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Articles of December, 2016 are as follows.

[about year-end and New Year tourist facility, business of restaurant]

We will tell about tourist facility in the year-end and New Year Tosashimizu City, the business situation of main restaurant.


●Investigation period●

H28 age Friday, December 30 - H29 age Thursday, January 5



・Restaurant to introduce here is not all restaurants in Tosashimizu City.

・As sudden changes of business plan are expected, we recommend what you inquire directly beforehand.







[news of the year-end and New Year Cape Ashizuri traffic regulation]

Because Cape Ashizuri has few parking lots, and some width is in small place again, we perform traffic regulation during the following period.
In addition, we operate extra bus from municipal parking lot to Kongofukuji Temple during regulation period.
I would like your understanding, cooperation.



From Saturday, December 31, 2016 to Tuesday, January 3, 2017



December 31     23:00 - January 1 17:00

January two or three days    8:00-17:00


●Regulation section●

... Cape Ashizuri tip parking lot (in front of Kongofukuji Temple) in front of the Cape Ashizuri police box


●Extra bus fare●

Junior high school students and over 100 yen, primary schoolchild 50 yen

Motor carrier: Kochi Seinan Traffic (going to travel by two buses every five minutes)



※"Matsuo area tunnel" was opened, and time was shortened than conventional Sky Line traffic for approximately ten minutes and came to be able to run to Cape Ashizuri again in two traffic lanes. When you come to Cape Ashizuri, we recommend traffic of "Matsuo area tunnel" via Ohama.

(attention) "Matsuo area tunnel" does not seem to be updated to car navigation system. Come towards the "Cape Ashizuri" of road sign area.



Nakamura police station Tosashimizu City police Government building

Address: Saiwaicho, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 3-5TEL: 0880-82-0110


[aquarium of Ashizuri Aquarium night]

We introduce every year as common usage, Christmas event "night aquarium" of Ashizuri Aquarium are held this year!



Aquarium of Ashizuri Aquarium night

We are opened particularly by night for three days until Sunday for "night aquarium" from Friday, December 23 to 25th! 

(in ※ aquarium usually night for business hours until from 9:00 to 17:00 as for from 18:00 to 21:00, the sale of admission ticket until 20:30.)


When we play rock-paper-scissors with "Santa and Santa Claus in little child rock, paper, scissors society" large water tank,

We get wonderful present.

(we distribute rock, paper, scissors ticket to 100 first arrival to lame everybodies in every day.)


We have special event in every day from 18:00.

23rd performance, 24th by Tosashimizu City junior high school music club with balloon art of Uncle Johnny,

For hula classroom, 25 days by kearohi Ainan, it is performance with * wind orchestra.


In Ashizuri Aquarium, please enjoy wonderful Christmas this year; (^^)/




[experience in John-mung Museum made with John-Mung mini-diorama]

It was early, and, for 2,016 years, there became left a few more!

In John-mung Museum for December 23 of opening of winter vacation, two days on 24th,

We hold "experience made with mini-diorama"!


Experience made with John-Mung mini-diorama

Do you not make John-Mung mini-diorama with John-mung Museum? ?

We put various parts together and can make original diorama only for oneself!


(the date and time): H28 age Friday, December 23, two days on 24th Saturday

    Twice a day of ... is held at ~② 13:30 at ① 10:00 with both days

      ※Production time is approximately one hour.


(place): John-mung Museum 2F training room


(object): More than third grader 

    ※Person who is lower than second grader would like protector companion.


(capacity): Each time 20 people (40-limited a day)

    ※We accept as soon as it becomes capacity and are finished.


(rate): Free of charge


(application, inquiry): Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association TEL / 0880-82-3155

 ※Over telephone, tell about the name, the experience-based number of people, age, phone number of one experiencing, the experience-based date and time desired.



Size of mini-diorama is 9cm *9cm *8cm. 



 In addition, you can make in combination various parts freely!


We look forward to participation of much one! (^^)/

Fishing of port of Ashizuri

Fishing information of port of Ashizuri

Thursday, December 8

It was fishing of approximately four hours of the morning, but pole turned well!



Three excellent model Gres!


Catch photograph

[held the 33rd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival]

Hello! It is Inotani.

In weather that does not think to be December on Saturday, December 3, 2016, and is warm,

The 33rd Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival first day was held.


Main gate. Holding place is etsuko (open space in front of prefecture combination Government building) of Nishimachi, Tosashimizu-shi.



In shoppers already much at about 10:30 when I went by holding from 9:30 a.m. on the first day

It did well.

Branch from Tosashimizu City and the neighborhood municipalities suppliers such as seedling, clothing of sale, knife and flowers such as food,

There were many branches including all of associations of primary industry, all of booth keeper associations.


At first we introduce part of branch of food.


Pork barbecue of life support delivery to home center "gambarou shop" of Tosashimizu City. 



 Perak ware of "Tosashimizu Chamber of Commerce and Industry"



Miso dengaku of Geopark booth.



"Grilled sunfish" of ifurijikufujimbu "jimbeebabazu."

We can usually buy every month "only in jimbee city" held in Iburi Fishing Port on second Sunday.



Sale of meat by JA Kochi Hata.



Similarly we will not wave JA Kochi Hata, free of charge of pork miso soup.



Freshly made rice cake (JA Kochi Hata).




Sweet potato chips of "southern country confectionery."




Venue was full of many people from morning!




Dried fish of moray and fish of Kubotsu Fishery Cooperative Union, fresh fish sale.




It is seized mejika by Shimonokae shipowner society. There were gaba and several people who caught at a time!




Pork diaphragm skewer of "shiman pig" which shined with the first place by "meal 1 Grand Prix of this year of Tosa" wonderfully.



In addition, there was business trip tatting pool of Ashizuri Aquarium, too!



There were a lot of shops of food still more, but introduces part of other shops from here.

(I do not ask about person from branch name and am sorry.)

Shop of do*dajimbutsu.




Sale of seedling of fruit.




Sale of flower.




Harley-Davidson Kochi.




In addition, there were many branches.

In addition, stage event including mascot flock from 1:30 p.m. seemed to become lively very much, too.

The Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival second day is held today (12/4).

Is more unfortunate than yesterday; cleared up, but everybody, please go out! (^^)/


[Souda Bushi road]

Souda Bushi (we do so Dabu) which is special product of Tosashimizu City.

About gnarl made from fish called frigate mackerel, Tosashimizu City occupies national share 7-8 percent of amount of production.

Because Souda Bushi was strong, and full-bodied soup stock was produced, we circulated as professional stock use such as Udon or side mainly from old days.


We are making drying in the sun in manufacturing process. (from Niiya store HP).


In late years manufacturers in Tosashimizu City beat their brains to spread Souda Bushi to general person more,

Souda Bushi including product sharpened exclusively for product and tamago kake gohan which soy sauce could easily make at home thinly close

A lot of felt products circulate.


Souda Bushi lord whom restaurant of 11 stores in Tosashimizu City provided started cooking using the Souda Bushi!

It is plan of Tosashimizu junior chamber of commerce.



Each participation store provides specialty dish using Souda Bushi♪

We can taste oden, okonomiyaki, Monjayaki, ramen using soup stock of Souda Bushi and the same Souda Bushi,

It is salad, variety richness including puss set meal!


We install brochure of Souda Bushi road in Ashizuri Sea Station.

Please make taste circulation of "Souda Bushi" that Tosashimizu City is proud of this brochure to one hand!


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