan stew (mejika minced fish soup, pork miso soup, Iseebi lobster stew) ※The end out of stock


[4th Sunday]

★Acting car flock & first aid lifesaving fair Coast Guard & Police joint PR (9:30 ...)      

 Prefectural police musical band (13:00 ...)

★Balloon art (from 9:30 to 12:00) of Uncle Johnny

★Large pan stew (mejika minced fish soup, pork miso soup, Iseebi lobster stew) ※The end out of stock


About other events, details, please confirm the following flyer↓↓↓




Cape Ashizuri (Isa) catch information Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi Gres parrot fish

"Cape Ashizuri (Isa) outskirts fishing (catch) information"

Tuesday, November 22
[sake bottle]
   Go wrong        18 pieces of 30-38cm

 Go wrong    25 pieces of 30-38cm


Monday, November 21
 Go wrong     19 pieces of 30-48cm

[black fly]
 Six pieces of parrot fish 40-55cm


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...


"Cape Ashizuri outskirts fishing (catch) information"

Sunday, November 13
[east nagahae]
   Go wrong        27 pieces of 30-35cm

[Tama charge account]
 Go wrong    Ten pieces of 30-35cm






 ... reporting: Takemoto fishing tools shop ...


Fishing of port of Ashizuri

※Port of Ashizuri Sunday, November 20

 It is ideal day for cloudy sky, cool fishing.


It is facing the quay tip south, and a large number of anglers give pole.

We can catch small thing of sumakatsuo with "sabiki change"

This side is with "Fukase fishing" hibudai scads.


We get to know in angler and discover! We caught "scad".


When that is good, and see; my favorite fishing ground "caisson of hanare"

It is discovered angler in this! We do not all catch!

Fishing of Tatsukushi

Fishing, water temperature of Tatsukushi are high, and catch seems to be not good enough

We seem to be able to expect from now on.



Cape Ashizuri (Isa) fishing information (catch) Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

[Cape Ashizuri (Isa)]

11/17 tengo     Go wrong        39 30-38 centimeters
11/17 waruganeishidai 40 centimeters            One of them
11/16 nagi chicken goes wrong       30-38 centimeters    15 of them
11/16 yokobaegure        30-38 centimeters    20 of them


[reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers]

Tatsukushi fishing information (catch information) Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

"Tatsukushi, we have left unseen neighboring (catch) information"

November 15

We did our best today while it rained in the morning.
It did not touch 40, but we said (^-^)/ taste which caught rare tsuchihozeri (friend of grouper) again very much and were pleased with Gres of 39 centimeters as it seemed to be fish.
(>_<) which seems to be desolate a little tomorrow


[reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers]



do*kaiengan entered port at port of Ashizuri for from 14 to 15 on November in H28 year.


 do*kaiengan of 11/15 about 8:00 a.m.


Of every year this time become annual, but students of school in the prefectural Kochi south,

To be able to come to Tosashimizu on do*kaiengan, and to learn about John Mung,

We observe trouble museum, the John Mung birthplace of Nakanohama at John-Mung time.


It was unfortunate rain at the time of the evening, the arrival in port of 11/14, but became so good weather the next day!


It is photographed by "captain Whitfield tea room" of Ashizuri Sea Station terrace seat.


It was visited in 15 students, 18 people of three staff of a school this time.


Finally we take a ceremonial photograph!

On bus, it was gone to the John-Mung birthplace of Nakanohama after this.

All of schools in the Kochi south, thank you! Please enjoy Tosashimizu City after this carefully!


Tosashimizu City high school student got on do*kaiengan this time and left to Kochi City!

Everybody, please enjoy sea voyage carefully!



[Tosashimizu City product, sightseeing PR fair in Osaka senchu pal]

Sightseeing product exhibition in annual Osaka senchu pal is held every year on Saturday and Sunday of the end of this week!




"Tosashimizu City product, sightseeing PR is fair"

The date and time: H28 age Saturday, November 5, 6th Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Osaka the south square of Senchuparu

Contents: Stop princess bonito, jako, barracuda; dried fish of directness (Tosa food)
   Shell accessories (sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting)
   Souda Bushi, "Souda Bushi that soup stock sells well" (committee wanting to know Souda Bushi more)
   saba bojushi, Grilled Mackerel-shaped Sushi (Yoshinaga Inc.)
   Konatsu(citrus fruit), carrot dressing (Tosashimizu spirit project)
   Mandarin orange, cucumber (tanigawa farm)
   We raise Ashizuri tortoise (we see and spare Yamashita temple)
   Imo-mochi (Bakery Pomie)
   Grilled hairtail mirin, hairtail bone senbei (marutosa food)

  In addition, from Mihara-mura, Hata-gun from sale, Otsuki Town such as raw sake, vegetables, rice,

  There is sale such as blue sprat, vegetables!


 Furthermore, we hold lottery ♫ almost empty! It is Ashizuri hot spring pair accommodation coupon most!


Photograph is state of last year. PR of oldness and direct shipment service "Ashizuri, Tatsukushi state hole Kuroshio Current service."



Company of Tosashimizu, Tosa food sell princess bonito, dried fish.




Sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting performs sampling sale of sweet potato chips, sightseeing PR!




Grilled Mackerel-shaped Sushi of Yoshinaga Inc. and mackerel look sushi.




Imo-mochi of baker Bakery Pomie of Tosashimizu.



PR by committee wanting you to know Souda Bushi.



Lottery almost empty is held, too!




Please come to hasenchu pal to play on Osaka, all of you of Kansai area, by all means this weekend!

We look forward to your coming! (*^_^*)


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